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1. Best chance: If there are nine or 10 best picture nominees, it could grab a spot. Jordan Peeles screenplay looks certain to be recognized.
2. We learned that there is new hope for Africans with treatable cancers.
3. You are the one for me this New Year and for many New Years to come.在此新年和未来的每个新年里,你都是我唯一的爱!
4. 2. paparazzo /[复] paparazzi / n . 专门追逐名人偷拍照片的摄影者(或记者),狗仔队。
5. The alternative analysis is that the shift we have seen over the past three years is the beginning of a long-term structural shift which will see energy prices materially lower in real terms in the next half century than in the last. Those who take this view believe, to put it very simply, that the likely growth in supply is stronger than the growth in demand.
6. 201207/191926.shtml男子400米、1500米自由泳——孙杨


1. 在被问及欧洲央行会不会采取更多行动时,朗伯德街研究(Lombard Street Research)首席欧洲经济学家达里奥·铂金斯(Dario Perkins)表示:“我不这么认为——除非全球整体经济出了问题。”
2. No matter whether you’re looking for big international events, delicious food, natural wonders or simply relaxation on a beach, these places should be on your checklist.
3. 科比也不幸成为本赛季当中第1位至少投篮14次却只拿下4分甚至更少的球员。
4. 3. JetBlue. Brand love: 40% / Rank 218
5. 未来数年时间内,截止2018年,支出将上升至1.3万亿美金。而1000亿美金的丙型肝炎药物支出及同等的癌症治疗费用,还有780亿美金的糖尿病治疗费用都将是构成支出上升的因素。
6. The Spring Festival Travel Rush, also known as Chunyun in Chinese, or Spring Festival Travel Season / Transportation Peak is considered to be the largest annual migration.It is the special period when China faces an extremely high traffic load, which results in great transportation problems, especially on the railway services.


1. While newcomer to the list Ariel Foxman, who was appointed managing editor at Time Inc.’s In Style in September 2008, isn’t a regular on a television show as of yet, his fashion director Hal Rubenstein is now a judge onLifetime’s Blush: The Search for the Next Great Make-up Artist. And Foxman’s publication led the way in number of advertising pages, boasting over 1,000 during the first half of 2009.
2. 税:每年大约18036美金(约合人民币11.5万元)。
3. Lawyers are inherently cautious but most have realised that technology is crucial to crunching through the vast amount of information they handle. Without it, certain document heavy processes, such as disclosure and compliance, would be nearly impossible.
4. Total program cost: $168,000
5. amendment
6. “纽约人正逐渐意识到,这一漫长的繁荣期已对大家眼中的经典纽约市容造成了破坏,”历史街区保护委员会(Historic Districts Council)的实行董事西蒙·班考夫(Simon Bankoff)说,他同时指出,2015年将是纽约市通过《地标建筑保护法》的50周年。“环顾左右,那些总被大家认为是一成不变的东西,却都在纷纷关门闭户。”


1. SAMSUNG的声明则更加简短:“媒体对收购的报道毫无根据。”
2. v. 引诱,吸引
3. 时间:2010-01-29 编辑:vicki
4. The King’s Woman
5. A vibrant ETF market would depend on the evolution of fee-based distribution networks. Mark Talbot, managing director of Asia-Pacific at Fidelity International, says the distribution infrastructure is holding back retail demand.
6. 根据人社部的一份报告显示,雇主们在第一季度通过公共就业服务机构共招募了520万名职工,这一数字同比去年减少了229000人,也就是下降了百分之4.5。


1. The report provided in-depth observations on 28 Chinese business and administrative capitals - excluding Beijing and Shanghai - using several indicators.
2. As for the worst job of 2013? Newspaper reporter bumped last years loser, lumberjack, for the ignominious distinction.
3. 8月份,印度所持有的美国政府债券为804亿美金,7月份则为797亿美金。



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    Fruitvale Station represents another remarkable feature debut, by the director Ryan Coogler. Its subject matter-the fatal shooting of Oscar Grant, a black, unarmed 22-year-old by a white transit cop in Oakland, Calif.-might have made a documentary. Mr. Coogler had the better idea of exploring it as a dramatized, and to a considerable extent fictionalized, account of the day in Oscars life that preceded his death. Hes played by Michael B. Jordan, whose performance can break your heart or fill it with joy, sometimes simultaneously.

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