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1. 3. Elasticity of Demand.The cure for low prices is low prices. That cliché can be applied to both the supply and demand side of the equation. Will oil selling at fire sale prices spur renewed demand? In some countries where oil is more regulated, low prices may not trickle down to the retail level. Countries like Indonesia are scrapping subsidies, which will be a boon to state coffers but will diminish the benefits to consumers. However, in the U.S., gasoline prices are now below $2.40 per gallon, more than 35 percent down from mid-2014. That has led to an uptick in gasoline consumption. In the waning days of 2014, the U.S. consumed gasoline at the highest daily rate since 2007. Low prices could spark higher demand, which in turn could send oil prices back up.
2. In interviews, everyone works well with others, and everyone learns quickly. Please tell me something else.
3. Lady Gaga凭她的非营利性的天生如此的慈善基金会名列第四名。
4. 其中包括“qwerty”(键盘字母顺序,排名第4)、“admin”(管理员,排名第11)和“login”(登录,排名第14)。
5. 美国企业高管的薪酬不断上升,收入差距越拉越大。在这种情况下,看到一位不光关心自身收入的CEO不禁让人眼前一亮。9月份,联想首席实行官杨元庆宣布,他将连续第二年和大约1万名联想员工分享他的奖金,数额至少为300万美金。他做出这个慷慨决定的原因是这家个人电脑制造商的年度销售额创下了历史新高。据彭博资讯(Bloomberg News)报道,参与“分成”的联想员工获得的奖金大约相当于中国普通城镇就业者一个月的收入。
6. 比利时和乌拉圭这两个袖珍之国因为包容性最大限度地增强了自己的实力,巴西、阿根廷、西班牙和德国这四个本届杯赛的夺冠大热门肯定会对他们特别小心。他们将会是有力的提醒,告诉世界小国家通常也能一击致命,就像巴西本土的小动物蚊子和蝎子一样。


1. “The environment is gaining increasing appreciation from policymakers,” Alistair Hewitt, head of market intelligence at the World Gold Council, said. “Gold mining has come under tighter regulations.”
2. Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal have been working for a while on a drama about the 1967 police raid in Detroit, which led to one of the largest citizen uprisings in US history. Kaitlyn Dever, John Krasinski, Will Poulter, John Boyega and Jack Reynor star.
3. condensed
4. Metals cases made up a record 46 per cent of the 233 anti-dumping actions brought worldwide in 2015, with the steel industry accounting for almost all of the metals complaints.
5. Nearly half of the Kings roster should have been traded following the Cousins teardown move and yet none were. Nice. Bring on Buddy Mania. Plenty of good seats still available.
6. There are a couple of other picks in play this year. Theres the Lakers pick to Philly (top-three protected), a Memphis one to Denver (top-five protected), and the infamous Sacramento choice to Chicago (top-10 protected) that Philly actually controls because Sam Hinkie will have revenge on us all.


1. 单词summary 联想记忆:
2. 研究人员写到,对于1700年前的中国朝代来说,如果能征服并有效的管理龟兹的话,那么他们就能够控制住西域所有的绿洲城邦。
3. She emotes with some of Pinks husky attitude and some of Sias theatrical so-over-it-ness, but shes a warmer singer than either, whether shrugging off a lover on the self-explanatory "IDGAF" or matching Miguels intensity on the steamy "Lost in Your Light."
4. Interest in wearable technology isn’t limited to technology companies. Mercedes-Benz is porting its mobile experience to a wearable device, while Virgin Atlantic is exploring the customer service aspect of 谷歌 Glass on a trial basis. Kenneth Cole is also using Glass as part of a marketing campaign.
5. The China International Robot Industry Summit, held on Tuesday in Shanghai, said the sales and growth rate of industrial robots hit records in 2017. Among industrial robots, 37,825 were domestically manufactured, up 29.8% year-on-year.
6. "Forty percent of Donald Trumps fortune is tied up in Trump Tower and eight buildings within one mile of it," according to the magazine. "What happens in that micromarket does more to affect the net worth of Donald Trump than anything else in the world. Lately, the neighborhood has been struggling (relatively speaking)."


1. 雪莉·巴赛为007系列影片演唱了两首名曲,这是其中之一。从某种程度上来说,007系列影片一直讲述的是心愿达成的故事。观众在享受剧情的同时,耳旁听着最棒的歌手用强有力的声音唱着关于贪欲的歌词,真是恰到好处。所以无论你对这部影片抱有何种看法(尽管这不是007系列最佳影片之一),巴赛拥有上好的素材,创作了让人眼前一亮的歌曲。
2. Youre right to be paranoid. The company is always watching you, and theres a record of everything you do: every phone call, every text, every tweet and instant message. At most companies, they save that data forever.
3. But the impact of corporate stinginess can go beyond simply ruining employees’ lunar new year holiday, possibly coming back to bite employers: 39 per cent of respondents said they would look for work elsewhere if their year-end bonus was not up to snuff, an increase of 2.3 percentage points from 2015.
4. [.dem?nstrein]
5. Except, now, hes averaging a career-high in assists. And shooting a career-high on 2-point shots (63 percent). And a career-high 78.5 percent from the free-throw line. And hes 0.4 rebounds away from a career high in those, too. Hes literally having his best statistical season in every regard except raw points per game.
6. "Overall this ranking of Asias best 300 universities proves what a dynamic, diverse and competitive higher education region the continent is becoming -- and China is a key part of that development," said Baty.


1. Maria Rios
2. Belgium, for example, has less than a tenth of the population of Russia, its rival in the group stage, but is regarded as a far greater threat. And then there is Uruguay, which despite fewer than 4 million citizens -- barely a sixth of the population of greater S?o Paulo -- is one of the teams Brazil would least like to meet on its way to the final. How is this so?
3. To make a long story short, the Seppenwolde group went bankrupt shortly after Christmas of 1772. The disaster was a top story in Dutch newspapers. It ruined some of Amsterdam’s merchants and bankers. To prevent a general credit collapse, the city of Amsterdam stepped in temporarily as a lender of last resort. Sound familiar?



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