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1. 冲击奖项:自从在特莱瑞德影片节首映以来,奥德曼一直就是最佳男主角奖项的宠儿。
2. Frankly, this sort of behaviour means you are very much still a girl and definitely not yet a woman.
3. “The worker threw a brick through the window with the words ‘I quit’ written on it.”
4. Here are some of the trends that emerge from this year’s BrandZ rankings:
5. vt. 领航,驾
6. Nine provincial-level regions GDP exceeded 3 trillion yuan in 2016, three more than the year before. The number of provincial-level areas with GDP surpassing 1 trillion yuan in 2016 remained 25.


1. “如果你读了这本书,你就会发现,在这个故事里有个小插曲,我想那在某种程度上报复了邦德有些傲慢的态度。”
2. 待售房产:一栋带有四间卧室与四间半浴室的希腊复兴式房屋
3. [.reidiein]
4. 此外,他们在毕业后改行的可能性更小。只有30%改行,而全日制MBA学员却有近三分之二改行。
5. The TV version premiered on Jan 30 and starred two popular actresses, Yang Mi and Dilraba. It is about a fairy’s romance with a god in their three different lives.
6. 这枚奖牌在拍卖会上以95万美金的价格成交,但是需要额外支付的买方佣金使得最终的拍卖价格达到116万美金。


1. However, the economists polled expect slightly higher growth rates and substantially higher inflation over 2016.
2. Data released by the UK National Health Service last year on patient admissions revealed an alarming rise in various nutritional and communicable diseases in the past decade.
3. If you think Kevin Durant is scrawny now, just take a look at his tiny physique back when he played at Montrose Christian.
4. 总之,勒布朗在过去的9年里能很好地强化他那野兽般的身躯,大家感到很欣慰。
5. Major American retailers including Wal-Mart, Target (TGT, Fortune 500), and Kmart all opened their stores on Thanksgiving to get a jump on the holiday gift shopping season. Wal-Mart even went as far as to open its stores two hours earlier this year than it did last. But Costco (COST, Fortune 500) refused to join the trend of "Black Friday creep" and kept its doors shut. Chief executive Craig Jelinek thought giving his workers a day off was more important than increasing his companys bottom line.
6. 麦高恩同时爆出梅丽尔·斯特里普),说梅丽尔去年秋天才知道韦恩斯坦性侵癖好这件事“根本不可能”。


1. 去年,酷热天气覆盖了阿拉斯加州和大部分美国西部地区。地面温度在所有有人居住的大陆上都创下了记录。科学家说,海洋表面在除南极洲附近海域以外的几乎所有水域中都异常温暖,为造成巨大破坏的太平洋风暴提供了能量。
2. The appointment was announced by Steven Ciobo, the Australian minister for trade, tourism and investment, on Feb 21. The Chairman of the China National Tourism Administration, Li Jinzao, was present.
3. Around 2025, Chinas richest mans personal wealth will match the US richest mans, and will be in a race to be the worlds richest man, the magazine predicted.
4. Do your homework. Read the assigned pages, and then some. Plug your topic into the Internet, grab another book at the library, and see what else you can learn about the subject.
5. We’ve all had them: bosses and managers who make our work lives terrible and couldn’t manage a stack of paper clips, let alone a team of employees. I’ve written about the traits that make for bad bosses before, and in that article, a thoughtful commenter came up with his own list of what makes a good boss。
6. 欧洲专利局上周二发布的数据显示,2016年,中国企业向欧洲专利局共递交7150项专利申请,同比增长24.8%。


1. adv.
2. “双创”可以说是应运而生,在全球化、“互联网+”的时代,大家推动“放管服”改革,也促进了“大众创业、万众创新”。
3. n. [计]定序;排序;订购 v. 命令;指挥;订购(o



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    Much of the boost in exports came from shipments to the US, which grew for the first time since March at an annualised rate of 6.9 per cent to $36.8bn. Among other destinations that swung back to growth last month was the the EU, shipments to which rose 5.1 per cent to $29.9bn, as did those to Japan, by 3.2 per cent to $12.2bn.

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    This year, several professions geared toward serving the financial and health needs of an aging population made the top ten, says Lee, including audiologist, financial planner, and physical therapist.



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