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1. Last year, the CPI increase peaked at 2.5 percent in January, and later fluctuated below 2 percent during the rest of the year.
2. 4. 《狗心》(Heart of a Dog),导演:劳瑞·安德森(Laurie Anderson)。
3. Despite the reported success of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridges official visit to Canada back in September, timekeeping needs to be looked at for future trips.
4. 《伯德小姐》
5. According to file-sharing news site TorrentFreak, "Game of Thrones" has an estimated 5.9 million downloads per single episode. That number does not include online streaming and cyberlocker downloads, which would make the figure significantly higher. By contrast, "Game of Thrones" has an estimated 5.5 million TV viewers per single episode。
6. 单词transportation 联想记忆:


1. Coordinated reform of medical services, medical insurance, and the medicine industry
2. 促进消费稳定增长。
3. adj. 突出的,显著的,未支付的
4. 埃米?珀勒(Amy Poehler)狂吻博诺(Bono),蒂娜?费(Tina Fey)吐槽乔治?克鲁尼(George Clooney)只爱年轻女人,而诡异的是马特?戴蒙(Matt Damon)当晚数次“中枪”。
5. 联想首席实行官杨元庆
6. 她说:“所有监管机构都在考虑这么做,提高透明度始终是可喜的。但能否做到则是另一回事。监管机构谈论提高透明度并降低费用,但在立法方面没什么进展。”


1. You can read the full list of stories, but here are the top five:
2. 不过,这一增幅低于8月份到9月份3个百分点的增加幅度,意味着近期的房地产限购措施或许产生了一定效果。
3. [pl?tf?:m]
4. The Internet has flattened the world, and 脸书 has banded us together as one big family. Our grandfathers inherited regions, my generation inherited nations, you have inherited the world. You are now only 4.74 people away from any human being and an average of two days away from any inhabited corner of the world. So travel. Africa, Europe, India, China or Brazil, go where you can learn the most, embrace what can teach you the most.
5. 一位被录取的学生告诉《哈佛深红报》,这些表情包来自哈佛2021届学生的FaceBook私聊小组,他们在这个群组里分享一些尖酸刻薄的笑话,“被哈佛录取不代表大家就不能开玩笑”。
6. The names of some of these public 脸书 groups, Mic reported, were "Harvard Memes for Elitist 1% Tweens", "UCLA Memes for Sick AF Tweens" and "USC Memes for Spoiled Pre-Teens".


1. n. 决定,决策
2. THE AMERICANS (FX, Jan. 28) Season 3 of this terrific blend of Cold War spy thriller and family drama begins with Washington’s K.G.B. contingent feeling the weight of the Soviet war in Afghanistan. Frank Langella joins the cast as the new handler for the show’s husband-and-wife agents, replacing Margo Martindale’s Claudia. (Making its premiere eight days later: NBC’s “Allegiance,” about Russian spies embedded in the United States. Huh.)
3. 人力资源机构罗伯特?哈夫国际企业(Robert Half International)最近针对4,000名企业高管进行了一项调研。其中有88%的人预计,未来一年,企业的业务将有所好转。这不失为最鼓舞人心的消息了。
4. Two colors! It may not sound revolutionary, but everything is relative. And know this: It’s not about indecision, but social progress. That’s Pantone’s position, anyway.
5. The indicators included intellectual capital and innovation, technology readiness, important regional cities, healthcare, safety and security, transportation and urban planning. Others were sustainability and the natural environment, culture and lifestyle, economic clout, cost and ease of doing business.
6. Tinashe featuring Devonté Hynes “Bet” (RCA)


1. Initial success was achieved in supply-side structural reform.
2. ‘Jeopardy!’ This game show celebrated the 50th anniversary of its debut (broadcast on March 30, 1964), and proved it can still not only stump viewers but also surprise them. That’s not just because the host, Alex Trebek, briefly regrew a mustache after 13 clean-shaven years, but also because some contestants showed they could still rile an audience. This year, it was Arthur Chu, who introduced a blitzkrieg style of gamesmanship that provoked a cyber hate-fest. His strategy was thrilling and certainly effective: he came in second in the Tournament of Champions. (Ben Ingram, the nice guy, finished first.)
3. Season\s greetings and best wishes for the New Year.



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    陶瓷砖国家标准实施 买家开始关注厚度是否达标
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  • 统计局:1-6月份全国房地产开发投资55531亿元 同比增9.7%
    2021-01-06 21:33:49
  • “电商”VS“店商”  家居行业狂欢盛宴谁能贪欢?
    深圳房价为何任性上涨 常住人口中70%无房
    2021-01-21 21:33:49
  • “传化杯”首届精品工程大赛圆满落幕
    房企抢“地王”背后 房地产投资或将触底回升
    2021-01-05 21:33:49
  • 政策扶持下LED照明需求增长可期
    “压力山大”的行情下 家居建材行业如何“未雨绸缪”?
    2021-01-10 21:33:49
  • 雄县买房者:薪4千元医生被125万全款房吓跑
    “新欢”不敌“旧爱” 合肥二手房市场交易火热
    2021-01-05 21:33:49
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    Hartz started Eventbrite, an online ticketing platform, with her now-husband Kevin in 2006. Since its founding, the company has raised $140 million from firms like Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global Management and reached $2 billion in gross ticket sales this September. Entrepreneurship forced Hartz to appreciate candid and collaborative conversations. "I had to learn how to ask for help," she says. "Everyone always thinks its brave to go out alone, but I think its even braver to put yourself out there in front of others, and to figure out how to work together."

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    Latest data from the US Treasury Department shows that India held securitie sworth $80 billion in September and further reduced its exposure to $77.5billion in October -- which is also a three-month low.

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    The PR industry excelled itself with increasingly fancy descriptions for the basic activities of emailing, talking and meeting. Entrants included: “I want to jump on your radar” (a bad idea, as if you jump on radars they break) and “let’s find a time to connect to mutually update”. My favourite came from a PR man named Michael who wrote: “I hope you don’t mind the outreach.” Alas, I do mind. To reach out has always been hateful, but making it a noun, and reversing the word order, does not help. Michael, you’ve won the Communications cup.

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    英国气象办公室哈德莱中心(UK Met Offices Hadley Centre)气候监测与分析的负责人彼得斯托特(Peter Stott)表示,人为造成的气候变化是升温的罪魁祸首,导致世界进入“未知领域”。哈德莱中心发布的研究报告也印证了美国研究人员的分析结果。

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    WOLF HALL (PBS, April 5) In the season’s most promising piece of casting, Damian Lewis (“Homeland”) will play Henry VIII and the two-time Tony Award winner Mark Rylance will play Thomas Cromwell in this “Masterpiece” adaptation of the popular Hilary Mantel historical novels.

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    From maintenance to flip taxes, condo and co-op owners often complain of boards bleeding them dry. Unfortunately, the cost of running a building will not get any cheaper anytime soon.



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