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1. Wearing a black leotard and curled hairpiece, beauty queen Bobbi Boyden shakes her hips and blows kisses to the audience as part of her routine.
2. In 2012, 谷歌 introduced 谷歌 Glass, a computer you can wear on your face. Someone wearing the glasses can be walking down the street or doing any everyday task while simultaneously seeing an overlay of calendar appointments, messages, and subway alerts. They can make video calls and even upload live videos to the Internet while on the move, without ever needing to use their hands. 谷歌 Glass might be cool, it might be new, it might be revolutionary, but its definitely not the first pair of wearable computer glasses.
3. THE SLAP (NBC, Feb. 12) Jon Robin Baitz and Lisa Cholodenko are producers of this adaptation of an Australian mini-series about the fallout from a momentary loss of control at a backyard birthday party. The impressive cast includes Peter Sarsgaard, Uma Thurman, Thandie Newton, Brian Cox and Melissa George (who also appeared in the original).
4. 共管公寓和合作公寓一直在严令整顿,编写警告备忘录,对违规居民罚款。对于租房者来说,打破规则就可能会危及租约。共管公寓正在加强安保措施,要求门卫仔细观察来访者,同时要求居民为来访的客人签署授权表格。这类操作还引起了保险界的关注。
5. “然而,考虑到政策紧缩的延迟影响,以及房地产市场降温将在未来数个季度压制中国对大宗商品的需求,大家怀疑出口的增长势头是否还能维持下去。”
6. 单词discourse 联想记忆:


1. 4. 学业没有学好
2. That comes in spite of official figures released on Tuesday showing China’s exports had contracted for a second straight month in October, suggesting domestic demand is the main driver of price gains for producers.
3. 对于购房者,也不都是坏消息:房价明年(2015年——译注)仍将上涨,但步伐可能会从飙涨趋于平缓。“房价不会一味地陡然上涨,”柯克兰集团(Corcoran)的首席实行官帕梅拉·利伯曼(Pamela Liebman)说,“买家都有点疲劳了。”
4. [k?:]
5. 野村证券(Nomura)的分析师表示:“大家预期这一轮出口增长的反弹不会维持很长时间,未来数月增长势头将恢复温和,原因是人民币的升值可能弱化中国的出口竞争力,且即使习主席和川普总统近期在北京会面,发生贸易摩擦的潜在风险并未显著减轻。”
6. IT/communications/electronics/Internet offer new graduates the highest pay at 4,867 yuan a month on average, but thats down 826 yuan from last years level. Finance and transport/logistics/warehousing come second, offering average monthly salaries of 4,692 and 4,457 yuan respectively.


1. But I know your generation, unlike any other generation in the past, is most eager to look at life differently. So as you leave school, I offer you a list of some obvious-yet-vastly-ignored truths that may help you look at life a little differently than just a series of paychecks:
2. 苹果(Apple)正面临着市值跳水的窘境,苹果股价从去年9月至今已下跌了35%。众多卖方分析师纷纷献计献策,现在甚至有人建议苹果推出低价苹果。摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)企业的凯蒂?休伯蒂对中国这一全球最大的智能手机市场进行了分析,并给大家算了一笔账。
3. Youre talking with him / her late on the phone. When he / she hung up the phone, you still miss him / her, even if the phone just hung up on 2 minutes
4. 这是自去年9月以来进口最大单月跌幅,也意味着中国进口已在过去15个月里连续同比收缩。
5. 不存在什么人民,这是想象出来的实体。
6. 3.贾君鹏,你妈妈喊你回家吃饭。


1. As per their findings, the recovery mechanism based on reset SMS codes recorded a success rate of 81%, while the method relying on backup emails proved to be efficient in 75% of the cases.
2. 无论你是否认为Snapchat配得上脸书开出的30亿美金报价,有一点确定无疑:所谓的“阅后即焚”(内容被接收数秒后自动消失)社交网络拥有广阔的市场应用空间。此外,与流行的看法相反,Snapchat传播的内容不仅仅是色情短信和限制级的自拍照片,尽管它也的确是传播这类信息的最佳平台。随着主流社交平台的内容变得越来越商品化,以Snapchat为代表的“阅后即焚”平台在某种程度上重新恢复了社交媒体本应具备的趣味性和自发性。就像现实生活中的互动交流一样——创意自由流动,一般不用担心一切事情都被记录下来留给子孙后代观瞻,传遍整个世界——SnapChat提供了一个真实的、未经过滤的交流渠道。孩子们真的很喜欢它。脸书企业自己的首席财务官上个月已正式承认,青少年使用脸书的次数正在下降.而据坊间传言,驻足于Snapchat的青少年数量正在呈爆炸式增长。
3. recommend
4. There should be no more arbitrary use of government power and that requires that the government must no longer overreach itself and we must eliminate any possible room for rent-seeking behaviors. This reform must be persistently pursued by the central government and all local governments at varies levels.
5. 大学毕业生比以往挣得更多了
6. 遗憾的是,随着乌拉圭在当地时间周六(6月28日)被哥伦比亚淘汰出局,本届国际足联世界杯决赛将不再是巴西和乌拉圭之间的再次对话。如果巴西杀入7月13日的决赛,对手将可能是墨西哥、荷兰、哥斯达黎加、希腊、美国、比利时、阿根廷和瑞士中的一支(译注:1/8决赛中,墨西哥与希腊分别不敌荷兰与哥斯达黎加,憾别国际足联世界杯)。


1. 全球性肥胖
2. reform
3. Current prosthetic hands do little beyond filling the arm-shaped space between your body and the air. Sure, they can grasp things all right, and they help in balance, but they lack one of the human hands most important abilities—the sense of touch. People with prosthetics cant detect if theyre in contact with an object without looking at it directly.



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