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2. response
3. 德拉吉在12月投票表决的次日作出回击,称欧元区政策制定者在动用政策工具推动通胀达标方面“是没有限度的”。
4. 朱尔斯皮耶里
5. Recipient: Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (joint winners)
6. I used to go fishing in Vancouver with my dad until just a few years ago we found the fish full of cancers. And now we hear about animals and plants going extinct every day -- vanishing forever. 以前和我爸爸经常在vancouver钓鱼,但在近几年却发现鱼的身上到处是癌细胞。大家每天都会听说有的动物和植物绝种,那是永远消失的事情。


1. The THE Asia University Rankings for 2017 rated Peking University and Tsinghua University, both in the Chinese capital of Beijing, as the second and third best universities in the continent. National University of Singapore is ranked the best.
2. 幸好这类单曲只是《名誉》这张专辑的一部分。在《Dress》(《连衣裙》)这首歌中,她沉醉于令人激动的新恋情里;在《New Year’s Day》(《新年》)这首歌中,她试着弄明白聚会结束后她还拥有什么。
3. 这一品牌的排名主要是基于财务业绩报告、对客户的影响、溢价能力或推动企业销售的能力。
4. In the most significant change in methodology since this ranking was first published in 2005, the FT now collects information about alumni’s first jobs after graduation. These data are used in conjunction with information about their current jobs, three years later. This allows the FT to calculate their salary increase since graduation — a new ranking criterion — as well as their career progress (see methodology).
5. GM is addicted to hefty sales incentives to move the cars and new CEO Ed Whitacre knows it. In 2010, he will slash incentives and end up abandoning GMs 20% U.S. market share target to find profitability. The search will prove elusive.
6. 愿一切最美好的祝福都能用这张贺卡表达,真诚地祝你幸福、快乐、成功!


1. 5. 持续行动
2. the Dutch lender that is a leading financier to farmers and agribusinesses around the world.
3. The top ten billionaires rake in a net worth of approximately 505.4billion dollars.
4. 为回应这起事件,借贷宝12月1日在其新浪微博上发表了一份公告,强调用裸照作抵押贷款是用户之间的私人交易,该企业无法加以管理。
5. 如果你没听过这句话,你去年绝对没上过中文网。这句简单的话是留在魔兽BBS上的,不知道什么原因——有说法是有网络企业是幕后推手——这句话吸引了710万人点击,在发布后24小时内产生了30万条评论。
6. Li Xiaojin, a professor at Civil Aviation University of Chinas Economics and Management College, said that rapidly increasing numbers of flights and limited airspace for civil aviation are the major reasons for delays.


1. 改革就是要解放和发展生产力,调动广大人民的积极性,让群众得到实惠,为政之要就是要舍小利、顾大义、顺民心。
2. 《前第一夫人要求伊斯兰教变得宽容并支撑女权》(A Former First Lady Presses On for a Tolerant, Feminist Islam)
3. It is the first time in the rankings’ 19-year history that two schools have between them held the top two spots in both categories.
4. Illuminati是什么?
5. 旅行枕
6. [k?ut?]


1. The No. 1 thing in job security is your relationship with your boss. Even if he says, "Im sorry I really wanted to keep you, but they made me lay you off," thats almost never true. He probably made that decision.
2. 源于:qualify(v 使具有资格;限制)
3. Regulators in other countries will draw lessons from the success or failure of the Japanese model.



  • 世邦魏理仕潘可维:房地产市场终将回归理性
    2021-01-13 18:00:11
  • 遂宁一站式建材家居采购基地投入安居区
    一线城市房价持续降温 金九银十或难掀波澜
    2021-01-06 18:00:11
  • 个税改革将全面落地 更多税收政策呼之欲出
    2021-01-12 18:00:11
  • 房地产行业萎缩 致家居建材业走下坡路
    上半年北京购房需求得到部分释放 房价总体基本平稳
    2021-01-18 18:00:11
  • 消协提醒:谨慎对待“超低价装修”“征集样板间”等活动
    东易日盛布控家居O2O 拟投资美乐乐
    2021-01-13 18:00:11
  • 珠三角近半弃房者不到3年断供 广州集中在城区
    2021-01-06 18:00:11
  • 20天连开三次住房会议:住建部定调精准棚改精准调控
    2021-01-23 18:00:11
  • 发改委:坚持房地产政策的稳定性和连续性
    2021-01-15 18:00:11
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    And, thanks to Artnet and other databases that list auction results, wealthy people who buy art have become all too aware of how hard it is to make a profit on old masters.

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    FRESH OFF THE BOAT (ABC, Feb. 4) A Chinese-American family adjusts to life in mid-90s Florida in this culture-clash comedy based on a memoir by the restaurateur and food-and-travel-show host Eddie Huang. Hudson Yang plays the 11-year-old hip-hop wannabe Eddie, and Randall Park (Kim Jong-un in “The Interview”) plays his father, proud proprietor of a suburban steakhouse.

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    宾夕法尼亚州立大学的气候科学家迈克尔·E·曼恩(Michael E. Mann)在电子邮件中说,“如果不是由于燃烧化石燃料所产生的、导致地球变暖的气体排放越来越多的原因,在上千年史无前例的几十年较暖期间、创纪录地变暖的十年中,看到变暖的又一个记录年度,是非常不可能的。”

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    The approach has in some cases moved from the political fringes into the mainstream. Some leaders from Britain’s center-right, governing Conservative Party, for example, helped push a British exit, and since the referendum the new Conservative prime minister, Theresa May, has signaled sympathy with white identity politics.

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    "What China is lacking is not legislation but strict enforcement."

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    Discipline watchdogs have also tightened management of Party and governmental officials so that the number of newly escaped fugitives dropped from 101 in 2014 to only four last year, CCDI figures show.

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    SETTING: This house is in Kenwood, a neighborhood of 19th- and 20th-century Tudors, Mediterraneans, Victorians and colonial-style houses between Cedar Lake and Lake of the Isles, in the city’s Chain of Lakes. Roads are curving; sidewalks are lined with maple and ash trees. According to the listing agent, many of the neighborhood’s older houses have been restored, while houses built within the last 30 years have been torn down and replaced.

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    单词complex 联想记忆:

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