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1. 5. 范冰冰 1700万美金
2. Common areas include two living rooms, both with walls of glass opening to a patio and an in-ground pool. Ceilings rise as high as 28 feet; doors throughout are Spanish cedar. Among the stainless-steel kitchen appliances are a Fisher & Paykel range and two Sub-Zero refrigerators, as well as steel cabinets and sinks. A breakfast bar separates the kitchen from the dining area, which also opens to the patio and pool.
3. 7. The legacy of a celebrated neuroscientist is contested
4. "They are fairies. Can’t they do something else except falling in love?" another Douban user Amy said.
5. 中国的网红经济发展到今天,经历了三个阶段:第一个阶段是文字时代,第二个阶段是图文时代,现在这一阶段是要归功于宽带的可用性的视频时代。
6. Were you late to work yesterday because you couldnt remember where you put your car keys? Did you completely forget about a coffee date last week with a friend and only remember when you got a text asking, "where are you?" Can you no longer remember the name of your favorite elementary school teacher? Memory problems impact just about everyone to a certain degree, but science suggests you might be able to improve your memory, as well as reduce the likelihood of Alzheimers and dementia, by engaging in certain activities, eating specific foods, and using certain mnemonic devices.


1. 谷歌s top 10 searches for 2017–Global
2. 根据研究者提供的数据,如果用户设置了真实答案,美国用户设置的"你最喜欢的食物"只需1次尝试就能成功破译的概率是19.7%;
3. 7.You Havent Gotten a Raise in the Last Two Years
4. Last year was especially striking because global heat records were broken or tied in every month except January and April, researchers said.
5. 住房市场在去年年初表现抢眼,但到年末时则受到不断加重的担忧情绪困扰,这其中包括利率上升、供给制约、信贷收紧及一系列其他问题。
6. 你可以在任何时候进行冥想,但你可以在学习之前的15分钟,上课前的15分钟,考试前的15分钟进行冥想,你就会自己身为学生的良好表现而感到惊讶了。


1. 中国旅游研究院国际旅游研究所(Institute of International Tourism)副所长蒋依依认为,外国游客数量下降的部分原因在于人民币的升值。
2. 然而,他认为,“在说明新兴市场危机的发生率时,美国的货币政策往往与新兴市场国内因素同样重要——如果不是更重要的话。”
3. 摩根大通企业下滑至第4名,其总综合得分位居中国农业银行之后。去年名列前10强的两家欧企——荷兰皇家壳牌和汇丰控股,今年仅分别排名11名和14名。
4. 蕾哈娜在榜单上排名第二,获得亚军,《男人装》表示:在这12个月以来,她真是无处不在,但是大家依然没有对她审美疲劳。
5. China’s commercial aerospace ambition has long been known, but a few recent milestones are bringing it closer to realization.
6. 9) I would rather keep people at a distance 0 1 2 3 4


1. 007系列影片主题曲第三名:阿黛尔--《天降杀机》
2. A Pioneering German Feminist Looks Back in Anguish
3. Historical and fictional films each have their own strengths when it comes to storytelling. Every now and then, though, movies pop up that dont quite fit into either category. The stories are wildly unrealistic, but they carry an inkling of truth between their pages. While these are some of the most interesting films out there, viewers often dont even know that what theyre watching really happened. Well, wonder no more! Keep reading to learn about some of Hollywoods zanier scripts that took their inspiration from good old-fashioned real-life drama.
4. 2011年在达洛伊西奥15岁时,他就曾获得来自李嘉诚的种子投资。一年之后Summy发布,并在短短一个月内吸引了500,000名用户,在28个国家登上了新款应用App热度榜的首位。对于一个连高中都还没毕业的人来说,雅虎的收购可谓意义深远。不过,达洛伊西奥的过人之处可不只是技术常识丰富这一点。在他连胡子都不用刮的时候,他就强烈向往、渴望著有朝一日能在科技领域做出一番大的成就。不仅要创新,还要有所成就,当然,还要大把赚钱。
5. 受能源和大宗商品价格日益下跌影响,中国12月工业生产者出厂价格连续第34个月下跌。
6. [.?:θ?raizein]


1. 单词campaign 联想记忆:
2. But the declines continued, and now it’s all over, red rover.
3. 这项研究需要对夫妻互动时的情绪进行庞大的纵向研究。



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    LED产业持续高涨 积极开发农村市场
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    over $50,000 category, pickups and SUVs distributed through non-premium dealers outsell German luxury brands.



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