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1. 如果你是一个腼腆的人,那么一开始坐在前排可能会让你有点不自在。但是,我向你保证,这是接受老师传授的内容的最好的办法之一。你也可以听得更清楚。不用伸长脖子,你就可以看到黑板上所有的内容。
2. Even in jobs where you test applicants and those with the top scores are supposed to get the job, Ive seen hiring managers fix scores to get the people they like.
3. [nju:trin]
4. 最近的例子也比比皆是,从乌戈.查韦斯(Hugo Chávez)到欧尔班.维克托(Viktor Orban)和弗拉基米尔.普京(Vladimir Putin)。
5. Its important to remember that even when the overall number of jobs goes down, some companies are still adding workers -- its just that others are cutting even more.
6. 影片迷们很快就能在北京国际影片节上庆祝一场视觉盛宴了,该影片节上还将放映近500部高质量影片。


1. Nigel Farage, former leader of the UK Independence party, has not advanced so far because it has proved harder to capture the UK’s party-based institutions than it is the US presidency.
2. 弗兰西斯麦克多蒙德在这个黑色喜剧故事中扮演一位悲伤的母亲,展现了出色的核心表演。
3. President Barack Obama won re-election to a second term in the White House on Tuesday, television networks projected, beating Republican challenger Mitt Romney after a long and bitter campaign。
4. 这些人造耳朵对那些遭受过耳朵伤害或者耳朵停滞发育即患有小耳畸形的人来讲是巨大的福音。
5. Cheryl Boone Isaacs, Academy President
6. AFI TV Programs of the Year


1. 审校:赵倩 来源:前十网
2. 这部影片也是为了纪念2005年电视剧发行十周年而拍摄的。
3. As the younger generation begins to frown on Bond’s chauvinistic attitudes and unhealthy lifestyle in the era of political correctness, Horowitz has introduced a cast of new characters who will point out the error of his ways.
4. WASHINGTON: Indiahas trimmed its holdings of US government securities to $77.5 billion at the end of October even as the worlds largest economyis expanding at a moderate pace.
5. adj. 非常坚硬的,强硬的,固执的 n. 坚硬无比之物
6. Maybe not a supernova player, but a good one who could get them right back on solid footing more quickly than these other teams were discussing. Play out the season, pay off your debt, and move forward without that hanging over your head.


1. devastating
2. 23% of wealthy Chinese women work in real estate and 18% of them are involved in finance and investment, followed by manufacturing accounting for 14%.
3. 12月份以美金计的进口同比增长3.1%至1686亿美金,而上个月修正后的增幅为4.7%(修正前为6.7%)。这一增长幅度大致符合3%预期中数。
4. n. 休息寓所,撤退,隐居
5. James Bond Themes 6. "A View to a Kill" by Duran Duran
6. 格温妮丝·帕特罗(Gwyneth Paltrow)曾出演《莎翁情史》(Shakespeare in Love)获最佳女主角奖,并成为好莱坞明星。为了避免在发表获奖感言时出现混乱,她却把小金人藏了起来,因为“这东西吓坏我了”。


1. 官员们意识到发生了什么之后,他们立即想上台救场。《爱乐之城》演员和剧组人员已经开始了获奖感言,听到这个消息,心都碎了。
2. But the temperature of 1998 is now being surpassed every four or five years, and 2014 was the first time that happened without a significant El Ni?o. Gavin A. Schmidt, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in Manhattan, said the next strong El Ni?o would probably rout all temperature records.
3. 这也是精算师高居美国最佳工作榜首的原因之一。这是求职网站CareerCast.com最新调查结果,调查报告于周二发布。生物医学工程师排名第二位,2012年高居榜首的App工程师如今排名第三。排名垫底的工作包括现役军人、伐木工人和报社记者。



  • 北京东铁匠营街道及时回应居民关切
    一线城市房价持续降温 金九银十或难掀波澜
    2021-01-19 19:51:17
  • 佛山成立首个陶瓷商业合作社 小微企业期抱团发展
    2021-01-09 19:51:17
  • 今年稳健货币政策的内涵没有变
    2021-01-03 19:51:17
  • 期房消化需4.5年 去库存成“国家任务”
    11月54城新房网签量环比跌一成 北京房价仍在涨
    2021-01-12 19:51:17
  • 楼市成交量始现调整迹象 四季度存在调整压力
    2021-01-07 19:51:17
  • 下半年广州市区楼市新货将聚焦奥体广钢和新市
    2021-01-01 19:51:17
  • 南昌危化企业明年全部搬出中心城区
    2021-01-14 19:51:17
  • 政府工作报告(现场实录+600字极简版)
    解读:供求关系失调 家居卖场该如何立足?
    2021-01-04 19:51:17
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    Law firms will lead the pack, with 30% expecting to add staff. Paralegals with four to six years experience are in particular demand, as are attorneys who specialize in "lucrative areas like litigation, health care, bankruptcy, and foreclosure law," the report says.

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    When it was set up in 2002, Teach First’s aim was to encourage more graduates to try teach-ing. Amid worries that the best brains in the country were being lured into the City of London, accountancy and law, the idea was to tap some of their brain power for state schools, in an attempt to tackle educational inequality.

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    Sliced into eight pieces, the pizza works out to $250 per slice, meaning it costs roughly $50 per bite.



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