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1. 9. Smiling
2. 9.The Discovery of a New Planet
3. 这支队伍需要更多的天赋,他们需要大修。对魔术而言,最能吸引天赋到来的方式一直以来都是选秀。
4. 学会控制自己的情绪,控制自己的想法,克服对被拒绝的恐惧,学会向别人敞开心扉。
5. We think of the passage of NBA time in seasons, for obvious reasons. Theres connection, a continuum. Its how we remember things that happen, in the course of a season of play. But theres some benefit to looking back at a calendar year, January 1 to December 31, and what weve learned in that process. After all, many say the "unofficial start" to the NBA season is Christmas, with the new year starting soon after. So here are the lessons we learned about the NBA in the year 2017.
6. Winning the Skytrax Worlds Best Airport Award for the fifth consecutive year is immense encouragement to our 50,000-strong airport community at Changi Airport, every one of whom is passionate about delivering the most memorable airport experience to our passengers, said Lee Seow Hiang, CEO of Changi Airport Group, in a statement.


1. 这种旅行枕可以随意弯曲变形,您的头怎么放都行。
2. ownership
3. 28 September
4. 联系方式:Kathy Michalove, Seaboard Properties, (860) 535-8364; seaboardpropertiesre.com
5. 当你在求职布告栏比如Monster或者Indeed发布你的简历时,你现在的雇主是可有机会看到你的简历的。Foss说很多人事和经理经常在求职栏搜索职工的名字看他们是不是在找工作。
6. 9. 米拉-库尼斯 1100万美金


1. Putin had positive things to say about the Russian economy, saying it has "passed the crisis -- at least, the peak of the crisis."
2. Ranking third on our Top-Grossing list is Steve Carell. Despicable Me 2 was a huge hit this year, bringing in $919 million at the box office. Overall, the franchise has earned $1.4 billion at the box office worldwide and a third movie, Minions, is on the way. Carell also appeared this year in the small indie The Way Way Back and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. The latter failed to earn back its production budget at the box office but we’re only looking at ticket sales here — the film put another $22.5 million in Carell’s column for 2013.
3. “而在市场上前所未有的是确实有客户在寻找这样的投资。”
4. It was billed as the year in which female film-makers and womens issues would be in the spotlight. The festival opened with a film by a female director for the first time in 28 years, Isabella Rossellini chaired the Un Certain Regard jury and Salma Hayek convened a high-profile panel to discuss the role of women in cinema. There was plenty to talk about – but had anything really changed? The numbers seemed to speak for themselves: of the 19 films in competition, only two were directed by women. And then came Heelgate – of which, more later… Faced with suggestions that the festival is sexist, artistic director Thierry Frémaux was having none of it. Cannes was being held to an unfairly high standard, he claimed, one not applied to other festivals like Venice or Berlin. His suggestion? Instead, people should “attack the Oscars”.
5. vi. 谈话,讲述
6. Last year was especially striking because global heat records were broken or tied in every month except January and April, researchers said.


1. 全年城镇新增就业1314万人;
2. 以美金值计,11月中国的出口总值同比上升12.3%,比10月的出口总值同比增速6.9%有所提高,高于路透社(Reuters)调查的经济学家给出的预测中值5%。
3. 瑞茜·威瑟斯彭(Reese Witherspoon)刚出道时大胆尝试不同戏路的演出,据报道,她曾努力将因影片《一往直前》(Walk the Line)获得的最佳女主角的奖杯制成门环或项链。但这两种方案都没能得以实现,现在,小金人就站在她的客厅里。
4. Charli XCX, Number 1 Angel
5. 单词benefit 联想记忆:
6. 这款智能产品的使用可以追溯到1800年,但在2016年它才变得“智能”。 Meet Peggy,这种洗衣挂钩能够“帮助你减轻负担”,它会在洗衣机洗好衣服的时候提醒你,并告诉你天气是否适宜晾晒衣服。该装置连接到您的手机,它会在天气变化或是需要转移晾衣服的地方时发消息提醒你。


1. The Tsinghua-Insead EMBA programme, launched in 2007, entered the FT rankings with a bang in 2012, going straight into fourth place with its very first cohort. The programme has since been ranked second, third, and finally has achieved first place in the rankings this year.
2. 这个领域的创新速度非常快。自从Fitbit于2008年成立以来,各家企业已经发布了五到六个完全不同的产品。SAMSUNG(Samsung)则在九个月内发布了可穿戴设备Galaxy Gear的三到四个衍生产品。SONY(索尼)、Pebble、GOOGLE和脸书的头戴式虚拟现实设备Oculus Rift也紧随其后。
3. Businesses are already responding: Job openings in November hit the second highest level in 14 years. In another telltale sign, people are quitting jobs at the fastest rate in five years. Research shows that people who quit one job for another typically do so because they are offered higher pay.



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