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1. To put this all in a bit more perspective, the current World Cup is averaging more goals than any of the top leagues around the world averaged in 2013/14. TheNetherlands Eredivisie was the highest scoring of the top European leagues at 3.20 and the Bundesliga was just a shade behind at 3.16. No other top European league averaged more than 2.80 last season. In theAmericas, Major League Soccer is the current pace setter at 2.89 goals per game.
2. 中国国家统计局发布的10月份制造业采购经理指数(PMI)降至51.6,比路透(Reuters)调查的经济学家给出的预测中值52要低,离荣枯分界线50更近。
3. 尽管小小年纪她的事业就取得了如此惊人的成就,但如果给自己的成就打分,且10分满分的话,玛蒂只给自己打9分。
4. n. 雨燕,线轴
5. 被调查的34个城市间的差距就更大了。北京市平均年终奖超过1.58万元人民币,超过了年终奖最低的沈阳市的三倍。沈阳市是中国东北铁锈地带辽宁省的省会。
6. 节目14 歌曲《报喜》,陈慧琳


1. 大病
2. n. 典礼,仪式,礼节,礼仪
3. shorten
4. “It is an area where clearly the fundamentals are slowing down,” he says. “I sold down a little bit, then the whole correction happened very quickly, so I waited for a rebound and sold there.”
5. 他告诉记者说:“我认为,韩国对于美的定义很苛刻狭隘,因为大家是一个种族单一的国家,每个人看上去都差不多。整容也和自卑情绪有关。”
6. 愿新年的烛光带给你祥和与喜悦,祝你新年充满爱。


1. 金维刚补充说道:“去年前三季度职工平均工资增长幅度大致在6.3%,而我国2016年GDP增速则为6.7%。这两项都要比之前一年有所下降。”
2. Online registration will end on Oct. 24. The exam will be held on Nov. 27 in major Chinese cities.
3. 1. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之心理学奖
4. “One guy hired a marching band to accompany his announcement.”
5. This one didnt come easy, though. Toronto fought back from an 18-point deficit and trailed by one late in the game with the ball. But guard Kyle Lowry was called for an offensive foul, and Curry hit two free throws to help seal the win.
6. Total Program Cost: $98,906


1. 这位官员表示,相比其他职位来说,那些对教育背景或工作经历没有特殊要求的职位更受欢迎,近些年报名人数达到数千人的基本上都是这种职位。
2. It was the fastest growth rate among the top 10 countries on the EPOs patent-filing league table.
3. 2Canada
4. 单词allure 联想记忆:
5. GM Masai Ujiri struck twice to position Toronto for a second trip to the East finals, nabbing Ibaka from the Magic and Tucker from the Suns.
6. 伊法斯夫拉腾以英国独立党(U.K. Independence Party)为例,它的官方平台力主脱欧,但是面向选民的宣传中又强调移民对经济与学问的影响,她说这是一种混合了务实与民粹的论调。


1. 2.Jennifer Lopez
2. “An employee bragged to all his colleagues that it was his last day, but failed to let his boss or the HR manager know.”
3. 有趣的是,一项调查发现,31.8%的受访者认为北京是中国最拥堵的城市,而8.8%的人则认为郑州是中国最拥堵的城市。



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    “Through the second half of the 20th century we had this big dispersion of trade and economic activity around the world. All this specialisation meant exports rose faster than GDP,” Mr Williams says.

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    More than 27,000 vacancies are offered by over 120 central departments and their affiliated public institutions in the 2017 civil servant recruitment drive. The number of vacancies is about the same as 2016.

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    A few years back, a flying bicycle called the "Paravelo" was invented. And it isnt called a flying bicycle for fun. It is a bicycle (with a large parachute on top) that actually flies. It travels around 25 kilometers per hour (15 mph) on land and 40 kilometers per hour (25 mph) in the air. It can also fly up to a height of 1,200 meters (4,000 ft). The best part? You dont need a pilots license. The Paravelo has been called the worlds first flying bicycle, a title we must point out it does not really own.



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