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1. ?援助工人担心在海地的粮食危机,上周那里飓风桑迪造成了52人死亡。联合国也担心洪灾可能导致霍乱病例急剧上升。在加勒比海桑迪造成至少69人遇难。
2. 专家表示,2016年对中国影片业来说是非凡的一年,因为它实现增长的同时面临着多种挑战,包括互联网的快速发展、中国观众日益高雅的品味和国家的经济衰退。
3. The memes were shared as part of a private 脸书 chat where admitted students in the class of 2021 shared edgy jokes as part of a "just-because-we-got-into-Harvard-doesnt-mean-we-cant-have-fun kind of thing", an admitted student told the Harvard Crimson.
4. 乔布斯在苹果全球研发者大会上手持苹果 4 ,2010年6月7日,旧金山
5. Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) announced that it would put $30 billion of its cash toward share repurchases. The news made investors happy: The stock popped, and even a week later was up 12% relative to the S&P over that same 7-day period. The buybacks were part of a larger $130 billion capital return program that the company said would extend through 2015.
6. But we are going to get a taste of the new world order when the WTO’s members gather for its biennial ministerial in Buenos Aires in December. It’s unclear, as always, if the WTO will be able to deliver anything of substance. But the real test lies in not having the US leading the way in discussions for the first time in the WTO’s life. Will China step in? The EU? And will India be as minded to block any deal as it has been in the past?


1. Meanwhile, in recent months mainland investors have been rapidly owning equity trading accounts and putting money into the stock market. The Shanghai Composite has become the regions best performing index, rising nearly 45 per cent year to date.
2. “狗屎。都在说谎,都是权宜之计,他们不过是想让自己好受些,我知道这些人都是胆小鬼,只要表面上看起来能凑合,对他们来说这就够了。”
3. 8.触感人造手
4. 影片迷们很快就能在北京国际影片节上庆祝一场视觉盛宴了,该影片节上还将放映近500部高质量影片。
5. The largest flawless vivid blue diamond in the world is to go on sale today at Christies auction house.
6. 自信和迷茫只有一线之隔,而现在的科比·布莱恩特正横跨在这两端。这是在周二与勇士的比赛中大家唯一可以得出的结论。这位湖人队的超级明星打出了自己职业生涯当中,单场至少五次投篮的比赛中最糟糕的一场。


1. 报告提供了对除北京和上海之外的28个国内商业和行政中心城市进行的深入考察。
2. 当银行打电话给哈维尔的父母,告诉他们有关收费的事情的时候,他们才知道发生了这样的事情。
3. Attraction: The adventure of a lifetime
4. 这一新数据公布之际,杜特尔特正抵御国内外对其禁毒运动的指责,已有60万名潜在嫌疑人向当局自首。
5. n. 所有权
6. 脸书, up 44 per cent, has added new features including disaster alert, which lets users quickly inform family and friends that they are safe. Such innovations add to the media group’s importance as an integral medium for worldwide connection and enhance its value to advertisers, Ms Cheung says.


1. [.k?lkjulein]
2. The total foreign trade volume between China and Germany reached 999.1 billion yuan (USD about 145.3 billion) in 2016, with a year-on-year growth of 2.6 percent, according to statistics released by Chinas General Administration of Customs.
3. Whatever the underlying cause, last year’s extreme warmth in the West meant that Alaska, Arizona, California and Nevada all set temperature records. Some parts of California essentially had no winter last year, with temperatures sometimes running 10 to 15 degrees above normal for the season. The temperature in Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city, never fell below zero in 2014, the first time that has happened in 101 years of record-keeping for the city.
4. THE SLAP (NBC, Feb. 12) Jon Robin Baitz and Lisa Cholodenko are producers of this adaptation of an Australian mini-series about the fallout from a momentary loss of control at a backyard birthday party. The impressive cast includes Peter Sarsgaard, Uma Thurman, Thandie Newton, Brian Cox and Melissa George (who also appeared in the original).
5. During Monday night’s debate Mr Rutte reiterated that he would not form a coalition government with Mr Wilders’ party, even ruling out forming a government that relied on support from the anti-immigration party. “I’m not going to work with such a party again,” said Mr Rutte, whose first minority government was propped up by PVV after the 2010 elections.
6. As a point of comparison, the combined 29.1 million total from those old master sales was 34 percent less than the 44.2 million Christie’s and Sotheby’s took in at equivalent events five years ago, in December 2011.


1. 4. Jennifer Aniston - $21 million
2. 不过目前来看,这些潜在的乌云似乎都没有遮住特斯拉在帕洛阿尔托总部的阳光。特斯拉仍然坚持在2020年之前年产50万辆汽车的中期目标。这在很大程度上要取决于Model X是否有能力维持当前的势头。特斯拉已经大大提高了资本和研发支出,以确保Model X的顺利发布(虽然已经推迟了一年)。
3. Next year, more tech workers will speak out, following former 脸书 employees Sean Parker and Chamath Palihapitiya, who have condemned social media’s addictive properties.



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    一线楼市冷热不均:京穗成交活跃 沪深成交下降
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    5月份北京二手房成交量14个月最高 未来新房房源将大增
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    LED医疗照明市场限制多前景广 将成行业新热点
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