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1. 排名部分基于校友们在职场上的成功程度,衡量标准为薪资数据。
2. 根据荷兰经济政策研究局(Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis)发布的《世界贸易监测》(World Trade Monitor)报告,以美金计算,去年跨越国际边境的商品总价值下降了13.8%,是自2009年以来的首次萎缩。这一暴跌很大程度上源于中国和其他新兴经济体的放缓。
3. "Premier Wen Jiabaos speech had a big focus on economic and social development. Its clear the government is working very hard to bring about the goal of building a prosperous society."
4. n. 版权,著作权
5. And, at random, some other highlights from the list:
6. The registered urban unemployment rate stood at 4.02 percent at year-end 2016, the lowest level in years.


1. 有些人仍坚持一种可称为“资源稀缺”的理论。该理论的核心是,资源开发遵循线性模式,低成本的资源最先被开发,也就是说,未来大部分乃至全部开发活动的成本一定会更高。遗憾的是,行业发展历史并不支撑这一观点。过去几十年的经验表明,情况正相反。
2. While oil prices may rebound in 2015, they almost certainly wont return to $100 a barrel any time soon, barring a geopolitical crisis in a major petroleum-producing region. So the gift will keep giving this year and further feed an accelerating U.S. recovery.
3. Sinas Weibo service, for example, has long offered features that Twitter lacks, notably a commenting function that allows multiple users to add their own thoughts to a users posts. Tencents QQ instant messaging service, which has more than 700 million users, offers additional features such as skins to change the look of the client and serves as a portal for the company to advertise other products and services. Sina declined to comment.
4. 或许,你能让高中版的韦德停下脚步,但是,当韦德长到6尺4寸时,他变得无法阻挡。
5. No details have been given about the content of the leaflets, though propaganda sent in the past has denounced North Koreas ruling family.
6. 上周,卢彦被任命为北京市推进京津冀协同发展领导小组办公室主任,该举措是为了加速京津冀一体化的协调工作。


1. 最佳豪华汽车品牌:保时捷
2. Jacobs vowed at the meeting to improve management and cooperation with the association to enhance the credibility of the science. He stressed the publisher was not targeting China, as it had also retracted papers by experts from other countries, the statement said.
3. 随着二孩生育政策的出台,为了缓解女性的担忧,国家应明确规定禁止歧视女性,包括要求企业有一定比例的女员工以及减税或其他优惠措施,以鼓励雇主有效实施女职工产假延长的规定。
4. 《琅琊榜》
5. [freim]
6. 加剧人们焦虑的是,新兴市场的企业债务近年不断积累,从2008年至2014年增加了一倍,近年一直是全球债券市场增长最快的领域之一。


1. Yes. Supply outages and geopolitical risk factors will probably persist, alongside output curbs by global producers. But whether prices can maintain levels at $70 or above is dependent on the willingness of Russia to keep backing a Saudi Arabia-led effort to cut production in the face of growing US shale supply. Other participants in the co-ordinated effort also need to sustain strong compliance with the deal, the incentive of which declines as governments reap the rewards of higher prices.
2. 6.Put people first
3. 9. 设身处地也能提高记忆力
4. It is already illegal for employers to discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, nationality, religion, age, or disability. But a majority of states still dont provide protection to LGBT individuals in the workplace. Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) CEO Tim Cook wants to put an end to this discrepancy. In a November Wall Street Journal op-ed entitled "Workplace Equality Is Good for Business," Cook urged the passing of a federal law to protect workers from discrimination based on sexual orientation.
5. 经销商:经销商们正在努力精简购车的文书手续以及时间。这会使他们留出更多的时间向消费者推销延长质保、喷漆、织物保护、防锈等附加服务。
6. 威廉姆斯指出,据凯投宏观估计,全球经济增长率将从2016年的2.5%上升至今年的2.8%,“新兴世界的大宗商品净出口国的出口额(以美金计算)同比增长应会达到20%左右。”


1. 2. Livers grow by almost half during waking hours. New research suggests that livers have the capacity to grow by almost 50 percent during the day, before shrinking back to their original size at night. They are the only organ we know of that oscillate this way.
2. 国际足联世界杯锦标赛即将到来。 我想告诉你永葆美丽的一些要诀。
3. 外部事件的影响。《消费者报告》(Consumer Reports)杂志曾经对Model S大加吹捧,但最近该杂志也报道了它的一些常见故障,包括门把手失效,中控触屏白屏,导致车内大部分功能不能使用等等。汽车网站Edmunds.com也找了Model S的麻烦。更多此类报告无疑会影响特斯拉到目前为止非常正面的声誉。



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