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1. Hailed as one of the greatest films of all time, Taxi Driver tells the story of a depressed ex-Marine who attempts to assassinate a senator after being rejected by a woman he admires. While the titular taxi driver, Travis Bickle, lives a chaotic life filled with drug dealers and prostitutes, his story was never meant to be an unrealistic fantasy. Rather, it meant to expose the very real warning signs of a would-be gunman.
2. Fords F-series pickup, the reigning champion for the last quarter-century, held off a strong challenge from Chevrolets redesigned Silverado to remain the nations No. 1 selling vehicle. The race to become the best-selling car, an all-Japanese final, belonged again to the Toyota (TM) Camry, which beat out the Honda (HMC) Accord.
3. Tencent said in an email it has no current plans to find a profitable model for WeChat. An Internet conglomerate, Tencent is Chinas largest listed Internet company with a market capitalization of roughly $65 billion and has strong revenue streams from gaming, virtual products and advertising on other platforms.
4. Among French schools, Toulouse Business School made the best progress, up 14 places, after featuring in the Executive MBA ranking for the first time.
5. 剩下的流行语,大家列在这里:
6. 现在是时候制订新年旅游计划了!有“背包客圣经”之称的《孤独星球》于近日向寻找地美价廉好去处的人们推荐了2017年性价比最高的旅游胜地清单。让大家一起来看看吧。


1. 一位被录取的学生告诉《哈佛深红报》,这些表情包来自哈佛2021届学生的FaceBook私聊小组,他们在这个群组里分享一些尖酸刻薄的笑话,“被哈佛录取不代表大家就不能开玩笑”。
2. 不过巴蒂表示,中国大学排名的稳定并不值得担忧。他说:“数十年的持续投资建设以及中国高等教育国际化程度的提高,无疑将使得中国的大学变得越来越好。”
3. 中国约占世界黄金产量的15%,这个比例高于沙特占石油市场的比例。但自2016年以来,中国当局收紧了对黄金开采的审查,导致中国的小型金矿纷纷关闭。
4. A BuzzFeed News analysis has identified the 50 fake news stories that attracted the most engagement on 脸书 this year. Together they totaled 21.5 million likes, comments, and shares. Of these stories, 23 were about US politics, two were about women using their vaginas as murder weapons, and one was about a clown doll that actually was a person the whole time.
5. No. Football punditry is a mug’s game. Better to have the benefit of hindsight. There have been 20 previous World Cups. Of those, Brazil (five titles) and Germany (four), are regular contenders. Home advantage helps, with host nations winning the trophy six times. But next year’s festival of football is being held in Russia, which has the lowest-ranked team in the tournament.
6. 可穿戴设备企业Atlas Wearables创始人彼得o李表示,电池技术和用户的保守是可穿戴市场面临的两大障碍。他说,在一些情况下,电池技术需要有足够大的改进才能实现足以激发用户兴趣的体验,而在穿戴时间、充电时间、处理能力和产品特点上,各家企业也需要做出平衡。


1. But Anne Simpson, senior portfolio manager and director of global governance at the US pension fund Calpers, a prominent Apple shareholder, believes his ethical stance is more than just posturing. “He has a charming disregard for showmanship,” she says. “Tim Cook applies this Apple notion of elegance and excellence to these new arenas.”
2. 4. gam / n . <俚> (尤指美丽女子的) 腿。
3. 国家整体的幸福感
4. 1.Shailene Woodley
5. 帕拉莫尔《欢笑过后》
6. com共同,promise发誓:停战妥协就是两个国家共同发誓不打仗的产物。


1. 现在的假手除了具备手的外形外,几乎没有其他功能。当然,这些假手能够拿东西和保持身体平衡,但是它们缺乏人手最重要的功能之一——触感。装了假手的人在碰触到一样物品时,如果不用眼睛看,是没法判断东西的。
2. 在过去三年里,夏威夷航空企业的航班延误率只有6.92%,几乎是排名第二的阿拉斯加航空企业的一半——这家企业的航班延误率达到11.27%。
3. convenient
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5. Graham Allison, the famous Harvard professor, also warned that east Asia was headed towards the “Thucydides Trap”, adding: “When a rapidly rising power rivals an established ruling power, trouble ensues.” In early 2013, the then prime minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker, warned that 2013 was looking dangerously like 1913. The Economist also warned at the end of 2013, “A century on, there are uncomfortable parallels with the era that led to the outbreak of the first world war.”
6. Theresa May, the new British prime minister, earns 143,462 pounds ($186,119) a year. That includes her salary as a member of parliament, which is 74,962 pounds ($97,256) a year.


1. 大家进行一个比较,佳士得和苏富比的这两次18世纪前绘画大师作品拍卖会共拍得2910万英镑,比五年前(2011年12月)类似拍卖会拍得的4420万英镑少了34%。
2. Faster growth should also dispel worries about another Fed bogeyman: deflation, or falling prices. "Its impossible to have deflation in an economy growing 3%-plus and adding the most jobs since the 1990s," Baumohl said.
3. 加强现代农业建设。



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