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1. 语言本是人们沟通的工具,没有性别之分,但由于男女的社会分工、性格特色、生理特点不同,每一种语言都深深地打上了性别的烙印。在国外,有部分社会语言学家,专门研究语言
2. This assumes, of course, that Apple can find a way to build a $330 苹果 with cheaper parts, a slower processor, a lower resolution screen and perhaps a plastic body, thatisnt, in the phrase Tim Cook used at a Goldman Sachs conference last week, "a crappy product."
3. 我敢保证,魔兽霍华德从未用过生长激素,但在其他人看来,他似乎用了很多。自从离开高中进入NBA后,霍华德的体形似乎翻了一番。
4. Chinese manufacturers:Coming to the U.S.? Warren Buffett’s BYD says it is arriving in 2015 and Geely in 2016 but we’ve been hearing that someone was coming since at 2006. The refinement of Chinese cars is the issue. With more than 80 local automakers producing 524 different models in China, R&D money is spread too thinly to produce meaningful results.
5. 1月份PPI同比下跌5.3%,跌速比去年12月的负5.9%有所放缓。自2012年3月起,中国PPI一直留在负值区间,去年8月起连续5个月位于负5.9%的低点。
6. House prices in China continue to fall as investors shift focus from the property market into equities.


1. 陶博宏指出,日本监管机构正在鼓励基于收费的销售模式,出台了新的受信规则和其他措施,这些举措将会增强ETF的低成本吸引力。
2. The implosion of a giant subprime mortgage lender in 2007?The collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008?
3. brace原指双臂,用双臂支撑-使稳固用两个brace embrace(v 拥抱)
4. 女子200米蝶泳——刘子歌、焦刘洋
5. Have any franchise-leading duo reinvented themselves as spectacularly as Twilight’s Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson? Both have become art-house mainstays. Pattinson’s latest Good Time, keeps going his recent pattern of looking fairly unrecognisable. After he transformed himself with shaggy beard and spectacles in The Lost City of Z he now has bleach-blond hair as a bank robber who tries to pull off the perfect heist in New York City, only to get his younger brother (Ben Safdie), who suffers from a developmental disability, arrested for the crime. He tries to use the money he stole to post his brother’s bail, but complications ensue. Many complications. In addition to appearing as the younger brother, Safdie co-directs the film with his own brother Josh Safdie, and Good Time was selected to compete for the Palme d’Or at Cannes. Released November 3 in Japan, November 17 in the UK and Ireland and November 23 in Greece. (Credit: A24)
6. 9.职业治疗师


1. It is the first biography to win the prize, although Mr Greenspan’s autobiography, The Age of Turbulence, was shortlisted in 2007, the year before the financial crisis raised serious questions about the central banker’s legacy.
2. 这是中国首次占据榜单前三甲以及在前10强中占了5名。中国工商银行连续两年占据第1名的宝座,中国建设银行次之,而且中国农业银行向上移动了5名成为第3名。这三大银行与排在第9名的中国银行一起跻身前10强,中国银行是“四大国有银行”中的另一个成员。
3. “学会让经济指标和人民主观的幸福感同步发展是很重要的,因为大家应该不仅仅是追求更强的经济能力,而应追求提高各个领域生活质量。”报告总结道。
4. 大家错了——最终睾丸还是与免疫系统有关联的。研究人员发现了“一扇非常小的门”使睾丸可以向免疫系统发送单向信号,这说明了为什么一些男性会被不孕症所困扰,也说明了某些癌症疫苗一直失败的原因。
5. 最佳轿车品牌:马自达
6. vi. 获得奖章


1. 帕拉莫尔《欢笑过后》
2. The three-day China Development Forum 2016 kicked off in Beijing.
3. 他编写出的第一款App是个音频播放器,可以播放他偶像史蒂夫?乔布斯(Steve Jobs)演讲的音频片段,而音频来自一个乔布斯的传记,内容没有经过授权。如今达洛伊西奥笑着回忆道,App因为音频受版权保护、性能不流畅、过于简单之类的各种原因,被苹果拒绝了。他早期设计的另外一个应用App能让用户触摸一张木头的图片时发出敲击的声音。第三个应用则将智能手机的屏幕变成一个锻炼手指的跑步机,这一次,App第一天便赚了120美金。
4. 年龄:39岁
5. Sinta Nuriyah carries forth her family’s campaign in Indonesia, holding interfaith events and establishing a network of progressive Islamic boarding schools for girls.
6. Homosexual behavior is responsible for 81.8 percent of the new cases, added the NHC, due to students "poor awareness of protection, despite their high awareness of the disease."


1. extra出+vag走…走过头…豪侈+ant表形容词,“ …的”→豪侈的
2. They are beginning to fret far more about insecure contracts, precarious scheduling, low wages and new forms of work via online gig economy platforms such as Uber. The OECD, the influential Paris-based club for rich countries, will publish a “jobs strategy” in 2018 that is likely to put much more emphasis on the quality and inclusiveness of work.
3. Will the Saudi Aramco public offering debut on an international market



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