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1. Perhaps my favorite profile this year was Kiki Zhao’s stirring depiction of the remarkable Yu Xiuhua, now one of China’s most read poets, a woman with cerebral palsy who lived most of her 41 years on a farm, writing at a low table. She never finished high school, and says she “could write before she could read.” Now, she is invited to places like Stanford University and fends off comparisons to Emily Dickinson.
2. 挪威诺贝尔和平奖委员会表示,希翼这次的颁奖有助于制止在很多国家内仍然存在的对女性的压迫。
3. RSPCA South Australia chief inspector Andrea Lewis said it was a "heartbreaking" case for staff.
4. When asked if the central bank would do more, Dario Perkins, chief European economist at Lombard Street Research, said: “I don’t think so, unless something goes wrong in the wider global economy.”
5. Opening up
6. Thats a fraction of their earning power -- Hillary and Bill Clinton banked $10.6 million mostly from speaking fees and royalties in 2015, while Trump said he made almost $560 million.


1. n. 火焰,热情
2. 耶路撒冷小女孩参加“圣殿山筛选项目”考古活动时,发现一古埃及护符。
3. 时间长度:24个月
4. Yang Yansui, director of the School of Public Policy And Management at Tsinghua University, said the four-trillion-pension balance was mostly in personal accounts, while the pay-as-you-go pension system was greatly challenged by dependency ratio.
5. 韩国最大的整形医院之一,由权株创立的JK整形手术中心,近期开了一家旅馆来更好地服务顾客。这些顾客每次看病人均花费17675美金。
6. 这项测试的答案没有对错,只要对自己诚实即可。


1. The latest government figures were a big jump from data in mid-December, when1,200 people were said to have left or are seeking to leave to battle alongside jihadists.
2. 比蒂在后台说:“这真是我遇到的最离奇的一糟事。感谢上帝!幸好是大家两个人在那里!”
3. 2005年,戴维森发现自己总是得跟在一岁大的儿子杰克后面,收拾他随处乱扔的儿童吸管杯。于是,她从塔吉特(Target)上买了一台缝纫机,为儿童吸管杯设计出一个类似皮带的奇妙装置——SippiGrip。但她并没有很快实现自己的创业梦想——她加入了MicroSoft人力资源团队,与X-Box部门合作。2007年,她在全国性贸易展上推出了SippiGrip。幸运的是,塔吉特邀请她参加2008年父母发明产品计划。目前,戴维森的产品已经在沃尔玛(Walmart)、婴儿反斗城(Babies "R" Us)和AMAZON等零售商开卖。
4. The Southwestern African country owns over 20 national parks and has the worlds oldest deserts.
5. 预测:达福目前可能是最佳男配角的领跑者。
6. ESCP Europe and MIT Sloan School of Management in the US also performed well. Both schools climbed five places into third and fifth place respectively.


1. Did you write The Lego Batman Movie off as kids-only? Biggest mistake ever. This movie is a witty feat of hilarity, full of dry humor and moments of comedy gold. Basically, if you like Will Arnett in Arrested Development, you will like this.
2. 1. Will Chinas housing prices peak in 2010?
3. Since then, Teach First has put 5,000 graduates into schools, working with more than 1m pupils in low-income areas, helping to raise standards in classrooms, particularly London.
4. Switzerland, Sweden and the UK again occupied the top three slots in the ranking. Fifteen of the top 25 economies in the GII come from Europe.
5. The Beijing Tourism Development Commission noted that the countrys battle with pollution is another obstacle cities face in attracting inbound tourists.
6. Last year was the hottest on earth since record-keeping began in 1880, scientists reported on Friday, underscoring warnings about the risks of runaway greenhouse gas emissions and undermining claims by climate change contrarians that global warming had somehow stopped.


1. The lyrics are stupid, but who cares? Tom Jones sings like nobodys business, and pounds the theme to Thunderball out with a silky energy. Its powerful but alluring. This is the sort of song you imagine Bond would play on a jukebox when hes about to seduce you. There are better James Bond theme songs, but none from a male singer. Tom Jones and James Bond probably go out for dry martinis together all the time. Theyre the perfect pair.
2. 10.Supersensitive Electronic Skin
3. 与此同时,达洛伊西奥开始环游世界,到处参加会议,并结识其他潜在的投资人。他给每一位结识的人都留下极深的印象。温布尔顿国王学院中学(King’s College School)的校长安德鲁?霍尔斯(Andrew Halls)评价道,他成熟得可怕,他在各种状况下仍保持着清晰的思维,这令我这个54岁的人都觉得惊讶。



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    For the students interested in comparing school options around the world, US News released the fourth edition of its annual Best Global Universities rankings.

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    The Bellarine Peninsula, located Southwest of Melbourne, Victoria, has been a hotspot for timeless beaches and historic towns like Queenscliff and Portarlington.

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    "Moreover, most Chinese families only have one child, so many of us return to China because we want to stay close to our family and friends," said a student surnamed Su, who gave up his job in the UK and returned to take care of his mother in China.

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    Producer prices, which are often regarded as a proxy for medium-term inflation, remained in negative territory, but the pace of decline improved.

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    China saw its population grow last year, along with an improved male-female ratio and the level of education, according to a survey from the National Bureau of Statistics that was released on last Wednesday.

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    Yes, they hedge on the timing but the ticking time bombs are loud, close. And the precious-metals crash, starting in April of 2013, was the first warning of what is coming globally.

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