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1. 在大型科技企业内部,女性雇员将希翼看到加薪和升职方面发生变化的迹象——但是,随着男性权利在硅谷某些角落开始酝酿反击,她们也会保持警惕。
2. What’s in a shade? If you are Pantone, the “color authority” and the dominant color trend forecaster, and you get to choose a “color of the year” every year, potentially a lot. It could include determining fashion’s direction (these are the hues that inform the fabrics that get bought by designers that get made into your clothes), influencing interiors, and even affecting how food appears. Still, I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite so much political and philosophical import attached to a color decision as I have for the 2016 “Color of the Year.”
3. At Japan Expo, we are very honored to interview Gen Urobuchi and also begraced with the presence of Nitro+ president Takaki Kosaka.Lets begin.Translated by Emmanuel Bochew.
4. This post is in partnership with Time. The article below was originally published at Time.com
5. 鉴于《速度与激情7》定于2014年夏季在各大院线上映,“巨石强森”将再次迎来丰硕的一年。凭借影片《海GREE斯》(Hercules)他还可以做得更好。该片讲述的是这位神话英雄在完成其著名的12件苦差后的生活,极有可能拍摄续集。如果该部影片也能取得巨大成功,那么约翰逊在2014年将获得丰厚的票房收入。
6. 17. 最复杂的障碍。根据Box Office Mojo网站统计,截止到12月7日,今年发行的20部票房最高的影片中,有7部是由女性主导的。与之形成对照的是,20部由女性为主导的影片中,有五部在全球票房领先,而海外票房占据了影片业收入的70%。这看上去可能很糟,但是比近年的数据要好一点。


1. 筹备IPO交易的企业正在增多,尽管今年在美国高调上市的Snap(旗下拥有Snapchat)表现不佳,同时投资者担忧欧元不断走强可能遏制欧洲企业的盈利复苏。
2. The refugees have streamed into Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Malta and Cyprus during 2015, with a huge majority -- over 800,000 -- arriving by sea in Greece. About 3,600 died or disappeared trying to make the perilous Mediterranean Sea crossing between North Africa and Italy.
3. Now a white-haired grandfather, Belmonte has never regretted missing the 1950 match, particularly since his mother died just a few days later. "I decided not to go, and it was a good decision," he told the reporters.
4. 3.你老板从他认识的人那收到了你认识的人给的简历。
5. 8月7日
6. 希拉里的回应则迎来了掌声:"我认为我是个女权主义者,因为我相信在大家经济和社会的方方面面,女性都应该获得跟男性同样的权利,不管是在大家国内,还是在整个世界上。你们知道,我在公共生活中将大量精力投入到了为女性倡权上,通过法律、规定、学问等途径做一切力所能及的事情,改变依旧存在的、让女性退缩的那些成见。"


1. Common areas include two living rooms, both with walls of glass opening to a patio and an in-ground pool. Ceilings rise as high as 28 feet; doors throughout are Spanish cedar. Among the stainless-steel kitchen appliances are a Fisher & Paykel range and two Sub-Zero refrigerators, as well as steel cabinets and sinks. A breakfast bar separates the kitchen from the dining area, which also opens to the patio and pool.
2. 无论你相信与否,今年的搞笑文学奖被授予美国政府审计总署(GAO),以表彰他们发表的有关如何准备一份报告的报告的报告的报告……
3. 007系列影片主题曲第三名:阿黛尔--《天降杀机》
4. Actively expanding Chinas opening up to the world
5. 卓越雇主排名:11
6. proper拥有+ty→财产;所有物;特性


1. This child is going somewhere big, you mark my words.
2. Trigger Mortis was released on September 8, ahead of the release of the latest Bond film Spectre which is out in cinemas on October 26.
3. Will the 10-year Treasury yield finish the year above 3 per cent
4. The “cool” factor isn’t the only issue. Security and privacy, particularly around the management of consumer data, remain a concern as the tech industry seeks to bring more of our body parts online. As The Economist notes, the glamour of developing sensors and algorithms for wearables is distracting everyone from glaring missing elements, “standards, interoperability, integration and data management” and “intellectual-property rights and regulatory compliance” among them. All this in an environment where paranoia remains over the National Security Administration’s activities.
5. 联想首席实行官杨元庆
6. 这项研究需要对夫妻互动时的情绪进行庞大的纵向研究。


1. Two Chinese universities, University of Hong Kong and University of Macao, squeezed into the top 10 of the worlds most international universities in 2016, according to a new list published by Times Higher Education on Thursday.
2. [kriminl]
3. For the first time, China is home to the world’s three biggest public companies and five of the top 10. State-controlled Chinese bank ICBC holds onto its No.1 spot for a second consecutive year, while China Construction Bank takes second place and Agricultural Bank of China moves up five spots to third. They’re joined in the top 10 by the other member of the “Big Four” Chinese banks, Bank of China, at No.9.



  • 城市发展拉开差距 未来几年房地产需求趋于平稳
    2021-01-09 03:16:21
  • 北京首批限价房项目面世 北京将迎限价房供应高峰
    长三角楼市深陷“涨”循环 此次调控先收紧信贷
    2021-01-09 03:16:21
  • 2015年2月-5月照明行业景气指数发布
    互联网装修盛行 定制化家居依存痛点
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  • 说好的信用租房竟成了分期贷?
    2021-01-22 03:16:21
  • 遏制产能过剩 2014年水泥产量增速将回稳
    2021-01-10 03:16:21
  • 楼市可预见的巨大风险:地王频现退地风波不断
    资本市场回暖 多元化助力规模房企估值整体提升
    2021-01-26 03:16:21
  • 湖南部分地区水泥企业掀起价格战
    2021-01-27 03:16:21
  • 低档木材冒充高档木材 实木家具引发纠纷不断
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