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1. You might want to hope that people shared these articles as a joke. I want to hope that. But we can’t: the analysis points to a recent BuzzFeed and Ipsos Public Affairs poll which found that 75 percent of Americans (84 percent of Republicans and 71 percent of Democrats) were easily tricked by fake headlines. What a fantastic year for fact-checking and rational thought and Mark Zuckerberg’s self-awareness.
2. It was apparent not just in obvious brand extensions, like Banana Republic’s “Mad Men” collection (designed in collaboration with the show’s costume supremo, Janie Bryant), but in more pervasive, unspoken ways: in silhouette and print; in hemline and seam. And in the clear belief, visible on catwalks everywhere, that the 1960s were the answer to every moment of pallid inspiration, or aesthetic doubt.
3. Here’s the full list:
4. 单词arrogant 联想记忆:
5. Ujiris well-timed and thoughtful moves should help reverse the Raptors backsliding.
6. After weeks of nail-biting auditions and five days of tense semi-finals, Britain’s Got Talent picked one of the 11 acts to be the 2014 champion.


1. 11月,由财新网(Caixin)赞助的中国制造业采购经理人指数(PMI)初值为48.6,高于预期的48.3。而10月份该读数则为48.3。读数显示上个月中国制造业活动在继续放缓,不过情况没有10月份那么糟糕。
2. 以下是CareerCast公布的完整榜单:
3. 上海金融学院的研究人员郭峰引用了周二华尔街见闻上的信息并表示,这也是自1978年中国改革开放以来,上海第一次见证了常住人口的减少 。
4. 根据1894家上市企业公布的2016年财务年报的数据显示,金融和地产业的高管薪酬最高。
5. severe的人总是sever
6. 《好时光》


1. Although Chinese domestic suppliers have expanded their market share to 32.7% in 2016, the trend was reversed in 2017, as their share shrank to 26.8%, said Qu Daokui, president of China Robot Industry Alliance.
2. 据斯派克回忆,一天,拍摄工作结束后,另一位编剧詹妮弗·克里滕登在走廊叫住他,问:"你一定要这样吗?你确定这样不会毁了朱莉娅的前程吗?"考虑到当年朱莉娅凭此剧获得艾美奖,大家不妨说这场舞戏其实让这位女演员在演艺事业上更进了一步。为了怀旧,您不妨抽空再去回顾一下伊莱恩和她著名的"伊莱恩舞步"。
3. Bingo! In fewer than 20 words it combined five previous years’ winners, only to say nothing at all. With a heavy heart, I award eBay my overall Golden Flannel Award for 2016.
4. 位居榜单第三的是史蒂夫·卡瑞尔(Steve Carell)。《卑鄙的我2》(Despicable Me 2)在今年大获成功,斩获票房9.19亿美金。该影片系列累计已取得14亿美金的全球票房,该系列第三部《小黄人》(Minions)也即将上映。卡瑞尔今年还出演了小制作独立影片《迷途知返》(The Way Way Back)和《超级魔术师》(The Incredible Burt Wonderstone)。后一部影片的票房虽未能赚回制作成本,但是大家这里只关注票房收入——该部影片为卡瑞尔2013年的影片票房收入又添2,250万美金。
5. The ministry said that it had no tolerance for cheating and had asked public security departments to conduct an investigation.
6. There is "credible evidence" Justin Bieber fathered a child after a backstage encounter with an older female fan, her lawyers have claimed. 一名女性的律师声称


1. As for the worst job of 2013? Newspaper reporter bumped last years loser, lumberjack, for the ignominious distinction.
2. In this April 24, 1984, file photo, from left, Steve Jobs, chairman of Apple Computers, John Sculley, president and CEO, and Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, unveil the new Apple IIc computer in San Francisco
3. 《明迪烦事多》(The Mindy Project):福克斯频道的这部明迪·卡灵(Mindy Kaling)创作的喜剧已经在播第三季,但仍不热门,不过这无关紧要,因为它在不断进步——从单个喜剧演员的独角戏发展成非常有趣的集体表演,部分原因在于第二季增加了亚当·帕利(Adam Pally),并且对明迪的母校达特茅斯学院开起了玩笑。
4. 201001/93691.shtml重点单词
5. 让大家看看2017年余下时间有哪些贸易动向:
6. "Well start with a broad list and then begin to narrow it," Podesta told the Boston Globe. "But there is no question that there will be women on that list."


1. 2. The 2012 Ig Nobel Peace Prize
2. 5. Bank of America Corp.
3. 开发商:Dontnod Entertainment、Square Enix



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