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1. adj. 有效的,有影响的
2. 4. Outsourcing placement services.
3. 伦敦——在20世纪70年代,英国喜剧演员汤米·库珀(Tommy Cooper)讲过这样一个笑话:他在阁楼里发现一把小提琴和一幅画,让拍卖企业估价。拍卖企业说,好消息是它们分别出自斯特拉迪瓦里(Stradivarius)和伦勃朗(Rembrandt)之手。坏消息是那幅画是斯特拉迪瓦里画的,小提琴是伦勃朗做的。
4. In the month since her death, police have not said whether she accidentally pulled the trigger or was shot by someone else in the room.
5. 单词property 联想记忆:
6. com共同,miss=mit送-共同送东西到指定处-委托com共同,mission(n 使命,任务)-受了别人的委托,说明你得到了别人的信任,所以这是一种使命。


1. Mr Crabb has taken no exposure to Hong Kong’s property market since setting up in Asia 18 months ago, because he says prices are too high and affordability too low.
2. 因此,看看吧。我真诚地希翼你们会喜欢它们,就像我在挑选和编辑它们时那样。
3. 展示自己,每时每刻
4. 两个抢手在讽刺杂志查理周刊屠杀了12个人,谢里夫库阿奇和他的兄弟塞得,他们可能就是出国“接受屠杀训练并散播恐怖”的人中的两个。
5. 马自达获得了最佳轿车品牌的称号。汽车媒体一直很青睐马自达的表现,而如今的马自达汽车都在精致的内部设置和强大的驱动力上赢得了积极的反馈。上图的2016马自达第三代,在美国资讯小巧车排名中摘得桂冠,它的精准操控,强大加速度和高端室内布局,赢得了大多数汽车评论家称赞。
6. “One employee’s parents contacted the company to let us know their son was resigning.


1. A colourful and exhaustive biography of Alan Greenspan, the former chairman of the US Federal Reserve, is this year’s Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year.
2. It was not an auspicious start to the new year for bitcoin investors.
3. 南韩的活动分子在星期二发誓,要在月底通过宣传气球跨越边境向北韩偷运荷里活讽刺片"刺杀金正恩",以作为对北韩不断威胁的反抗。
4. Index: 94.2
5. Fortunately for Honda, it benefits from a deep reservoir of customer goodwill and loyalty in the U.S., as well as a reputation for building high-quality vehicles that are rated highly by objective third parties for their low cost of ownership. The reservoir was drained somewhat by a product defect controversy resulting from airbag deployments that scattered shrapnel on its victims.
6. Well, that’s it, kids: we’re heading home. Chinese shares are down 7 per cent, and thanks to the newly-instituted market circuit breakers, that means the market shuts.


1. 不过另一个因素也影响着最新一集《007》的计划,主演“詹皇-邦德”丹尼尔-克雷格全心投入于演出《千禧年三部曲》,而其中的《龙文身的女孩》正在紧张拍摄中。而目前影片企业也没有遴选新一任007的打算,若果丹尼尔三度出演这一角色,影片至少得等到2014年才能上映。
2. 在本届戛纳影片节上,女性影片制作人以及相关女性话题曾广受关注成为宣传主题。28年来,戛纳首次以女导演拍摄的影片拉开序幕,伊莎贝拉?罗西里尼(Isabella Rossellini)成为“一种关注”单元评审团主席,莎尔玛?海雅克(Salma Hayek)主持讨论会高调探讨女性角色在影片中的意义。可以讨论的话题有许多,但是真的有何改变吗?数字似乎更能说明问题,主竞赛单元的19部入围作品仅有2部来自女性导演。而后发生的“高跟鞋门”,更有.....面对外界对于影展涉嫌性别歧视的负面消息,艺术总监蒂埃里?弗雷莫(Thierry Frémaux)一点儿反应都没。他只是说,戛纳影片节的举办有着及其不公平的高标准,参展影片不能申请其他诸如威尼斯或柏林影片节。这难道是建议人们去“攻击奥斯卡”?
3. Ranking third on our Top-Grossing list is Steve Carell. Despicable Me 2 was a huge hit this year, bringing in $919 million at the box office. Overall, the franchise has earned $1.4 billion at the box office worldwide and a third movie, Minions, is on the way. Carell also appeared this year in the small indie The Way Way Back and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. The latter failed to earn back its production budget at the box office but we’re only looking at ticket sales here — the film put another $22.5 million in Carell’s column for 2013.
4. Chinese manufacturers:Coming to the U.S.? Warren Buffett’s BYD says it is arriving in 2015 and Geely in 2016 but we’ve been hearing that someone was coming since at 2006. The refinement of Chinese cars is the issue. With more than 80 local automakers producing 524 different models in China, R&D money is spread too thinly to produce meaningful results.
5. "People can be unhappy for many reasons -- from poverty to unemployment to family breakdown to physical illness," the report said. "But in any particular society, chronic mental illness is a highly influential cause of misery. If we want a happier world, we need a completely new deal on mental health."
6. condensed


1. 特斯拉:为了缓解外界对特斯拉电动汽车充电时间问题的诟病,特斯拉开始推出一个通过换电池快速充电的充电站网络。CEO埃隆o马斯克肯定希翼自己的运气比夏伊o阿加西的Better Place企业好一些,这家企业在2013年破产前做的就是电池更换充电站业务。
2. Baby Driver recently placed on the National Board of Review’s Top 10 list. The film holds a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and took in over $100 million dollars at the box office.
3. [kriminl]



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