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1. 一些智能的床会让你有更好的睡眠质量和睡眠姿势,但也会让你变成一个检查配偶是否出轨的私家侦探。除了检测这个床垫是否舒适,它会在有其他人占用你的床的时候提醒你。
2. vt. 记载,(用文件
3. adj. 特指的;指定的
4. Condos and co-ops have been laying down the law, writing warning memos and fining wayward residents. For renters, breaking the rules could jeopardize a lease. Condos are tightening security, asking doormen to scrutinize visitors and requiring residents to sign authorization forms for guests. The practice has also raised insurance concerns.
5. "I am a doctor and I prefer to speak frankly. A persons health is related first to eating, drinking and air. Any kind of development will be nothing if the quality of food, water and air is not good." ZHONG NANSHAN, NPC deputy and academic with the Chinese Academy of Engineering
6. 《自己土地上的陌生人: 美国右翼的愤怒与哀悼》(Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right)一书的编辑阿莉?罗素?霍克希尔德(Arlie Russell Hochschild)对路易斯安那州的农村社区进行了四年的研究,她认为那里“深藏着”一种失去机会的感觉。


1. 挪威诺贝尔和平奖委员会星期五在奥斯陆做出这一宣布时说,这三位女士分享这次和平奖是因为她们“为女性的安全和女性全面参与和平建设工作的权利进行非暴力的奋斗。”
2. 这个系列的特制镜框和太阳墨镜以“DVF|为GOOGLE眼镜设计”为标签,价格高达1,600美金以上。迄今为止,GOOGLE已经和雷朋(Ray-Ban)眼镜的生产商陆逊梯卡(Luxottica)以及其他几家提供时尚眼镜的企业如普拉达(Prada)等展开过合作。它还招募了曾在艺术网站Art.com担任首席市场官的时尚总监艾维o罗斯来领导GOOGLE眼镜团队。
3. We will maintain ethical conduct and moral integrity at all times.
4. 2. 《头脑特工队》,导演:彼得·道格特(Pete Docter)。
5. For over two decades I have been writing about the rise of Asia and the dynamic driving it. There is an extraordinary consensus among east Asian leaders that Asia needs to use this window of opportunity to focus on economic development and growth. War is the biggest obstacle to development. If Asians were truly stupid, they would engage in such wars and derail their enormous development promise. Most Asian leaders, barring North Korea, understand well the dangers of war. Hence, while there will be tensions and rivalries in the region, there will be no wars in the region, in 2014 or in 2015. As 2015 unfolds, I would like to encourage all western pundits to understand the underlying Asian dynamic on its own terms, and not on the basis of western preconceptions.
6. David Pilling


1. 《老友记》大部分剧集拍摄之时,手机和谷歌都还未普及,剧中的服装和道具现在看来也有些过时,但是,剧中的主题却依旧深得现在年轻观众的心。
2. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz
3. Well, what you do makes me cry at night. You grown ups say you love us. I challenge you, please make your actions reflect your words. Thank you for listening. 然而,你们所做的事让我在夜晚哭泣,你们成年人说你们爱大家,我不会再相信了,因为只有行动和语言的合一,才是找回信任和未来的唯一方法!谢谢!
4. 销售与市场类
5. 凯投宏观(Capital Economics)中国经济学家朱利安?埃文斯-普里查德(Julian Evans-Pritchard)评论道:“结果是,上个月中国的贸易看起来惊人强劲。在全球需求强劲的背景下,大家预期未来数月出口还将继续表现良好。”
6. “伦敦商学院拥有优秀的学员群体,国籍非常多样化,具有竞争力和聪明才智,”一位2012级的美国毕业学员评论道:“它也给了我无需参加单纯聚焦美国的美国MBA课程就能(通过交换)在美国学习的机会。”


1. adj. 疲劳的
2. The helium pushes the foam upwards through a stencil.
3. The media are annoying, we get that, Your Royal Highness, but there may have been more dignified ways for you (and the establishment you represent) to air your concerns.
4. 在如今的江苏省境内的贵族古墓里找到的。
5. 在其他小孩想方设法逃课、不做作业的时候,玛蒂却对学业热情饱满,因为她不想自己成为又一个“愚蠢的舞者”。
6. 萝丝王


1. [h?b]
2. This is all bad news for investors, just as Americas 30-year bond bull is ending.
3. Let’s now travel to Greece. There, Andreas Georgiou, the head of its statistical agency between 2010 and 2015, faces prosecutions for his part in uncovering fake Greek public finance data for 2009 and setting the record straight. This week 40 groups, led by the American Statistical Association, and 651 individuals signed a statement in support of Mr Georgiou.



  • 玻璃行业严重受挫:中国玻璃集团去年盈转亏蚀4.3亿
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  • 首次全国地理普查成果在不动产登记中发挥作用
    涂料行业进入微利时代 变革在路上
    2020-12-31 23:20:54
  • 国务院:放开放宽除个别超大城市外的城市落户限制
    6月佛山陶瓷价格指数出炉 建材市场预期走低
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    2021-01-05 23:20:54
  • 中国建材产品成为澳反倾销重点打击目标
    第三批国家标准制修订 完善涂料VOC检测标准
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  • 中小型陶瓷工厂难以生存
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    2021-01-06 23:20:54
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