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1. Winners at the 48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards :
2. Foreign robot makers sold 103,191 robots to China in 2017, up 71.9% from a year earlier.
3. Look no further than the title sponsor on their building—Smoothie King, a regional drink shop—to realize that the Pelicans have a serious relevancy problem. (By contrast, the NFLs Saints play in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome next door.)
4. Boston Consulting Group could also be poised to make a change given its managing partner, Richard Lesser, is due to come to the end of his second term in October. His future is unclear, however, as the firm declined to comment on its election process or how many terms its leader can serve.
5. While Kobes grown into his 66 frame nicely, he was still a pretty decent-sized guy back in high school. Just imagine how hard trying to stop a 17-year-old Kobe Bryant was back in 1996. Im sure it was nearly impossible.
6. 传统佳节之际,献上殷殷祝福,祝新年万事如意!


1. [bent]
2. A person walks through snow Tuesday in Belington, West Virginia. Superstorm Sandy buried parts of West Virginia under more than a foot of snow on Tuesday.
3. Losers: Knicks
4. 你经常烦躁吗?
5. 继续推进财税体制改革。


1. 一个由8位《沃兹汽车》编辑组成的专家组在10月和11月评估了所有汽车车型使用的44款引擎,测试时间为日常上下班和周末在底特律都市区及附近进行的活动。各位专家根据多项特征进行打分,包括动力和扭矩、燃料经济、噪音、抖动和声振粗糙度、技术以及这些发动机相对于竞争对手的表现。
2. 开发活动也处于白热化。GitHub网站上的贡献者图标显示,2014年11月,对比特币主码的贡献总量处于2012年春季以来的最高值。此外,就被“分叉”的次数而言,比特币在GitHub上90多万储存库中名列第31位,“分叉”基本是指提议或正在对核心代码进行的改动。换言之,对于开发者来说,比特币风头正劲。比特币企业目前公布的空缺职位的数量,也突显了开发者的兴趣。跟踪该趋势的Bitcoin Pulse称,如今,此类空缺职位数高达105个,接近九月137个的历史最高值。
3. Analysts believe the launch will help Apple to overcome its growth problem of the last two years. In markets such as America and Europe, where smartphone ownership is close to saturation and many customers are holding on to their existing handsets for longer, the best way to drive faster revenue growth is by charging more for each device, rather than simply relying on unit growth.
4. Mr Cook’s decision to expand its cash return programme of dividends and share buybacks helped to defuse the situation with the activists, returning $94bn to date. In the end, he stared down the challenge just long enough for the next wave of 苹果 growth to hit and new products to emerge from Sir Jonathan Ive’s workshop.
5. Brands with the most to make up for in 2015:Volkswagen, whose stale product line depressed sales by 11%, thereby delaying Ferdinand Piech’s plans for global supremacy, and Volvo, down 17%, which has yet to make any progress under its Chinese owner.
6. For many Western whites, opportunities for achieved identity — the top of the hill — seem unattainable. So their ascribed identity — their whiteness — feels more important than ever.


1. The other sex toy apparently belonged to a Chinese imperial family.
2. "Their political leanings are even affecting how they experience weather, which is pretty fascinating," said Cox.
3. Verification and evaluation should be enhanced before publication, Wang said.
4. 麦高恩出生于多配偶制的邪教家庭,少年时离家出走。
5. n. 平台,站台,月台,讲台,(政党的)政纲
6. Seychelles


1. 新总督还寻求私有化如能源生产部门的服务,设立一个办公室监督和分类联邦资金以减少腐败,并为医生创造财政奖励,以提升日益减少的专家人数。
2. 不包括阿拉斯加和夏威夷在内的美国本土曾在2012年创下温度记录,那年发生过灼人的热浪和干旱。主要是由于东部地区不同寻常地冰冷,才使得2014年的温度对这48个州来说,仅在有记录以来的最暖年度中排名第34。
3. Lufax, which started four years ago has emerged as the leader due to innovative credit rating techniques.



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    The computer is a very powerful machine built with ARM processors, the kind low-power processors that run smartphones and tablets. These servers allow more computing power o be packed into a smaller space. And that has big implications for building green-but-powerful data centers."I think of myself as an entrepreneur besides just being an electrical engineer. I believe what Im doing can have a major effective on the world," Sohmers said.He dropped out of high school to join Peter Thiels controversial startup accelerator, the 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship. Thiel, the former PayPal CEO and famous Silicon Valley venture capitalist known for his early investment in 脸书, is a libertarian who has often spoken out about the absurd cost of college these days.So in 2011, he started a program that encourages kids to start companies instead of going to college. It gives them $100,000 in seed money and access to some of the Valleys greatest technologists as mentors.Sohmers is an electrical engineering prodigy who at age 13 started working at the research lab at MIT. Thats where he met his co-founder and CTO, Keville, he said.

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