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1. 根据报道,当地法院鉴于周某的年龄及其坦白承认自己的罪行,最终给予了周某一个宽大的判决。
2. Chinas property companies have been escalating promotional efforts and cutting prices in a bid to maintain sales volumes.
3. authority
4. Take targeted and powerful measures to strengthen areas of weakness.
5. 报告称,打造“机遇之城”的关键是技术创新和均衡发展。
6. 他的投篮许多次都是只打中篮筐的前沿儿。而一些三分投篮甚至投出了三不沾。许多本应是扣篮的球最终他只选择了上篮,当然了,这是相比在若干年前没有任何伤病的他而言的。而最残酷的是,其中一次投篮,科比甚至把球嵌在了篮筐与篮板之间。最终还是对方的球员把球拿了下来。


1. Deciding what to blog about can become time consuming. HitTailanalyzes the data in your 谷歌 Webmaster Tools account and makes recommendations for long-tail words to write about. In addition, HitTail has a network of skilled writers who can create the content for you.
2. An oversight model drawing on random inspections by randomly selected law enforcement officers or inspectors and requiring the prompt release of results
3. outrage
4. Chinese growth figures have long been known to be artificially smooth, but now the economy is easily the world’s largest on purchasing power exchange rates, the statistical massages have wider consequences.
5. Granted, it is easier to remake something than to make something new. Anyone who has faced a blank page knows that. But if fashion’s ubiquitous default to the 1960s over the last seven years has exposed anything, it is its own lack of imagination, not only about clothes and consumers, but about the relationship of culture and dress.
6. However, one lawyer, who prefers to remain anonymous, says Teach Firsters’ prior experience and autonomy in a classroom can mean they feel frustrated starting at the bottom of an organisation’s ladder again.


1. 一个问题接着一个问题,从伊朗制裁到从阿富汗撤军,他的位置和政府态度之间的差别不大,但罗姆尼坚持他将更有效地加强美国的力量。
2. adj. 永久的,永恒的
3. "Some geniuses in the internet industry created miracles, but that does not tell the whole story," said Chen. "Business has its own rules. Before you start up, you have to know how to produce products, how to sell them, how to manage a company. Those lessons you cannot expect a fresh graduate to know."
4. 在第一部掌上移动设备发明之前,自拍杆已经问世。自拍杆其实是由一个日本男人上田宏在20世纪80年代发明的。上田宏是美能达相机企业的摄影师,他发明这个自拍杆,是因为他和妻子在欧洲旅行时无法自拍合照。(当时,他叫一个男孩帮他们拍照,那个男孩却拿着相机跑了。)
5. 他赢得了名动词奖,而其姐妹奖,最佳动词名词化奖,则由另一位顾问凭借这句“全球联络”(global touch-base)摘得。
6. 波多黎各人自前任总督的过去4年受到了几十项新税收的影响,还增加了水电费。加西亚·帕迪利亚设法为政府创造更多的收入,他说资金正在用尽。尽管有某些和那些措施,岛上政府已经违约上百万美金的债券付款,数个机构宣布进入紧急状态。


1. Track field;hand ball;cycling;track racin;racing cycle;mountain bike race;Bicycle Motocross;horsemanship;football;Beach Volleyball.
2. 5.Effective decision makers
3. 年度故事将是纽约对911主谋穆罕默德(Khalid Sheikh Mohammed)的审判。
4. 今年年底10年期美国国债收益率会突破3%吗?
5. 单词impresario 联想记忆:
6. These rankings use a different methodology from the overall ranking based on academic research performance in each specific subject.


1. It grows naturally into the molds shape.
2. Trium’s alumni value studying alongside senior and international classmates. “It allowed us to exchange [ideas] among ourselves and derive as much additional knowledge as [we gained] from the course itself,” says one.
3. Throughout Downsizing, I kept asking myself what the point of all of this was, never engaged by its hodgepodge of themes. I wish the filmmakers had asked that question too.



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  • 机构:11月全国首套房贷款平均利率5.71% 同比增6.53%
    东莞开发商争抢本地客源 商业公寓成“香饽饽”
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    规范不动产登记管理等行为 北京整治平房住宅拆分炒卖
    2021-01-13 22:51:18
  • 不让打隔断出租中介拖欠租金 法院判决解约中介企业如数付钱
    济南家居商圈人潮汹涌 深耕市场的准确定位
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    9月份全国建材家居景气指数为109.30 环比上升3.86点
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    影片直接来自真实的Bling Ring帮,2008年,他们10个月的赃物飚升了300万美金。影片列出的所有名人都是这个团伙真实的受害者。团伙成员声称,是社会对这些名人私生活的痴迷鼓励了他们。无论动机如何,《炫富帮》都很好地提醒了人们,要时不时与媒体拉开距离。



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