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1. [letis]
2. Having longer does not seem to make it easier, however. Proper time management is essential in order to maintain the momentum. “A couple of obligatory projects would help keep the pace and avoid a very intense last quarter,” commented one graduate from Warwick Business School. Overall, the graduates from the class of 2012 took slightly longer than 2.5 years to graduate.
3. 4. Slacking at school
4. stick
5. A Honda executive privately attributed much of its troubles on “bad luck,” as opposed to shoddy business practices or deliberate misbehavior on anyone’s part. Perhaps. The company’s leadership is certain to check, double-check and lock down its systems and processes to ensure the level sinks no lower on its reservoir of good will.
6. When you think of him, your heart would jump between fast and fast.


1. The International Organization for Migration says the number of migrants and refugees entering Europe in 2015 has gone over the one million mark, the largest influx of its kind since the end of World War Two.
2. 啊,美国电话电报企业的命真好:同史蒂夫?乔布斯的关系最好,拥有苹果的独家运营权(现在是如此),还是iPad的运营商之一。一切都对它有利,可为什么股票没有猛涨呢?截至4月1日,今年苹果企业的股价已经飙升109%,标准普尔指数也上升了41%。美国电话电报企业的股票呢?下跌了2%。问题在于发展,或者说缺乏发展:无线业务已经饱和,发展甚微,而占销售额25%的有线电话业务却出现萎缩。除非其高速互联网业务,或者iPad促使新的无线业务实现增长,否则其股票在华尔街将会继续遭受打击。
3. 回顾历史,单场进球数最多的比赛出现在1994年美国国际足联世界杯(俄罗斯6-1喀麦隆)。24支球队在52场比赛中场均进球2.97个。
4. The regulator said that “faced with a complex and volatile market environment,” funds had realised gains of only Rmb294.5bn in the first half, a drop of 42.3 per cent.
5. 但与其他世界主要国家领导人相比,这薪酬已经是最高了。
6. 信中写道:“英国时装协会不应该认可这种生产如此残酷,甚至在英国是非法的材料。


1. 然而我知道,你们这一代人不同于过去的任何一代人,极其渴望体会不同以往的人生。所以,在你们离开学校之际,我要向你们先容几条显而易见、却容易忽略的真理,帮助你们以略微不同的角度来看待生活,而不是仅凭一叠薪金来认识世界:
2. One of the biggest trends I’m noticing in entrepreneurship right now focuses on access. Innovators are taking what was once costly, time-intensive, or otherwise beyond reach and efficiently offering it to consumers. Whether it’s learning new skills, inspiring a new interest, or tapping into formerly cost-prohibitive markets, entrepreneurs are finding new ways to bring the unique and specialized to a more mainstream market. We started to see this with collaborative consumption business models and I predict we’ll continue to see an influx of ‘access-based’ business models in the year ahead.
3. Falling global demand for personal computers (PC) saw shipments fall by a record 10.6% in the fourth quarter from a year ago, according to market research firm IDC.
4. Users say the voice messages are transferred quickly enough to have a conversation on the platform. But different from free voice applications such as 微软 Corp.s Skype, it also offers the flexibility of answering messages at a later time. I can decide when to reply, or not to, said Beijing WeChat user Robin Wang.
5. n. 保守派(党),
6. To wish you special joy at the holidays and all year.祝你在节日和新的一年中享有无限的快乐。


1. 通州将会成为新的北京行政中心,该举措有助于缓解现在政府所在的北京中心地区的公共服务压力。
2. But her success doesnt come cheap and her mother has already spent £5,000 on elaborate dresses and entry fees.
3. When researchers at the University of Illinois set out to create a device that identifies chemicals by their scent, they didnt settle for the sensitivity of the human nose. Instead, they created an artificial nose that uses the smell of bacteria to identify and diagnose specific diseases.
4. 另一位对时尚颇有野心的人就是温妮·哈洛,她在这场举世闻名的节庆活动的第一天即崭露头角。这位患有白斑病的加拿大模特几乎抢了艾米莉的风头,她用自己优雅的舞会礼服吸引了众人的关注。
5. 1. Technausea.
6. 中国的全国居民消费价格指数(CPI)和工业生产者出厂价格指数(PPI)仍很温和或处于收缩区间,但上月都出现了些许回升迹象。


1. 这是智慧的时代,也是愚蠢的时代……
2. con共同,duct引导-引导大家的行为举止
3. Dealers: Car dealers work toward reducing the paperwork involved in buying a car and the hours it takes to fill it out. That will give them more time to devote to upselling add-ons such as extended warranties, paint and fabric protection, and rust-proofing.



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    香港批准征收一手房空置税 分析:对房市影响有限
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