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1. 或许,在纽约尼克斯夺取NBA总冠军的道路上,缺失的关键就是甜瓜(安东尼的昵称)。噢,不,等等,林书豪才是他们欠缺的一环。然而,无论怎样,甜瓜不会妨碍尼克斯的冠军梦。
2. Online sales contributed 82.6 percent of sales. Online sales have prompted traditional stores, including 13 of Beijings 77 "time-honored brands" from snack stores to shoes sellers, to move their goods online.
3. It is an acoustic guitar-led anthem and instant lighters-up classic, pivoting into punk-pop with Eagles of Death Metal on "Let Em Talk".
4. Juckes warns that were now trapped in the fourth megabubble fueled by the Federal Reserve in the last 30 years, since the rise of conservative economics. He calls this one, the Bubble With No Name Yet. OK, we invite you to send in your nomination to name the new bubble. But whatever you call it, do it fast, its close to popping, like the Asian, Dot-com and Credit crashes the last 30 years.
5. 欧洲管理学院协会(Cems)管理硕士项目——由30家商学院联合提供的国际项目——排名第九,比2015年下滑五名。该项目上一次上榜是在2015年。
6. Youre the best present I ever received.你是我所收到的最好的礼物。


1. 【英文原文】
2. In the best possible way.
3. The 23-year-old country music darling was awarded the honour by DoSomething.org, which released its list of Top 20 Celebs Gone Good of 2012 this week. According to the organisation, Taylor topped the list after donated $4million to the Country Hall of Fame museum.
4. 此外,该专家补充说道,受当前经济形势的影响,并且我国金融市场资源重新配置,银行业高速增长的周期已经过去。
5. But markets plunged following the ECB decision. Investors complained that the central bank had misled markets about the amount of extra stimulus it was prepared to inject to shore up the recovery.
6. 从技术上来说,这是东盟(ASEAN)十个成员国将本地区所有贸易协议纳入一个整体框架的计划。它也没有TPP在许多方面的雄心。


1. turkey
2. Todays and tomorrows technology sits on top of multiple layers, every one of which is changing and has to inter-operate with others. This makes our gadgets, the internet of things, phones and laptops unstable. And it makes consumers irritated. How many of your apps actually work--and actually make life easier, faster or more fun? Id expect to see consumer cynicism grow, as delight is overtaken by disappointment. This will put pressure on hardware and software developers to deliver that most boring of qualities: reliability.
3. 目前,达洛伊西奥80%的工作围绕着Summly的重构和改良展开,而另外20%的工作精力则用来思考今后的挑战方向。他预测,未来将会有一款如同Summly精炼文字一样可以精炼视频的App。他设想了许多运用科技来帮助人们学习常识的方法,并希翼在旧有教育模式瓦解的同时帮助人们更好地实现自主学习。
4. 《帕丁顿熊2》
5. champion
6. The crown passed from the Plantagenet dynasty to the Tudor monarchs who painted Richard as a deformed villain who stopped at nothing in his quest for power, even murdering his two young nephews -- the so-called Princes in the Tower -- to secure the throne.


1. 9. 《奎迪》(Creed),导演:瑞恩·库格勒(Ryan Coogler)。
2. 但是折幅差异持续了整整两年。事实上,Seppenwolde贷款机构的悲观和避险情绪降低了阿姆斯特丹总体可用杠杆。
3. 编者案:伦敦奥林匹克运动会开幕在即,让大家来看看本届奥林匹克运动会都有哪些比赛项目吧,同时在看看的同时也不要忘了学学比赛项目的词汇,一举两得何乐而不为呢?
4. 对工业大宗商品需求的下降尤为明显。中国房地产和制造业的严重供应过剩在近几个月抑制了对新产能的投资,进而削弱了对各种原材料的需求。
5. n. 财产,所有物,性质,地产,道具
6. (Actually, JetBlue wasn’t the absolute worst airline for departure delays the last three holiday seasons. That crown went to Comair, a regional carrier for Delta Air Lines


1. [steibl]
2. overall
3. Referencing the American chat show host, he quipped: Ive always wanted to meet Jay Leno, before laughing to himself. Clearly unimpressed, Dallas Buyers Club star Jared hit back: Sorry, what was your name again?But audiences seemed to pick up on the atmosphere between the two, with one viewer joking: Think Jared Leto got a bit paranoid about Grinder looking at him.



  • “五一”小长假铁路运输方案发布 预计旅客发送量同比增长10.9%
    一季度房地产开发投资:粤苏浙领跑 18省份增速超全国
    2021-01-04 18:56:50
  • 中国建材集团隐忧渐现 关联企业污染环境
    2021-01-04 18:56:50
  • 打响“反炒房攻坚战” 长沙推4年限售、暂停企业购房等新政
    摸清家底盘活存量 宁波将清查整顿行政事业单位房地产
    2021-01-08 18:56:50
  • 百城新建住宅均价连涨3个月 市场热度接近2012年
    “以房养老”陷入困局 全国仅有117户选择住房反向抵押养老保险
    2021-01-04 18:56:50
  • 集成定制改写未来家居
    税延养老一年试点将满 推广遇难题业界开九大处方
    2021-01-18 18:56:50
  • LED价格半年下降50%  四大发展带来LED照明行业新趋势
    受访者整体不满收费 房产中介想要赞你不容易
    2021-01-07 18:56:50
  • 中国一二线城市女性购房者快速增加
    楼市分化或令三线崩盘 专家:应控制一线城市价格
    2021-01-19 18:56:50
  • 涂料行业发展面临变革
    地产中介责任不可推卸 监管加码加速洗牌
    2021-01-02 18:56:50
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