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1. 2月1日
2. Tongzhou was designated as the site of a new administrative center for the municipal government to help relieve the current heavy pressure on public services in downtown Beijing, where the central government is located.
3. 一位著名神经学家的遗作引发的争议
4. This habit can seriously hurt you in a work setting. If you’re one of those folks who believes that you do your best work at the last minute and put off projects or assignments until the day (or hour) before they’re due, you may not be aware of the impact your habit is having on your co-workers.If your last-minute rush requires others to work quickly, you will likely anger them, and you’ll be the first one blamed when a project fails or isn’t completed on time.
5. Western whites have a place within their nations’ new, broader national identities. But unless they accept it, the crisis of whiteness seems likely to continue.
6. awkward


1. Total net profit for China’s commercial banks grew by 2.4 per cent last year, according to data from China’s bank regulator. Smaller banks saw increases in profit growth, while bigger banks slowed down.
2. 中国最近正在进行大规模的经济改革。 2013年11月15日,中国推出了一系列以市场经济为导向的社会和经济上的改革政策,在一些国有经济中引入了私有经济参与和国际竞争。同时一胎化政策放松,为中国和中国人民带来了更多的机会,激发了希翼和梦想。
3. 12-year-old girl finds ancient Egyptian amulet
4. 4. Outsourcing placement services.
5. Falke的最终失利令人扼腕,但eBay的表现确实无可匹敌。我以为自己对eBay的爱将矢志不渝,因为鄙人全部的穿戴和家中物件均来自这家企业,而它却向《纽约时报》(the New York Times)表示:“大家热切希翼利用大家的平台,通过营造公平的竞争环境来造福数百万人。”
6. The 15 ranked online MBA programmes provide flexible study options for working executives, who can expect to graduate with the same qualification as their full-time, residential MBA counterparts.


1. This sign varies from company to company. You must keep in mind that we are in a recession and if sales are down but the company isnt in jeopardy, this sign may not apply to you. However, if business is down to the point where it looks like the company is going to go under, start looking for a new job NOW! (See also: 20 Signs that a Pink Slip is Coming)
2. 大力改造提升传统产业。
3. 伊纳里图表示:“我差点忘记感谢所有参与拍摄的美国印第安人了,没有他们,这部影片不可能拍摄出来。我能够和这些人一起活着拍完这部影片,心中的惊喜和骄傲难以用语言表达。”
4. 国考分为笔试和面试两部分。笔试成绩将于1月发布,面试预计在2月或3月举行。
5. Ive seen managers not hire a woman because the environment is mostly male, and theyre worried that no matter how smart or talented she is, she wont fit in.
6. 巴里摩尔的病情基于米歇尔·菲利普斯的真实生活,她的头部在在两次机动车事故中受伤,记忆只能维持24小时。桑德勒用录像带,菲利普斯则是用便利贴和手机(对她而言还真时髦)撑了23年。


1. 当然,那时候,伦勃朗是大热门。但是如今,这位荷兰画家和他的同辈大师已经过气,不再是收藏家和投资者渴望的对象。
2. 这款甜点有金色叶子,以香槟调味,单价为100美金。
3. 报告还显示,近四分之一的人为所有账户设置同一密码。
4. adolescent
5. adj. 泰然自若的,镇定的;摆好姿势不动的,静止的;平
6. Pay is an issue, he says (the median salary for reporters in 2010 was $36, 000); hes not sure he can raise a family and send kids to college on a reporters salary. And yes, the stress and the hours can be taxing. But he says, Im not sure Id be happy in another setting. I cant think of any job that would be as exciting or as fulfilling as this.


1. 大部分原因还是全球变暖,而全球变暖主要是二氧化碳排放量上升造成的。二氧化碳是主要的人为温室气体,通过燃烧煤、石油等化石燃料产生。
2. But, despite the incessant warnings from security researchers, many people are still turning to weak, easily guessable passwords to protect their devices.
3. 对罗西(Pete Rossi)来说,这一年里有多少周工作超过50小时用一只手就能数得过来。而余下时间里,美国国防部精算师这个工作让他能以极小的压力过着高品质的生活。



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    南京楼市“金三”成色渐浓 昨三家楼盘公证摇号
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    环保严打涨价潮空降 加速灯具业低端劣质品牌淘汰
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