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1. The Belty is great that it uses technology to track fitness, water intake, and posture, but for $395, you might be better off getting the same in a stylish smart watch or activity tracker.
2. 如果大家问你“你想要多少月薪?”你应该说随便,或是根据工作责任而定。除非大家逼你,别自己说出一个具体的数。因为那只会让大家在商量上面占上风。
3. Her mother Stephanie Boyden, 32, says Bobbi is a diva who runs to the stage when her name is called - and screams when she has to leave.
4. 如果你喜欢暖心且内容犀利的喜剧片,没有比《大病》更合适的了。这部影片讲述了一个喜剧演员爱上了一名抗议者的故事。他们的背景截然不同,这样的故事能让跨种族相爱的人产生共鸣。
5. Some Brexiters and Republicans believe in the ideal of absolutely free markets.
6. 当他饰演《活力王子》中"威尔"一角时,前三季的薪水都被制作方扣除了70%!三年之后他才拿到全额工资。碰巧的是,主题曲的第一句就如同是按他的真实经历所写:"这故事就是说/我翻腾的生活/如何大起大落"。只不过在现实中,那个"(他)爱闹事的邻居"是美国国税局。


1. At its Worldwide Developer Conference in June, Mr Cook was mobbed by app makers who asked him to pose for selfies. By October’s iPad launch, he was even cracking jokes at his own expense. Clad in his habitual but unglamorous uniform of black untucked shirt and jeans, he said that Apple Watch had been well received by “people who know a lot about fashion and style — even more than I do”, pointing a knowing finger at the chuckling audience.
2. 周二发布的官方数据显示,中国的出口在今年10月出现了连续第二个月收缩,这表明内需是PPI上涨的主要推动因素。
3. Most people’s impression of Sweden is that it’s cold, gloomy and beautiful. But that’s not the whole story. As the largest Scandinavian country with a small population, it’s a paradise for people who hate crowds and love their peace and quiet. It’s the perfect setting in which to enjoy the country’s local delicacies, such as fresh seafood, berries, and regional cheeses.
4. The big question is what oil prices will do in 2015. Oil prices are unsustainably low right now – many high-cost oil producers and oil-producing regions are currently operating in the red. That may work in the short-term, but over the medium and long-term, companies will be forced out of the market, precipitating a price rise. The big question is when they will rise, and by how much.
5. 尽管看起来有着大量的目标核对工作,但在5月7日,中国驻贝尔格莱德的大使馆却被从美国空军B-2幽灵轰炸机上发射的五枚卫星制导联合直接攻击弹药击中。三名中国记者——新华社记者邵云环,光明日报记者许杏虎和他的妻子朱颖在袭击中身亡。另外20名中国公民受伤5人伤势严重。
6. Consoles: PlayStation 4


1. Overseas tourists continued to shun Beijing through 2013.
2. No.5: What Made Phelps So Happy?
3. assured
4. 面试官也会犯错:
5. Justin Bieber剃发募捐 集得4万美金
6. 今年2月的时候,玛蒂参加了J.Mendel2015秋冬高级成衣发布秀(图)


1. 居民社区
2. 塞巴斯蒂安佩恩(Sebastian Payne)
3. Hong Kong has topped the list for the past seven years -- since its first appearance in the survey.
4. Remedy: Make a budget. If you don’t know how much money you need to live the lifestyle you feel comfortable with, you can’t accurately project whether switching jobs for a $10K pay bump is actually a good deal. Making a pros and cons list when comparing your current job with a new opportunity is also helpful. If the only advantage a job offers is a bigger pay check, you can weigh that against longer hours, a more onerous commute and increased reporting responsibilities. Keep in mind that research shows that increases in happiness based on earnings peak at about $75K. Incomes above this level don’t increase your feeling of well-being on a day-to-day basis. So, if you think a jump up to $85 or $90K will make you feel less morose when your alarm goes off, you might want to look at addressing some of the non-monetary factors in your life that are contributing to your dissatisfaction.
5. The EU filed just 12 anti-dumping cases in 2015, two less than the year before.
6. One of the most discussed potential use cases of the block chain is as a decentralized Uber. Instead of using an app, customers could order a car and pay the driver directly, cutting out the middleman. (Sorry, Travis Kalanick.) The block chain can be utilized for everything from the storage of secure documents (that is, a decentralized Dropbox, too) to “watermarking,” in which a specific coin could contain, say, the deed to your house. “The block chain is going to spawn decades of innovation,” says Ryan Selkis, director of investments at the Digital Currency Group, created by former SecondMarket founder Barry Silbert. “It could lead to things like frictionless share issuance, title transfers, smart contracts. Collectively these things make up the backbone of the economy. If you wanted to create a decentralized Uber, Dropbox, 脸书, you could reinvent the Internet.”


1. 2016年,9个省级地区的GDP超过3万亿元,比上一年增加3个;25个省级地区的GDP突破1万亿元,与上一年持平。
2. In those days, of course, Rembrandt was the gold standard. But the Dutchman and his fellow old masters have fallen out of fashion and are no longer as coveted by collectors and investors.
3. Czech model Petra Nemcova went for a dress in white, which featured an extremely plunging neckline and thigh-high split. Ensuring that both her lithe legs were highlighted to the max, the stunning blonde made sure all eyes were on her as she sashayed down the red carpet.



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