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1. n. 运输、运输工具;(常用复数)强烈的情绪(狂喜或狂怒
2. "The rate of college students who have had sexual experiences using condoms is less than 40 percent," said Han Mengjie, director of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
3. The joint Sino-American programme delivered by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Kellogg School of Management has returned to the top of the Financial Times ranking of the best 100 MBAs for senior executives.
4. 制造业也救不了经济。
5. The fastest-rising sector is apparel, driven by Nike in sportswear as people pay more attention to health and fitness, and Zara, whose fast fashion is becoming increasingly popular in China.
6. 9.Bellarine Peninsula, Australia


1. 反对:《至暗时刻》目前还没有被一所影评机构评为最佳影片。
2. 《Look What You Made Me Do》(《看看你们都让我做了什么》)这首单曲可以载入史册了,流行音乐学者们可能会世世代代地讨论它是否是一次绝妙的公关行动。
3. 赛瑞戴维森
4. Professor Kaufmann and a colleague, Gareth Harris, found that white Britons who lived in areas that are rapidly diversifying became more likely to vote for the right-wing British National Party. Daniel Hopkins, a professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania, found a similar pattern of ethnic change leading to anti-immigrant politics in the United States.
5. 2. How to write a CV
6. Qualcomm


1. adj. 确实的,保障的,有自信的 动词assure的过
2. The U.S. $10 bill will feature the portrait of a notable U.S. woman by 2020.
3. [regju.leit,regjuleit]
4. In my adolescent years on the foothills of Himalayas, I had a friend we all referred to as the "dreamy guy." He would spend his days enjoying the smallest of things – color-tagging butterflies, counting peaks on the horizon, making stories out of cloud formations. He was a happy soul, deeply receptive to lifes beauties and easily excited. I knew this guy many years ago and I thought about him today as I sat down to write this piece for you, dear class of 2013.
5. 节目27 歌曲《净土》,孙楠
6. Obamas victory in the hotly contested swing state of Ohio - as projected by TV networks - put him over the top in the fight for the 270 electoral votes needed to clinch the White House and ended Romneys hopes of pulling off a string of swing-state upsets。


1. 简言之,那个时代与当今时代极为相似,一些最哗众取宠的权威人士,要么将其捧上天,要么把其贬得一文不值。
2. As the socialite arrived at Kylie Jenners 19th birthday party in August she alighted her sports car in such a cack-handed (cack-legged, I suppose) way that meant that more was glimpsed than intended.
3. transport
4. 反腐力度将会被加强。2014年中国反腐调查案件将会从如今的14万件,增加到超过20万件。这将使得中国更强大。 如果反腐能够成功,将会使中国更关注于做事,而不是搞人事关系。
5. 其实我一直都在等你提到篮网队的处境,既然你没说,那就我来说吧。林书豪已经因腿筋受伤缺阵几周了。他们是唯一有摆烂权利但是不摆烂的球队!
6. The result doesnt look much like a nose—its a bottle filled with liquid nutrient that cultivates bacteria. But give the “nose” a blood sample and let it sniff for a few days, and the bottles dots will change color to indicate what bacteria, if any, it identifies.


1. 麦迪逊马里奇(Madison Marriage)是会计和税收事务记者
2. 根据研究机构Millward Brown编制的BrandZ最新排行榜,全球100个最具价值品牌的品牌价值仍远远领先于其他品牌,今年它们的总价值上升3%,至3.4万亿美金。
3. adj. 毁灭性的,令人震惊的,强有力的



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    The exchanges revealed there is little major difference between the two in term of their approach to security and foreign affairs. On Iran both vowed it will not be allowed to have nuclear weapons. Rommey said he would introduce more stringent sanctions; Obama said they were already as stringent as they could possibly be.

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