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1. 它们汇聚为卷土重来的民族主义和仇外主义。
2. 今年伊始,大家曾担心川普准备退出世贸组织(WTO)。这种情况并未发生。如今这也不太可能在短时间内发生。
3. ?007 is almost always calm. (Maybe thats due to all the sex.) Even when people are trying to kill him hes calm. This is sexy. Bond doesnt move unnecessarily. You never see his knee bouncing or hands fidgeting. He speaks slowly and deliberately and is rarely rushed. These are all very charismatic qualities. He has the unflinching eye contact of a predator -- and this increases the chance women will fall in love with him. 007 doesnt gush over girls and show his feelings. He keeps them guessing and uncertainty increases attraction. Bond doesnt smile much and this too makes him sexy because happiness isnt alluring in men. His body language is commanding and hes not afraid to take up space, which is very masculine and appealing. 007 doesnt ramble on and this too is smooth. Bond never slouches. Good posture increases confidence, feelings of power and makes you physically tougher. (Which works out well when you want to look classy in your tuxedo while battling machete wielding evil minions.)
4. vt. 帮助,使 ... 容易,促进
5. Since Sunday, viewers everywhere have been in mourning, at least judging by the Twitterati.
6. “即便人们充分了解了(美联储政策的作用),市场动态也可能相对容易地变得不稳定或不利,”他说,“届时你将陷入一个卖盘压力自我强化的循环。”


1. 游泳、花样游泳、跳水、皮划艇、激流回旋、静水、赛艇、帆船、水球
2. 当小李子上台领取奖杯时,制片人哈维·韦恩斯坦兴奋地拍拍他的背,全场观众起立为他喝彩。
3. Warm hearted wishes for a happy New Year filled with all your favorite things.传统佳节之际,献上殷殷祝福,祝新年万事如意!
4. We will make continued progress in building a Healthy China.
5. 对于该行业规模有多大,众说纷纭,但高盛(Goldman Sachs)的数据表明,在2012至2014年期间,该行业的贷款规模从60亿元人民币增长至830亿元。
6. il不+legal合法的→不合法的


1. 《失常》,导演查理·考夫曼(Charlie Kaufman)与杜克·约翰逊(Duke Johnson)。
2. Big Little Lies
3. 其造成的影响范围比中国数据失真要小。英国法律要求英国国家统计局计算RPI数据,鉴于该部门拒绝改善算法,这种数据造假行为影响了继续与RPI挂钩的总值达数千亿英镑的合同。
4. Song “Wind Blowing In The Wheat Field” (Li Jian and Sun Li)
5. [bent]
6. 6.Put people first


1. 物理学界这一开拓性的发现已经点燃科学研究的星星之火,而他们的这项研究发展为前沿科技,也不过是时间早晚的事罢了,就像100年前大家无法想象今天的激光和电脑芯片那样,美国物理学会候选会长劳拉?H?格林在接受《纽约时报》采访时表示。
2. 8. Ford Motor
3. 挪威曾为一只企鹅授予爵位。它现在居住在苏格兰的爱丁堡动物园,是那里的企鹅王,它叫尼尔斯·奥拉夫( Nils Olav)。它不仅是一只吉祥物,更是挪威皇家护卫队的名誉上校。2008年8月15日,国王哈拉尔五世(King Harald V)授予奥拉夫爵位,并在授予典礼上声明“奥拉夫在各方面都有资格获得骑士爵位的荣誉和尊严”。
4. Developer activity is also at a fever pitch. According to the contributor graph at GitHub, the total number of contributions to bitcoin’s master code in November was the highest it had been since spring 2012. Bitcoin is also the 31st “most forked repository” on GitHub—”forks” are basically proposed or in-progress alterations to core code—out of more than 900,000. In other words, for developers, bitcoin is trending. The number of open jobs currently posted at bitcoin companies also underscores developer interest: it’s at 105, which is close to the all-time high in September of 137, according to Bitcoin Pulse, which monitors such trends.
5. [r?f]
6. Will the 10-year Treasury yield finish the year above 3 per cent


1. [pre]
2. James Bond Themes 3. "Skyfall" by Adele
3. Remedy: This is another hindsight-based regret that you can’t cure without a time machine. The years, energy and dollars you spent on your degree are sunk costs. You can’t do anything about your past academic track record, but you can identify the areas in which you think you fell short in your college days and figure out how to augment those shortcomings in the present. For example, if you feel you didn’t do enough networking outside of the classroom, you might consider joining an alumni group or make a greater effort to participate in professional associations in your field. If you regret skipping your 8:00 AM managerial accounting class and mourn how useful those concepts would be to you now, check out the continuing ed options at your nearest community college.



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