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1. If the oldest man ever elected president can “tweet like a kindergartner,” why not flip the script and see if a youngster can be elected to office and govern wisely?
2. “If they, say, delay a customary process for Korean imports and take other retaliatory measures on Korean products, there is nothing Korea can do about it,” he said.
3. A study published in the journal "Clinical Psychological Science" in 2012 showcased the power of self-imagination, which showed the technique could help people with impaired memories, as well as individuals with no memory problems. As with other studies of human memory, the scientists asked participants to remember a list of words related to certain personality traits. The participants were then asked to use a specific strategy to help them recall the words. For example, some participants were asked to remember one personality trait by thinking of a second word that rhymed with the trait. Other participants were asked to remember the definition of the trait while others were asked to engage in "self-referential processing" where they would think about the trait in a personal, self-reflective way.
4. n. 克制,控制,管制,操作装置
5. With the Russian rouble depreciating against other major currencies, there has been an increase in visitors to this country in recent years.
6. 中国人民银行(PBoC)干预外汇市场由来已久,目的是防止过度波动。不过,交易员们表示,自今年8月以来,这种干预已从国内即期市场(覆盖日常交易)扩大至包括香港的离岸人民币市场,以及在岸和离岸期货市场。


1. Best chance: If there are nine or 10 best picture nominees, it could grab a spot. Jordan Peeles screenplay looks certain to be recognized.
2. The highest newly ranked school is Université Paris-Dauphine at 57.
3. “这是真的“我必须去做这件事”的时刻了,”他说。
4. “LBS has broadened my profession horizons and opened international career opportunities,” said one graduate. He added: “In the three years after graduation I have worked in the US, Canada and Hong Kong, while rotating in different businesses from corporate banking to debt capitalmarkets”.
5. The number of people holding degrees from colleges or universities reached 170.93m, which means there were 12,445 people with an advanced education per 100,000 people in 2015, up from 8,930 in 2010. The number of people who had attended a senior high school also increased, and the number who had only completed lower-level education fell.
6. Obamas victory in the hotly contested swing state of Ohio - as projected by TV networks - put him over the top in the fight for the 270 electoral votes needed to clinch the White House and ended Romneys hopes of pulling off a string of swing-state upsets。


1. The housing slump has cut demand for iron ore, energy and other commodities. Higher global supplies have exacerbated the gap between supply and demand and pushed raw materials prices lower. This dynamic is not expected to change in the near term despite measures such as the interest rate cut in November.
2. 举例来说,新浪微博就一直提供推特所不具备的一些功能,尤其是评论功能,让众多用户得以在别人发表的微博下发表自己的见解。拥有逾7亿用户的TencentQQ即时信息服务也有众多附加功能,比如可以让用户改换形象的“皮肤”,同时QQ还是Tencent为其他产品和服务做广告的渠道。新浪拒绝置评。
3. Strong reviews, and praise for the performances - particularly from the children at the centre of the story, and Willem Dafoe, who plays the manager of the motel where they live.
4. In a vote by Sina Weibo,Chinas Twitter-like website, 58.5 percent of people "liked" the ink painting version of the monkey, only 14.4 percent like the front view of the 3D version, while 12.5 percent want to "change its clothes", supposedly meaning they dont like the colors.
5. original
6. Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs introduces the iPad 2 on stage during an Apple event in San Francisco, California in this March 2, 2011,


1. Perhaps my favorite profile this year was Kiki Zhao’s stirring depiction of the remarkable Yu Xiuhua, now one of China’s most read poets, a woman with cerebral palsy who lived most of her 41 years on a farm, writing at a low table. She never finished high school, and says she “could write before she could read.” Now, she is invited to places like Stanford University and fends off comparisons to Emily Dickinson.
2. DeMarcus Cousins, Serge Ibaka and Lou Williams were all dealt in advance of Thursdays 3 p.m. ET deadline, leaving role players like Taj Gibson and P.J. Tucker as the biggest names to move right before the buzzer.
3. [tr?din?l]
4. 7. Make sure you don’t ask silly questions such as; is this Chelsea versus England?
5. If you like your comedy with a side of heart-warming feels and poignant cultural commentary, please look no further than The Big Sick, about a comedian who falls in love with a heckler. Their backgrounds could not be more different, which is relatable to anyone in a mixed race relationship.
6. 2. Youve suddenly become a Twitter thought leader。


1. 凯文·史派西、摩根·弗里曼这样的明星也难逃一劫,被指控性侵演员,积极的网友在网上用标签分享各自的心路历程。
2. 1896年,美国首任总统的夫人玛莎·华盛顿的画像印在一美金银圆券上,此后美金纸币上再没有出现过女性画像。
3. 根据两位了解相关计划的人士的说法,中国政府正在禁止中国旅游团体赴韩国旅游,这是对韩国拟部署美制萨德(Thaad)反导系统的最新报复手段。



  • 从O2O到S2B,家居零售模式悄然演进
    北京建材基地升级 四污染企业搬迁
    2021-01-23 14:58:43
  • 惠州首个棚户区改造项目召开听证会
    2021-01-11 14:58:43
  • 一季度北京商品住宅销售面积同比增长1.3倍
    2021-01-11 14:58:43
  • 东莞:7月楼市供需低迷 房价保持平稳走势
    2021-01-24 14:58:43
  • 远大19天盖57层高楼背后 地产离工业4.0还有多远
    2021-01-18 14:58:43
  • 惠州“老赖”曝光!雷士照明前老板吴长江拖欠薪资数千万元登榜
    破除民间投资障碍 中央有何新举措?
    2021-01-18 14:58:43
  • 南京多家银行首套房贷基准利率上浮15%
    2021-01-09 14:58:43
  • 台湾群租房频发火灾 “双北”全力宣战拟拆29万户违建
    2021-01-25 14:58:43
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