Video Abstracts

Select scientific journals, including Cell, Journal of the American Chemical Society and the New Journal of Physics, are now offering authors the opportunity to explain their recently published articles with video. These videos normally consist of footage of the scientific authors themselves along with illustrative graphics and animations. It is recommended that the graphic components of these videos be more visually appealing than simply copying the figures directly out of the manuscript itself.

For an example, take a look at this video abstract that I prepared for Cell:



For more information on video abstracts in scientific publishing, check out this article from Canada’s University Affairs website: Video abstracts, the latest trend in scientific publishing. Will “publish or perish” soon include “video or vanish?”

“With videos you can now describe dynamic phenomena
which are simply too complicated, too complex, too unusual, too full of information, to do in words and two-dimensional pictures.”

–Prof. George Whitesides, Harvard University, Youtube video