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1. I may say "Im terminating you because you didnt meet performance measures." Im not going to say its because youre a pain in the butt and piss people off every time you interact with them.
2. 6.Put people first
3. Kellogg/HKUST dominated this ranking from 2009 to 2014 but lost out to Trium in 2014 and to Tsinghua University/Insead in 2015.
4. Mr. Russells 1970s Abscam fictionalization American Hustle had the better night overall, winning acting awards for Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence. Best picture was the only award for 12 Years a Slave, which came in with seven nominations, tied for the most with American Hustle.
5. Its been confirmed that Hu Ge who took the leading role of "Li Xiaoyao" will join the cast of the film, while the name of female lead has not yet been revealed.
6. 没有什么比老板所说和所做不一样更糟糕了,也没有什么比守信用更重要了。就像经理们一定要相信他们的团队,员工一定要相信他们的老板心中会为他们带来最佳利益。


1. 苹果企业创始人史蒂夫乔布斯在旧金山的库比蒂诺(苹果电脑的全球总企业所在地)先容新研发的苹果II 型机,1977,旧金山
2. 技术在法律界并不是一个新现象——许多律所已经与人工智能和机器学习企业建立了合作伙伴关系,有些律所还建立了自己的“孵化器”,或者投资了法律科技初创企业。但这一趋势已经达到临界水平,并将在2018年急剧加速。
3. 改革就是要解放和发展生产力,调动广大人民的积极性,让群众得到实惠,为政之要就是要舍小利、顾大义、顺民心。
4. 5. Mother Nature
5. 这样令人反胃的发现在当地并非第一次。从去年起,位于中越边境的广西警方加强了对走私活动的监察打击力度,并成功突袭七家非法食品加工厂。
6. ‘Our hope is that the Worst Passwords of the Year list will cause people to take steps to protect themselves online.’


1. The top ten billionaires rake in a net worth of approximately 505.4billion dollars.
2. 今年的诺贝尔生理学或医学奖花落一项细胞层面的实验成果。
3. 胡润研究院称,只有资本净值超过80亿元的女性才有资格入围中国女富豪榜前50名。
4. 在2016年中国制作的772部影片中,有43部的票房超过了1个亿。中国影片在2016年收获了38亿元的海外票房,年增长率超过38%。
5. The regulator said that “faced with a complex and volatile market environment,” funds had realised gains of only Rmb294.5bn in the first half, a drop of 42.3 per cent.
6. The Female Warlord Who Had C.I.A. Connections and Opium Routes


1. 3.The End of the One-Child Policy
2. ad+(mini小+ster→小人→古代大臣称自己是“小人”→部长,大臣)→做部长→管理,治理+ation→行政,管理
3. 它会自然生长成模子的形状。
4. 9. 《大空头》(The Big Short)。亚当·麦凯(Adam McKay)把影片处理为喜剧,但在他以笑声轰炸屏幕的同时,也表明他对这场2008年经济崩溃的呈现是一场让人心碎的美国悲剧。
5. US News also offers subject-focused rankings, which include popular fields such as computer science, economics and business and engineering.
6. 据外国媒体体育网站sbnation.com报道,德国战车在刚刚结束的比赛中以四粒进球完胜葡萄牙。比赛结果令人震惊,多数观察员原本希翼葡萄牙的攻势能更猛烈些。但这是否是本届国际足联世界杯又一场比分悬殊的比赛?的确不足为奇。


1. 愿你一切称心如意,快乐无比。
2. 美国总统vs韩美自由贸易协定
3. This whole week was a train wreck: the unconvincing denials, the timing of the Cousins trade on All-Star Sunday, the pathetic return value,



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