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1. 虽然有17%的毕业生将创业列为同等最重要的原因,但他们中只有2%的人将此视为自己唯一主要的目标。然而,学员身上的创业精神明显在增强,超过四分之一的毕业生(26%)称在就读EMBA期间或毕业后创办了自己的企业。
2. Chinas economic performance in the past few years should suffice to put predictions of a hard landing to a full stop. Chinas economy will continue to enjoy medium-high growth and be upgraded to higher levels
3. 眼见克莱斯勒的市场份额呈现死亡式螺旋下降,菲亚特会最终认识到这个不中用的企业还真就是不中用了。预计菲亚特会在8月前扬言彻底和克莱斯勒分道扬镳,除非全美汽车工人联合会(UAW)和美国纳税人作出更多让步。
4. 岁数最小的富豪是来自挪威的企业继承人亚历山大·安德森,她今年只有19岁。亚历山大20岁的姐姐是岁数第二小的上榜富豪。
5. 互联网已经让世界变成了平面,脸书让大家大家团结起来,组成一个大家庭。大家的祖父那一辈人是地区的传承者,大家这代人是国家的传承者,而你们则是世界的传承者。你现在和任何人的联系只有4.74个人的距离,到达全球任何有人居住的角落平均只需要两天时间。你可以踏上旅途。无论是非洲、欧洲、印度、中国还是巴西,前往那些能让你学到最多东西的地方,拥抱那个可以教给你最多东西的国度。
6. 相比之下,沪股市盈率为12.6倍。这反映出A股和H股的巨大价差(37%)。在经历2015年的跌宕起伏之前,二者价差更多时候处于20%以下——暗示H股指数大有上行空间。诚然,H股指数并不代表中国“新经济”中最好的部分,特别是银行股占比偏大。增长预测十分惨淡。然而,在预期已经如此糟糕的情况下,很难想象还能坏得哪里去。即使是受产能过剩困扰的地产业也在逐渐走出低迷。


1. n. 全体船员,全体乘务员,(一组)工作人员
2. Among the year’s biggest surprises was the plunge in gasoline pries. Economists differed on the economic impact—money in the pockets of consumers offset by declines in exploration and drilling activity—but everyone agreed that it was bearish for small cars and hybrids. The combination of cheap gas and a steep sticker price made the Cadillac ELR the runaway winner of the most disliked car of the year award. Only 155 of the Volt-based $80,000 cars found buyers in November.
3. 所有外出务工人员的年收入据估计达到了3万亿美金,然而大约有85%仍留在雇主国,他们汇款回家的钱,平均不到雇主国GDP的百分之一。
4. Four factors should fuel the jobs recovery in 2013:[qh]
5. 在简历中提到你的孩子和嗜好没有任何好处。永远不要说,“我的孩子上大学了,我就能安心回到工作岗位了。”
6. v. 抢劫,掠夺


1. 1) I make contact easily when I meet people 0 1 2 3 4
2. n. 诱惑力,吸引力
3. 中国教育部体卫艺司司长、中国足球协会副主席王登峰表示,足球专家们正在为小学和初中设计超过360种训练项目。
4. Statistics showed that Tibet had around 590,000 rural poor by the end of 2015.
5. Overall, starting a company ranked lowest among reasons cited for undertaking an EMBA (rated 5.5 out 10). Students’ main motivations were learning about management (9.1), networking (8.3) and increasing earnings (8.1).
6. n. 批准,认可,同意,赞同


1. 鲁拉卡拉夫(Roula Khalaf)
2. [.impresɑ:ri?u]
3. The new governor also seeks to privatize services such as the generation of energy, establish an office to oversee and distribute federal funds to cut down on corruption, and to create financial incentives for doctors to boost the number of dwindling specialists.
4. 8.你把简历留在了该死的打印机里!
5. 2006年,哈茨与现任丈夫凯文共同创办了在线票务平台Eventbrite。自成立以来,这家企业先后从红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)和老虎全球基金(Tiger Global Management)等企业获得了总计1.4亿美金的投资。今年9月,它的票务销售总额达到了20亿美金。创业让哈茨不得不在与人沟通时运用坦率、且具有合作性的对话方式。她说:“我必须学会如何寻求帮助。所有人都认为创业是勇敢的举动,但我认为,更需要勇气的事情是,把自己摆到众人面前,同时努力达成协作。”
6. 这间增加的厨房大约40英尺长(约12米),风格与原建筑保持一致,内有复杂的天花板木制结构和几处由世纪工作室(Century Studios)设计的彩色玻璃板,该工作室是明尼阿波利斯市的一家企业,其玻璃确保来自弗兰克·劳埃德·赖特(Frank Lloyd Wright)曾指定的那家芝加哥制造商。厨房里的不锈钢电器包括一台五英尺宽(约1.5米)的炉灶和一台Sub-zero的冰箱。餐厅区经由10英尺高(约3米)的玻璃门通往屋后的一处露台。


1. 在你学习的时候,你要留意会考到的内容,并快速写下实践问题。在笔记本电脑上新建一个文件夹,并将你的问题添加进去。
2. No, this doesnt mean you should abandon your LinkedIn profile for fear of a suspicious boss. But it does mean you should be more careful. For one, turn off your activity broadcasts so that every savvy move you make isnt announced to your entire network. Heres how: From the homepage, hover over your photo in the top right corner, and click on "Privacy & Settings." From this page, click "Turn on/off your activity broadcasts."
3. survival



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    The Fed last month laid out a timetable to slow the pace of its bond purchases throughout the year. The central bank, which had been soaking up $85 billion a month in Treasurys and mortgage-backed securities since late 2012, plans to reduce the pace of purchases by $10 billion at each meeting until it is no longer buying bonds at year-end.

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    o Outside events can intrude.Consumer Reports, which raved about the Model S, reported a few “quirks” recently that included door handles that failed to activate and a center touch screen that went blank, blocking access to most of the car’s functions. Edmunds.com has had trouble with its Model S too. More reports like that will dent Tesla’s heretofore shining reputation.

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