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1. 办公室总有一两个让人让大多数人都无法容忍的人,但是如果你不喜欢大多数的同事,那么你的工作就会变得不愉快因为你不得不整天和他们在一起工作。如果你再也不能容忍他们,试试找一个你能够和里面的职员和平相处的企业了。
2. Meditate any time, but 15 minutes before you study, 15 minutes before class, 15 minutes before a test, and youll be amazed at how well you can perform as a student.
3. Ladies and gentlemen, may I welcome you to the Bad Manners Awards 2016?
4. [inili]
5. 现年22岁的劳伦斯是《饥饿游戏》影片系列的女主角,她还可能凭借在影片《乌云背后的幸福线》中的表现获得奥斯卡提名。
6. 自从2010年开通运营以来,12306票务系统已多次升级以修复漏洞,并在春运期间提供更好的服务。


1. The pizza is extremely rich - if youre in the mood for a lavish meal, this is the pizza for you, he said.
2. 2.Namibia
3. HOW MUCH: $2,050,000
4. The maker of Post-it notes and Scotch tape authorized a $12 billion stock repurchase program in February, replacing its current $7.5 buyback program. 3Ms (MMM, Fortune 500) move followed its announcement late last year that it intends to spend $10 billion on acquisitions and repurchase up to $22 billion of shares over the next four years.
5. 尽管随着租赁成本的上升和失业率的下降,薪酬最终会会上升;商人们将会在招聘劳动力上付出更多的成本而且还有可能由于缺乏员工以增加产量而导致销售量下降的风险。
6. However, one lawyer, who prefers to remain anonymous, says Teach Firsters’ prior experience and autonomy in a classroom can mean they feel frustrated starting at the bottom of an organisation’s ladder again.


1. Spotify, the music streaming service, plans to list existing private shares directly on the New York Stock Exchange as soon as the fourth quarter rather than doing a formal IPO, while other large, well-known tech companies for now were seen as more likely prospects for 2018, bankers said.
2. Discipline watchdogs have also tightened management of Party and governmental officials so that the number of newly escaped fugitives dropped from 101 in 2014 to only four last year, CCDI figures show.
3. "Machines will be stronger and smarter than human beings, but they will never be wiser," he said, "because one things for sure: Wisdom, soul and heart are things that only human beings possess, and machines can never enjoy failure, success, friendship or love."
4. WTF.3: Im Bigger Than You Think
5. Guo Jingjings alleged romance with Kenneth Fok, the grandson of late Hong Kong tycoon Henry Fok, has captured the imagination of a country that seems to have become as interested in the private lives of its athletes as in their athletic performances.
6. Over the past three years, drawing conclusions about Chinas box office growth has been complicated by Beijings decision to include new service fees in official revenue totals.


1. This whole week was a train wreck: the unconvincing denials, the timing of the Cousins trade on All-Star Sunday, the pathetic return value,
2. [vai?r?s]
3. In the field of the best 85 business schools in Europe, HEC Paris remains in second place behind LBS, while Insead, the international school based in Fontainebleau, France, climbs two places to third.
4. 其中一本被标上"M3"的坟墓里包含有神兽的雕刻,其中有四只代表一年四季以及天堂的各个部分:西边的白虎,南边的朱红鸟,北边的黑龟,东边的青龙。
5. Remedy: When we make a major decision such as accepting (or turning down) a job offer, we tend to exercise confirmation bias. If we think we made a good choice, we prioritize information that supports this view and if we fear we’ve made a mistake, we zero in on intel or impressions that reinforce this gut feeling. If you habitually doubt your competence when it comes to making career decisions, the issue is less about the subjective quality of your past choices and more about building confidence in your ability to guide your career in a satisfying direction and exert some degree of control over the outcomes of your choices. Addressing this could involve recalling the circumstances under which you made a particular choice and the priorities you held at the time and noting how they differ from the circumstances and priorities under which you’re evaluating those decisions. It could also involve working with a career coach to identify patterns in your decision-making and to help you bolster areas in which you’d like to increase your confidence – risk taking or negotiation, for example.
6. Mr Cahan said that the vision and technology behind Summly’s machine-learning and natural language processing abilities were “equally impressive”.


1. 喜剧类最佳男配角:路易?安德森(Louie Anderson),《小丑梦摇篮》(Baskets)
2. 该制品有一个扁平基座,于2009年发掘自江苏西部盱眙县古墓,一直保存在江苏省省会的南京博物馆。
3. Intel



  • 在莞台胞可申请住房公积金贷款买房
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    国务院:适当提高贷存比指标容忍度 支撑小微企业贷款
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    多地楼市去杠杆 限贷政策或将密集出台
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