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1. After laying low for months, Taylor made a spectacularly bold return with this new album.
3. Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) announced that it would put $30 billion of its cash toward share repurchases. The news made investors happy: The stock popped, and even a week later was up 12% relative to the S&P over that same 7-day period. The buybacks were part of a larger $130 billion capital return program that the company said would extend through 2015.
4. “This is our make or break moment for the tenant movement,” said Ilana Maier, the program director for the Metropolitan Council on Housing. “If we aren’t able to drastically strengthen the rules now, none of this will matter in 10 years.”
5. Format: Some 18 courses, including four electives, are spread out over every other weekend in Chicago, with three residential weeks in Chicago, one week in Hong Kong, and one week in London
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1. Man got to sit and wonder ‘why, why, why?’
2. The difficulty of arranging visas for the large contingent of students from outside the EEA partly explains why UK schools performed disproportionally poorly in terms of international course experience, with 14 schools ranked in the bottom half of this criterion.
3. It is not hard to think of recent examples, from Hugo Chávez to Viktor Orban and Vladimir Putin.
4. 3=somewhat true
5. 5.GOOGLE网站管理员工具
6. BrandZ表示,最具价值品牌的表现超过金融市场,这说明了它们的财务实力和对股东的价值。


1. While China remains the largest holder of American government securities, it cut down exposure to USD 1.25 trillion in October.
2. 企业能否最终摆脱谨慎情绪?
3. Elsewhere, Stockholm School of Economics was a big winner, climbing 16 places to 28, not only recording the best year-on-year progression but also recovering from a drop of 11 places last year.
4. However, one lawyer, who prefers to remain anonymous, says Teach Firsters’ prior experience and autonomy in a classroom can mean they feel frustrated starting at the bottom of an organisation’s ladder again.
5. Iron Man 3 is the highest-grossing movie of 2013 so far with $1.2 billion. But that’s not enough to put its star, Robert Downey Jr., on top of our list of the top-grossing actors. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson beat him this year by working more.
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1. 7. Trust will remain the single most critical business issue.
2. adj. 令人厌烦的
3. Businesses can benefit in other ways too. Craig Rollason, business analysis manager at National Grid, says he has improved his coaching skills by mentoring a Teach Firster.
4. “我都不知道要怎么说明拿了年度风云人物奖之后,还是没有女性杂志和组织支撑我的事。”
5. Video of the year: "Tornado," Little Big Town
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1. FOYLE’S WAR (acorn.tv, Feb. 2) After nabbing the final three episodes of “Agatha Christie’s Poirot” last year, the streaming service Acorn TV scores another coup in the field of traditional British mysteries with the American premiere of this superior show’s ninth season. Starring Michael Kitchen as Christopher Foyle, a detective as honorable as he is shrewd, the series has morphed over the years from a provincial home-front cop show to a le Carré-like Cold War thriller. New episodes involve the Nuremberg trials and Britain’s role in Palestine.
2. 单词determine 联想记忆:
3. 一名姓苏的学生表示:“此外,大多数中国家庭只有一个孩子,所以为了和家人朋友离得近一些,大多数留学生都会选择回国。”他放弃了自己在英国的工作,回国照顾自己的母亲。



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