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1. 和所有大学生一样,埃文o雷喜欢使用表情符号。但让他恼火的是,没有什么表情符号能够让他向圣母大学的同学表达自己对该校橄榄球队战斗的爱尔兰人的自豪感。于是,他和肖恩o欧布莱恩一起创办了一桩小生意,以弥补这一空白。这款名为TextPride的产品从体育和娱乐世界中获得图像授权,然后将其打包成贴纸出售。比如,在Kik这样的短信应用中,用户可以花1.99美金买一包迪斯尼影片《冰雪奇缘》的贴纸。
2. In the annals of climatology, 2014 surpassed 2010 as the warmest year. The 10 warmest years have all occurred since 1997, a reflection of the relentless planetary warming that scientists say is a consequence of human activity and poses profound long-term risks to civilization and nature.
3. With this in mind, he does anticipate a pick-up in US investment “because it has been so weak — we don’t normally see it grow at a lower pace than consumption except in a recession”.
4. 76人队在举步维艰地从一支历史悠久的全职摆烂大队向一支有竞争力地队伍转变;太阳队表现依旧不尽如人意。这两支显然是半垫底的球队了。但是他们至少没有对输球抓狂。
5. The estimates include earnings from movies, TV and endorsements from cosmetic and other companies. Bollywood star Deepika Padukone is the only newcomer on the list.
6. 《财富》美国500强企业美国电话电报企业(AT&T))也于3月份批准了回购至多3亿股股票的计划,价值约105亿美金。这项回购计划是它过去三年中宣布的第四项回购计划。这家企业自从2012年开始股票回购至今,总计已经回购了7.75亿股的股票。


1. 如果你每周的周一到周五没有一天早晨醒来感到一种想要去工作的兴奋,那么这就是一个问题了。那意味着你没有能够享受你的工作并且你的工作正在破坏你的生活质量。如果你每天醒来,恐惧去上班,那么是时候辞掉你的工作了
2. 英国《泰晤士高等教育》专刊于上周四公布的一项调查显示,中国内地两所高校入选亚洲大学前三名。
3. 我其实好奇鹈鹕队会不会也会到这一地步。目测布朗时代最高顺位的新秀就是巴迪-希尔德了,这可不理想。
4. China has recently made majordecisions about its economic future. On November 15, 2013, China announceddramatic new social and economic policies contemplating much greater relianceon market forces than it has in the past and inviting private-sectorparticipation and foreign competition in industries long previously controlledby the central government. It also relaxed its one-child policy, openingthe country and its people to vast new opportunities and inspiring new hopes anddreams.
5. "This years prize concerns a central economic problem: how to match different agents as well as possible," the academy said.
6. 总部位于广东的房地产开发企业碧桂园集团现年35岁的女继承人杨惠妍以485亿元的身家紧随其后。


1. Juckes warns that were now trapped in the fourth megabubble fueled by the Federal Reserve in the last 30 years, since the rise of conservative economics. He calls this one, the Bubble With No Name Yet. OK, we invite you to send in your nomination to name the new bubble. But whatever you call it, do it fast, its close to popping, like the Asian, Dot-com and Credit crashes the last 30 years.
2. 8. 不论何时开始都不算晚。
3. 俄罗斯的SKN企业将老旧俄国弹药制作成钻石。这就是回收利用!
4. This year, the Global 2000 companies hail from 62 countries, up from 46 in our inaugural 2003 ranking. In total, they raked in revenues of $38 trillion and profits of $3 trillion, with assets worth $161 trillion and a market value of $44 trillion.
5. The report said families back home receive an average of $200 a month, which makes up 60 percent of the household income.Using the steady flow of remittances, families can buy food, get housing, go to school, access healthcare, improve sanitation, or even invest in a business and have some savings, the report said.
6. 教育部表示:“那些严重破坏考试秩序,损害教育公平公正的人将得到他们应得的惩罚。”


1. The drama won much praise for its use of slow motion when shooting martial arts.
2. 麻省理工学院斯隆管理学院(MIT Sloan School of Management)教授迈克尔?库苏马诺(Michael Cusumano)表示:“我曾经认为乔布斯是不可取代的,而且这在一定程度上是个事实。但乔布斯的精神依然留存在苹果内部,而且企业正围绕着一种不那么对抗性的学问组织在一起。大家应为此给予蒂姆赞扬。”
3. This sign varies from company to company. You must keep in mind that we are in a recession and if sales are down but the company isnt in jeopardy, this sign may not apply to you. However, if business is down to the point where it looks like the company is going to go under, start looking for a new job NOW! (See also: 20 Signs that a Pink Slip is Coming)
4. 有人将一杯滚烫的咖啡洒在了求职者身上。
5. 报告还显示,近四分之一的人为所有账户设置同一密码。
6. 需要注意的是,票房总收入和个人收入是两个不同的概念。在2012年6月到2013年6月期间(这是大家编制最新全球100名人榜所采用的时间段),唐尼的估计个人收入为7,500万美金,比强森多挣2,900万美金。而本文所讨论的数字是每位明星出演的影片在今年斩获的全球票房。


1. 美国有540位富豪入选,是世界上最多的国家。中国和德国则分别有251人和120人入选,分列二、三位。
2. Format: Alternating Friday-Saturday classes, with an initial week-long meeting and a week-long international study seminar
3. The top 20 comprises 13 US universities, four British and three others.



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    In 2008, Janah talked to a call center worker from Dharavi, India, the largest slum in South Asia, while working as a consultant. The worker said there were millions of unemployed villagers as talented as he was. "I thought, What if outsourcing could generate a few dollars for billions of people, rather than billions of dollars for a wealthy few" Janah says. She went on to launch Samasource, a tech platform that connects impoverished women and youth with large corporations like 谷歌, LinkedIn, and 微软 to complete digital projects. To date, the non-profit has helped over 16,000 people rise above the poverty line and it recently launched SamaUSA, a domestic program for low-income students living in San Francisco.

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