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1. 这些担忧给周五开幕、为期两天的G20央行行长和财长会议投下了浓重的阴影。本周国际货币基金组织(IMF)已经警告准备下调其对今年全球增长的预测,称主要经济体需要采取更多举措来刺激增长。
2. 纽约现在排名第7,比去年上升了15个名次。近年来,纽约的生活成本涨幅巨大,较2011年上升了42个名次。
3. 中国银行公报告,每股盈利为0.56元人民币,低于上一年的0.61元人民币,税前每股分红为0.175元人民币,低于上一年的0.19元人民币。
4. Perhaps the more interesting question is what drove Yahoo! to shell out that reported $30 million for a single app. To be sure, Summlys text-compression abilities dovetail nicely with Yahoo!s new focus on mobile utilities. Along with Yahoo!s $1.1 billion purchase of the blogging service Tumblr and the launch of an acclaimed new weather app, the Summly move marks a commitment to owning the tiny real estate of the smartphone screen-and serving advertising to the youthful eyeballs that tend to gravitate to mobile devices.
5. James Bond Themes 8. "You Only Live Twice" by Nancy Sinatra
6. 加拿大整体排名第二,幅员辽阔,位居世界第二。“生活质量”与“教育最佳国家”均居首位。


1. 除了这一综合排行榜,《美国资讯与世界报道》还提供了地区、国家、特定专业大学排行榜,方便大家进行更为细致的搜索。
2. 榜单前十位还包括:第五名的AMAZON总裁杰夫·贝佐斯,第六名的脸书的马克·扎克伯格,位居第七的甲骨文企业老板拉里·埃里森,第八名的迈克尔·彭博及并列第九的科赫兄弟(大卫·科赫和迈克尔·科赫)。
3. 会。在2018年美联储可能多次加息的情况下,新兴市场中的交易可能会波动起伏。有时可能感觉有点像2013年“削减恐慌”(taper tantrum)重演。然而,平均GDP增速将升至5%,高于去年4.7%的预测值。这主要是因为近来处境艰难的俄罗斯和巴西境况将好转。
4. CCTV reported Friday morning that teams would still try to lift the vessel.
5. 眼下,这位大摩新掌门或许意识到了来自零售经纪业务的微薄盈利还不够华尔街薪酬的血盆大口塞牙缝。预计戈尔曼会决定最终要向交易商高盛(Goldman Sachs)看齐。
6. 2. Youve suddenly become a Twitter thought leader。


1. We believe our initiative of mass entrepreneurship and innovation is a response to the call of our time, the government self-targeted reform of streamlining administration and delegating power is also to boost this public enthusiasm for business start-ups and making innovations.
2. "电梯外面很多人,有我的老师,别的家长们,他们看起来都非常焦急,"孙轶潇在获救后表示。
3. In year-on-year terms prices rose in 65 cities and fell in five.
4. 达洛伊西奥的父母从澳大利亚搬到英国,他的父亲卢(Lou)曾在英国石油(BP)和摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)工作,而母亲戴安娜(Diana)是一位企业律师,同时也是儿子的合同代表。他们向来都知道达洛伊西奥是一个非常好学的孩子。但戴安娜说因为他是长子,他们本以为他不会做出什么超出寻常的事情来(达洛伊西奥有一个14岁的弟弟)。他们强调,尽管达洛伊西奥成就非凡,尽管他聊天时会聊起马尔科夫模型(Markov models)和随机过程(stochastic processes),他仍只是一个再普通不过的孩子。戴安娜说,他周末仍要出去玩,仍要去参加派对。他还有个女朋友。17岁孩子会做的事情,他都会做。
5. 加强产权保护制度建设。
6. Foreign robot makers sold 103,191 robots to China in 2017, up 71.9% from a year earlier.


1. 一些最近发表的科学论文说,高空急流中这种持续较长的怪现象,由于全球变暖正在导致北极地区海洋中的冰迅速融化而变得更可能发生,但许多主要的科学家还没有被这种观点说服。
2. 4.The Mask Of Zorro
3. 6. You don’t just pass in front of the TV if i’m watching football, you better crawl on the floor.
4. The pair came out with a spree of punch lines, dishing them around the Beverly Hills Hilton, much to the delight of its starry audience. Mr. Damon, Meryl Streep and, naturally, Mr. Clooney were among the targets. Ms. Fey particularly had the crowd roaring with a description of Gravity, which stars Sandra Bullock and Mr. Clooney.
5. Although it looked like the mobile patent wars might cool off after several settlements late in 2014, this year kicked off with a skirmish between Apple and Ericsson over patent royalties related to wireless communications. BlackBerry used to be pretty litigious: It even took on celebrity Ryan Seacrest over its keyboard! But these days it is more focused on trying to convince smartphone buyers that its technology is cool again. Or at least relevant.
6. “我亲眼见到一个女人死了,并且我看到美国总统拒绝明确谴责杀害她的人。”


1. 2012中国创新人物奖中国互联网行业常常被描述成冒牌王国,尤其是对在中国被禁的那些企业的仿冒。中国搜索巨头百度(Baidu Inc.)的网站外观很像GOOGLE。Tencent的旗舰产品、即时信息服务QQ于1999年以OICQ的名字发布,与当时流行的即时信息服务ICQ功能相似。新浪(Sina Corp.)广受欢迎的微博总是被西方媒体说成“与推特(Twitter)类似”。
2. One of the best James Bond theme songs wasnt actually played over the opening credits, so were giving it our first honorable mention. This enormously romantic song from On Her Majestys Secret Service is one of the few James Bond themes that helps tell the story of the film, in which our hero finally meets the love of his life. (Alas, it was short-lived.) Satchmo warbles his trademark warble, our hearts melt, and a classic is born.
3. 从全国来看,上个月70个主要城市中62个城市的房价环比上涨,1个城市房价不变,还有7个城市出现下跌。



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