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1. The largest flawless vivid blue diamond in the world is to go on sale today at Christies auction house.
2. 克普克认为,这些情况或将发生变化,而它们的意义被低估了。
3. Developer: Supermassive Games, 索尼 Computer Entertainment
4. There are no such circuit breakers in Hong Kong where the H-share index of mainland equities fell less than 4 per cent on unremarkable volumes. One might have expected more of a bloodletting. Mainland retail investors participate in both markets — a function both of Stock Connect and a leaky system — and if you can’t sell what you would like, you sell what you can. Foreign H-share investors too might be presumed sellers, having been the most bearish on China’s economy. Yet yesterday, even as Shanghai opened down a further 3 per cent (before rebounding), Hong Kong’s H shares remained resilient.
5. 16. 最受忽视的真相。“这个行业内有一个神话,就是年轻男性主导着票房,”11月,SONY影片娱乐企业影片组主席汤姆·罗斯曼(Tom Rothman)在接受《好莱坞报道者》(Hollywood Reporter)采访时说。在同一次采访中,沃尔特·迪士尼企业的主席艾伦·F·霍恩(Alan F. Horn)试图把问题简化,“演员薪酬受很多变量影响。比如说,安吉丽娜·朱莉出演《沉睡魔咒》(Maleficent)的片酬就比黛西·雷德利(Daisy Ridley)出演《星球大战》(Star Wars)高,但她们都是女性。”(哦,多谢了艾伦!)
6. DiCaprio received a pat on the back from producer Harvey Weinstein and a standing ovation from the crowd as he collected the award for best actor in a drama for The Revenant.


1. 新兴市场GDP增速会超过5%吗?
2. She was also recognised for being the youngest recipient of the Ripple of Hope Award from the Robert F. Kennedy Center for her charity work.
3. Trium的学员重视与资深和国际高管一同学习的机会。一位学员表示:“它允许大家彼此交流(想法),获得和课程本身一样多的额外常识。”
4. “I am so overwhelmed and elated that fur has been banned from London Fashion Week! Progress!” Faith wrote.
5. 3. 丹·韦斯(Dan Weiss),《14》,Pi Recordings。《14》的内容如此丰富,整张专辑的作曲由鼓手丹·韦斯一手包办:细节丰富的室内乐,前卫的啸叫,新音乐无词人声与北印度音乐。相比这个宏大的音乐参照系,更令人印象深刻的是,韦斯集结了12名同行乐手,把所有音乐元素融汇为流畅的整体。
6. n. 蝴蝶,蝶状物,蝶泳


1. 4. Jennifer Aniston - $21 million
2. On Monday the research team said the skeleton confirmed that the monarch had severe scoliosis, or twisting of the spine. It may have been painful and caused his right shoulder to appear higher than his left, but there was no evidence of the withered arm depicted in Shakespeares "Richard III".
3. 本周四公布的一项最新调查显示,近四成美国居民表示,最近发生的桑迪飓风等自然灾害的严重性正是世界末日即将到来的证据,就像《圣经》中预言的那样。而超过六成的受访者认为这是气候变化所致。
4. 反对:在颁奖季前一年早早上映可能不利于其冲奖。
5. 7. 艾米-亚当斯 1350万美金
6. [p?:ts]


1. Blue skies will not be, and should not be, a luxury.
2. 受此启发,研究者和科学家们都致力于研发体积小却意义重大的科技成果。
3. Her, which was written and directed by Spike Jonze, takes romance into the virtual realm, and its hero on a gently crazed journey of genuine passion. Joaquin Phoenix is the poignantly lonely guy who falls in love with his smartphones new operating system. The basic conceit is a fragile one, but its beautifully and bravely developed, as well as elegantly photographed by Hoyte Van Hoytema, with perfectly calibrated performances by Mr. Phoenix, Amy Adams and Scarlett Johansson, who is that systems voice and soul.
4. 2010年中国农民工能否拿到城市户口?
5. Pink, LeBron James, Selena Gomez, Ian Somerhalder, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Ben Affleckalso made the list.
6. 如果你觉得现在的阿杜骨瘦如柴,那你得瞧瞧他在蒙特罗斯基督教会学校时的瘦弱身板。


1. 胡须的神奇之处
2. 反对:影片可能太过非主流,不具有获得大奖的影响力。
3. a不+dama征服+ant→不可征服的→坚定的,坚固的



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    The private 脸书 group chat that led to offers of admission being rescinded was named, at one point, "Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens", the Crimson reported.



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