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1. 来自5个不同国家的5所商学院今年首次进入排行榜。新加坡李光前商学院(Lee Kong Chian School of Business)是新进入者中排名最高的,直接跃居第36位。加拿大女王大学史密斯商学院(Queen’s Smith School of Business)的排名提高最大,跃升32位至第67名。
2. 4.不推崇微化管理
3. Skin has the thankless job of coating and protecting your whole body, making it your most easily damaged organ. When you burn or rip off a stretch of skin, your main option right now is to graft some back on from elsewhere on your body. But an effective synthetic replacement skin may not be that far off, thanks to research from Stanford scientists.
4. 1. China’s leadershipwill ignite the capital economy, funding an aggressive growth program withmajor infrastructure investments to support urban development, including hugeallotments for housing, schools, roads, and more.
5. pro前面,to头,col=coll-前面的头要酷一点儿-礼节
6. 2013 Rank: 14


1. A colourful and exhaustive biography of Alan Greenspan, the former chairman of the US Federal Reserve, is this year’s Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year.
2. 移动端取代网页端。
3. Net interest margins — the difference between interest paid on deposits and interest gained from loans — suffered as China lifted its remaining controls on the interest rates paid on deposits. The average margin declined by about 46 basis points to 2.54 per cent in 2015.
4. While Cousins volatile personality and high-usage tendencies present challenges, there are numerous justifications for rolling the dice:
5. Summly attempts to solve this problem by creating “snapshots” of stories that allow readers to browse more quickly than reading full articles. The app will close down but Mr D’Aloisio’s technology will be integrated into Yahoo’s mobile apps.
6. Politics also color perceptions of the weather, the survey found. More than three-quarters of Democrats and six in 10 independents believe that the weather has become more extreme over the last few years, while less than half of Republicans say they have perceived such a shift.


1. 此外,摩洛哥还是九大联合国教科文组织世界遗产的聚居地,主要包括一些古城和旧城遗址,对于历史爱好者来说是一个不错的选择。
2. 6. "How I Met Your Mother" (3.0 million)
3. Tony Moloney, head of education and skills at National Grid, says the UK utility’s involvement is part of its broader strategy to encourage school students to study Stem subjects — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — and learn more about jobs in his sector.
4. The data highlight the growing anxieties in some sectors of industry about what they see as unfair competition from Chinese rivals.
5. 作为参加英国《金融时报》在线MBA排名的一个条件,至少70%的课程内容须在线提供。在15所上榜院校中,有9所对校园学习不作任何要求。其余6所学院坚持让学员参加周末或为期一周的在校课程。
6. plat平坦+form形状→形状平的地方→平台,月台


1. If the user set up a truthful answer, according to statistics provided by the researchers, in 19.7% of the cases, an attacker would need a single try to guess the correct answer to the question "What is your favorite food?" in the case of American users.
2. 然而,时间较长似乎并不代表学业较轻松。要保持学习劲头,合理的时间管理至关重要。英国华威商学院的一名毕业生谈到:“几个必修项目会帮助你跟上进度并避免在最后阶段非常紧张。”总的来说,2012级毕业生花了两年半多一点的时间完成学业。
3. Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly;
4. 在根据真实罪案改编的影片《狐狸猎手》(Foxcatcher)中,以出演喜剧闻名的演员史蒂夫·卡瑞尔(Steve Carell)饰演大富翁约翰·E·杜邦(John E. du Pont)时隐藏在假面具后面。这个造型最突出的就是鸟嘴状鼻子。
5. 韩孟杰强调,由于处于性活跃期,容易受到外界的影响,发生不安全的性行为,所以大学生感染的风险还是存在的。
6. 凯特 阿普顿


1. 谢亚轩估计,11月中国外储下降的大约40%(350亿美金左右)可归因于欧元和其他货币相对于美金走弱的估值影响,而不是资本外流。
2. 中国科学技术协会书记处书记王春法对撤稿事件表示深切关注,事件发生几天前,他刚在北京与施普林格自然集团大中华地区总裁安诺杰会面沟通。
3. Best chances: Best film, and best original screenplay recognition looks certain, and Frances McDormand is currently the favorite for the best actress Oscar.



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    Frustrated, he invented something that would allow him take a picture of himself: He called it the "extender stick." Since the 苹果 really hadnt been invented yet, a small camera was to be attached to one end of the stick. It also had a small mirror in its front so that users could see how they would look in the photograph. He patented the "extender stick" in 1983. The product was mass produced for sale but it was a commercial failure. The quality of the pictures was low. Besides, previous research showed that the women back then were embarrassed by the idea of taking pictures of themselves. The selfie stick was then reinvented by Wayne Fromm in the year 2000, three years before Hiroshis patent expired. Fromm called his the "quik pod." He believes he is the inventor of todays selfie sticks and has even sued several other selfie stick producers. When asked about Hiroshis selfie sticks, he said they were "prior art."

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    The dollar value of China’s exports and imports grew in November after two months of contraction and in the face of a rally by the greenback that followed last month’s US presidential election.

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    Warren Buffett reclaimed the No. 2 spot on the list for the first time since 2014, with a net worth of $75.6 billion, up from $60.8 billion in 2016.

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    More than 110 new and returning series made the shortlist for this roundup before being whittled down to the 20 that appear here. (And that’s without the HBO shows “True Detective,” which is being moved to later in the year, and “Game of Thrones,” “Veep” and “Silicon Valley,” whose April premiere dates haven’t been announced.) From a “Breaking Bad” spinoff, to the return of “Broadchurch,” to the final season of “Justified,” the winter is high season for the serious TV watcher.

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    According to a notice jointly issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Finance, the average monthly payments for both enterprise and institution retirees will be increased by about 5.5% from the 2016 level.



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