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1. Beijing Capital International Airport performed slightly better, with its punctuality rate reaching 60.7%.
2. 3.7 加大生态环境保护治理力度
3. More than 40 percent of consumer goods exported to China last year through e-commerce platforms fell short of standards, Chinas top quality watchdog said.
4. A. O. Scott
5. 9月份CPI录得1.6%的同比涨幅后,经济学家曾预测10月份的同比涨幅为1.5%。中国政府为今年全年设定的通胀目标为“3%左右”。
6. Common and Day will perform "Stand Up For Something" from "Marshall" and Settle will perform "This is Me" from "The Greatest Showman."


1. n. 初次登场,首次露面 v. 初次登场
2. Sarah O’Connor is employment correspondent
3. While Insead’s joint programme dropped back into second place, its single-school programme moved up three places to fourth, a place it last occupied in 2011.
4. However, its alumni are the most mobile internationally, with 85 per cent of the class of 2014 having worked abroad.
5. 对于可治疗的癌症,非洲人有了新的希翼。
6. Equally, a three-week interning stint at PwC in the school summer holidays gave her the chance to sample life in a professional services firm. “I didn’t think I would get a place on [PwC’s programme] as I had no business experience,” she says.


1. brace原指双臂,用双臂支撑-使稳固用两个brace embrace(v 拥抱)
2. [k?nd?kt]
3. 中央财政拿了1000亿元专项资金用于员工转岗安置,并且要求地方政府配套。
4. 30岁的阿什莉·格林汉姆是首位跻身收入榜单的大码模特,她通过自己的内衣和泳衣品牌代言合同赚得550万美金,排在榜单的第十位。
5. 桑尼伯恩说他不仅对川普的错误决定和无知时期感到失望,同时也因为总统对8月在弗吉尼亚州夏洛茨维尔举行的白人种族主义集会上反抗者被杀害后做出的回应感到失望——这也更加坚定了桑尼伯恩竞选州长的决心。
6. The letter surfaced in a Pennsylvanian university mailroom earlier this month.


1. Jackie Chan, a kung fu star and a member of the CPPCC National Committee, raised his experiences about smoking bans in China and Singapore as an example. During a business trip, his colleagues still smoked after a warning from a security guard in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, but they didnt dare smoke when they arrived in Singapore because "it was strict about smoking there".
2. 2. The Hammocraft
3. The continued, albeit slower growth in prices tracks with recent data showing real estate investment ticked upward in October and sales had registered barely any negative impact from the new restrictions.
4. 9. 投资者如此不在乎,如此不接受事实,他们不会及时逃出。
5. “We are currently investigating how this could have happened, and deeply regret that this occurred,” PwC said. “We appreciate the grace with which the nominees, the Academy, ABC, and Jimmy Kimmel handled the situation.”
6. 6. 《火星救援》(The Martian)。在布满红色岩石的山坡与丘陵之间,雷利·斯科特(Ridley Scott)这部非常令人满意的太空西部片既源自一个历史悠久的类型,也源自他的殿堂级遗产。


1. 3) I am often irritated 0 1 2 3 4
2. 艾玛 沃特森
3. 披露表格还警告购汇者不得使用其他人的购汇额度。以前,灰色市场的货币兑换者经常把多个个人的购汇额度汇集起来,靠这种手段来获取大量外汇。



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