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1. 在定制课程排行榜上,排在第二名瑞士洛桑国际管理发展学院之后的是杜克企业教育学院(Duke Corporate Education)。这是这所美国学校连续第3年位列第三。该校在2014年连续第12年占据定制课程排行榜榜首位置,创下纪录。
2. The runner-up was Lucy Kay, with Bars and Melody in third place.
3. 他说,这出乎我意料,但对Tencent走出国门来说这是一个好兆头,特别是因为微信同时结合了WhatsApp和Instagram的特点,所以是一个独特的产品,对于新兴市场消费者来说可能是一个相当不错的东西。
4. 问:在过去的几次采访中,你都提到了你和角色之间的联系。那么在目前播放的Aldnoah Zero重,你觉得你和伊奈帆之间的联系是什么?
5. 节目32 歌曲《给我你的爱》,张杰 林宥嘉
6. Both claim to represent the people against foreigners and traitors.


1. 1.Deadpool
2. adj. 豪侈的,浪费的,过度的,大量的
3. To provide assistance to these laid-off workers will continue to be our priority in cutting overcapacity and pursuing the supply-side structural reform.
4. 首尔坚称这些活动分子有派发单张的民主权利,但要求他们不要过度激怒北韩。
5. 节目16 武术《少年中国》,赵文卓 范龙飞 侯英岗
6. 在你死后,数以百计的基因会突然活跃起来,而且还会继续活动长达4天。3月份的一个实例表明,在人死后,尸体的大脑还会活动长达10分钟,连同这个无法说明的实例,大家开始意识到大家所了解的死亡依然保有一些奇怪的生命迹象。


1. Alfonso Cuaron won best director for the space odyssey Gravity, a world-wide hit and critical favorite. The film will likely join American Hustle and 12 Years a Slave as an Oscar front-runner on Thursday, when Academy Awards nominations are announced. (The academy honors technical categories that the Globes dont.)
2. 无论是左翼还是右翼,他们都标榜自己是反精英的大众代表和不合适的局外人,并作为魅力领导人与追随者密切联系,他们往往通过弥天大谎来操纵这种联系,用以谋求自己的进步;他们威胁既有的行为准则和约束性制度,把这些准则和制度描述为他们所代表的民意的敌人。
3. 最佳轿车品牌:马自达
4. Common areas include two living rooms, both with walls of glass opening to a patio and an in-ground pool. Ceilings rise as high as 28 feet; doors throughout are Spanish cedar. Among the stainless-steel kitchen appliances are a Fisher & Paykel range and two Sub-Zero refrigerators, as well as steel cabinets and sinks. A breakfast bar separates the kitchen from the dining area, which also opens to the patio and pool.
5. Several scientists said the most remarkable thing about the 2014 record was that it had occurred in a year that did not feature a strong El Ni?o, a large-scale weather pattern in which the Pacific Ocean pumps an enormous amount of heat into the atmosphere.
6. Emma Thompson, a two-time winner for Howards End and Sense and Sensibility, famously keeps hers in the loo: “They look far too outré anywhere else. They’re great big, gold, shiny things.” She’s not alone – Susan Sarandon, Lionel Richie and Sean Connery all claim to keep their golden fellas alongside their bidets and baths.


1. [h?b]
2. Premiered on Jan 29, the drama received 7 points out of 10 on the countrys popular review website Douban.
3. 4、拖拉
4. The 62 universities account for 12.4% of the list. The only country with a larger number of universities listed is the US, which accounts for 27.8%.
5. speculative
6. 当你想到他的时候,你的心跳一会跳得快,一会跳得慢


1. However, the figures suggest that the pace of Chinese investment in western economies may be slowing.
2. [dr?ft]
3. 此外,HUAWEI在2016年最后一季度第一次实现了2位数的全球市场占有率。



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  • 湖北建材工业2013年营收2400亿元 全国排第8
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