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1. 2. Mila Kunis
2. On questions 10 and 11, if you circled 0, enter 4; if 1, enter 3; if 2, enter 2; if 3, enter 1; if 4, enter 0.
3. In this case, the Lakers got a reasonable return for their top trade piece, prepared to give their young players like DAngelo Russell and Brandon Ingram greater responsibilities down the stretch, and hunkered down for a tank that just might land UCLA star Lonzo Ball.
4. So many of us habitually gossip, whine or complain. But do any of these too often and your job could be on the line. These all lead to the same end result: you become a headache for your manager. Your boss is likely responsible for ensuring her teams are contributing to positive morale and anyone on the team who is counterproductive to that reflects poorly on her. Negative employees are often referred to as cancer by upper management for good reason: they will eventually be cut out. A good approach if you have a complaint is to speak with your manager directly, in private. Never drum up your co-workers for support first.
5. 凯文·史派西、摩根·弗里曼这样的明星也难逃一劫,被指控性侵演员,积极的网友在网上用标签分享各自的心路历程。
6. 13. Even Better In October, The Los Angeles Times reported that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was investigating gender discrimination in the industry, just as the American Civil Liberties Union requested state and federal agencies do after it conducted its own inquiry.


1. "Now more attention is being paid to the second generation of stars and rich people, but in fact the second generation of migrant workers needs more attention."
2. 越南昆岛——越南昆岛曾是臭名昭著的昆岛监狱所在地,由16座独立的小岛组成;现在,它的美景及海鲜正变得越来越有名气。
3. 有些腐烂的鸡爪竟然出产于1967年,在腥臭扑鼻的处理场里,这些鸡爪经过漂白剂和其它化学物质“清洁”、涨泡、漂白流程之后,便可重新上市出售。
4. 2018年底石油价格会超过每桶70美金吗?
5. 实际上,1至10月份的增速小幅升至8.3%。该指标大致反映了长期支出。
6. The Education Ministry has also taken some measures, such as canceling testing results and noting cheating in personal records.


1. n. 鼓励
2. 11. Am I dwelling on the past? It is very tempting and almost involuntary to look back on the past and obsess over something we regret or something we miss. Learn to let go and only focus on what’s happening right now, and on the choices you will make today.
3. pre前,de,cess走,or人:在前面走的人-前辈
4. China has become the country with the most film screens in the world.
5. Coco
6. [k?mpein]


1. Among the 18 sectors categorized by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, financial executives ranked the highest with annual pay of 27.36 million yuan, followed by real estate executives at 11.18 million yuan.
2. In addition, the top-ranking cities typically performed poorly in costs and culture and lifestyle. Chinas "cities of opportunity" continue to face challenges when it comes to building cities that satisfy the needs of the populace and provide a high quality of life.
3. 《帕丁顿熊2》
4. 麦肯锡将于3月宣布当选者,预计此人将对麦肯锡的发展方向产生重大影响。一些内部人士倾向于那些在快速增长领域(比如数据分析)具备专长的候选人,而其他人想要一位可以维护企业品牌的传统主义者。
5. Stand: Wal-Mart U.S. President and CEO Bill Simon pledged to hire veterans
6. 斯坦福大学的Zhenan Baohas 研发出了一种具备超弹性、超耐性和超敏感的材料,能够作为未来发展人工皮肤的基础。以前,人们也研究过生化皮肤,但是Baohas的材料比以前研发出来的更具敏感性。它带有有机转换物质和一层弹性材料,保证它在不被破坏情况下的延展性。另外,这种材料带有一系列的太阳能电池元件,可以自动充电。


1. Consumers are feeling better. Consumer confidence is at the highest level in four years, thanks to improvements in jobs, housing and the stock market. In the wake of the recession, Americans whittled down their debts, avoided borrowing and delayed purchases. That means the stage could be set for stronger consumer demand, which could nudge businesses that have put off hiring to add more workers. Business has likely pushed productivity growth as far as possible, Principal Globals Mr. Baur says, suggesting employers will need to boost payrolls to meet stronger demand.[qh]
2. "What China is lacking is not legislation but strict enforcement."
3. Copestake said fears over economic austerity and the stability of the euro had pushed the index of euro zone cities down in the past year while the inclusion of Caracas was due to artificially high exchange rate controls.



  • 国税总局公布新个人所得税法预扣预缴方法
    智能家居3.0 开关背后是数据
    2020-12-27 01:49:01
  • 多省市着力部署优化营商环境
    2021-01-09 01:49:01
  • 社科院:2019年农民人均工资性收入或超6500元
    2021-01-09 01:49:01
  • 家具建材市场频现“联盟促销”
    2020-12-28 01:49:01
  • 北京:黑中介坑租客 警方刑拘5人
    全国商品房待售面积7.18亿平 可供近2.4亿人住
    2020-12-30 01:49:01
  • 韩正:落实城市主体责任 稳地价稳房价稳预期
    发改委推绿色节能建筑 绿色建材将迎来“春天”
    2021-01-01 01:49:01
  • 上海房屋租赁行业诚信联盟成立
    2021-01-05 01:49:01
  • 京津冀协同发展规划掀投资建设潮 地产等领域受益
    北京海淀年内竣工4300套 各类保障房
    2020-12-28 01:49:01
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    During the 40 days of Chunyun period, the inter-city transportation faces great challenges. The demand for tickets far exceeds the supply. Various measures are adopted to alleviate the problem by opening many temporary trains (numbers starting with letter L), extending the working hours of booking office and opening up more booths.

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    Shipments to China cratered by 14.4 per cent year-on-year to Rmb737.5bn in January. That’s from a 4 per cent drop in December, and versus expectations for a 1.8 per cent rise.

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