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1. Im only a child yet I know we are all part of a family, five billion strong, in fact, 30 million species strong and we all share the same air, water and soil -- borders and governments will never change that. 我只是一个小孩,但我知道大家都是一个大家庭的成员,超过60亿人的大家庭,以及超过三千万物种的大家庭,政府和国界永远都无法改变这个事实。
2. Skyfall Bond girl Berenice Marlohe has joined the all-star cast of Terrence Malick’s latest movie, which is in production in Austin.
3. 在线课程的部分吸引力在于灵活性、覆盖范围以及授课进度比住读MBA慢。除了IE商学院(规定学习时间最长为18个月),学员平均可以用5年左右的时间来完成学位课程。
4. And, men are 2.8 times more likely to use this obvious phrase than women.
5. 当然,影片中最惊人的一幕是外星人遇到一个涉世不深,外表因为多发性神经纤维瘤而丑陋的年轻男子,由亚当·皮尔森扮演。格雷泽带来的这一幕是全然无畏而且毫无感情波动的,或许这是从大卫·林奇的《象人》这部影片的主题变化而来。外星人并不会在本质上区分这位年轻男子的长相,但是她与这位男子相遇——两个外星人的遭遇?——触发了危机,使得她成为了猎物,而不是猎人。
6. 凯洛格/香港科大EMBA项目的优势在于学员的素质。


1. Quanta Computer, ” in October. Samsung is also reported to be working on a 12 to 13-inch tablet, and it seems evident that “these large-size tablets will greatly impact ultrabook demand.” This “iPad Max” will be a defacto laptop with the addition of new cases with integrated keyboards and batteries and could well become a mainstay for high schools and college students who need better content creation tools than thos offers on existing iPads and iPad Minis.
2. Bangkok is projected to host 21.47 million "international overnight visitors" this year, according to the 2016 report by financial services corporation MasterCard.
3. 同时,城市周围的乡村地区将会进行修缮,低端的制造厂和企业将会迁移。
4. The growth has laid a solid foundation for the development of the film industry in China in the future, the experts added.
5. China will "fasten the seat belt" and prevent any "acute outburst" of financial risks on the track for maintaining medium-high growth speed.
6. Asli Erdogan


1. While the WeChat use of the "post-90s" generation has slightly decreased, from 94.1 percent to 86.6 percent.
2. 中国力争达成自己的亚太区协议
3. Blake Griffin
4. Whether or not any sort of BlackBerry-Samsung deal actually happens, the development highlights next wave of innovation (and litigation) in mobile technology: one centered on access control methods and containing corporate breachesin an increasingly mobile world.
5. 中国国家统计局工业司何平在随后发布的数据解读声明中称,尽管石油和其他投入价格下跌支撑了利润率,但出厂价格的下跌抵消了这些利好影响。
6. 在苹果(Apple)的蒂姆库克(Tim Cook)支撑AR后,该技术可能是更大的机遇。苹果最新操作系统及新款手机苹果 X纳入了AR技术。


1. All employees receive a $25 monthly credit to the DreamWorks PrintCenters at the Glendale and Redwood City campuses. Charged only for supplies, the studio is able to offer inexpensive services that range from printing photographs to creating greeting cards and personalized calendars.
2. India National Cricket Team
3. 2. "Breaking Bad" (4.2 million)
4. And, ‘trustno1’ proved, perhaps unsurprisingly, to be among the worst passwords as well, taking up spot number 25.
5. According to a newly amended Chinese Criminal Law, those who organize, assist or are involved in cheating during national exams could be sentenced to three to seven years in prison.
6. 8.鲜花往往不属于赏花人,而属于牛粪。


1. 10. China watchers inthe United States will continue to postulate China’s declining growth rate inthe face of evidence that it is stable at over 7%. China will grow fasterin 2014 than in 2013.
2. Even if they played an imperfect game, the Golden State Warriors managed to maintain their perfect start.
3. 推进健康中国建设。



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    The 8,000 volunteers who will welcome international visitors to London 2012 have been issued with a 66-page instruction manual, covering everything from foreign etiquette to uniform care and advice on dealing with journalists. But what of the visitors themselves? Could they not do with a manual outlining the customs, manners and practicalities of the islands they are visiting? We hereby present a simple guide to UK etiquette for the 2012 Olympics.

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