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1. 热门的新兴市场基准债券和股票的价格已经下降,同时根据代表全球大型金融企业的组织——国际金融研究所(Institute for International Finance)的数据,来自海外投资者的净流入已经从2014年的2850亿美金降至今年的660亿美金。
2. Cambridge Judge Business School also ends the year on a high, appearing for the first time in the rankings for both open and custom executive education, and climbing three places in the MBA ranking and 12 places in the Executive MBA table.
3. Baby Driver recently placed on the National Board of Review’s Top 10 list. The film holds a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and took in over $100 million dollars at the box office.
4. 在2017年FT对全球95个管理学硕士项目的排行中,虽然瑞士圣加仑大学(University of St Gallen)继续蝉联冠军,但法国和英国商学院分别以24个和18个项目入围成为中坚力量。超过一半的英国商学院排名上升,而只有一家法国商学院排名上升。三分之一的英国商学院排名上升5位,相比之下,三分之二的法国商学院排名下降5位或更多。
5. 麦高恩同时爆出梅丽尔·斯特里普),说梅丽尔去年秋天才知道韦恩斯坦性侵癖好这件事“根本不可能”。
6. “One guy hired a marching band to accompany his announcement.”


1. Chinese state media reported that box office revenue growth was 13.5 percent in 2017, with this year marking only a modest decline.
2. He said game and live-broadcast apps currently hosted by Tencent dont require real-name registration, but the company is considering establishing a platform for parents to monitor their childrens behavior.
3. 今年最引人注目的化妆和发型设计几乎都源自角色的原型本身(其中有些无疑比银幕上的造型更有活力)。除了能让观众一眼看出角色的外貌特征,它们也能为演员的表演赋予整体感觉和微妙之感。有时,一个大鼻子就能加深观众的理解。
4. 小编碎碎念:华裔球员林书豪的一夜爆红,让因病缺阵的尼克斯当家球星小甜瓜安东尼颇有几分“躺着也中枪”的无辜感。
5. 8.Russia
6. The names of some of these public 脸书 groups, Mic reported, were "Harvard Memes for Elitist 1% Tweens", "UCLA Memes for Sick AF Tweens" and "USC Memes for Spoiled Pre-Teens".


1. Fewer women than men have worked abroad for at least six months (42 per cent and 52 per cent respectively) but they share exactly the same motivations — to develop management skills, build their network and increase their earnings.
2. Album of the year: "Chief," Eric Church
3. 吕特在周一晚间的辩论中重申,他不会与维尔德斯所属的政党组建联合政府,他甚至还表示不可能组建一个依赖这个反移民政党支撑的政府。吕特表示:“我不会再次与这样的政党合作。”在2010年选举之后,吕特组建的首个少数派政府受到自由党的支撑。
4. But its the best pay on offer for a major world leader.
5. 外部事件的影响。《消费者报告》(Consumer Reports)杂志曾经对Model S大加吹捧,但最近该杂志也报道了它的一些常见故障,包括门把手失效,中控触屏白屏,导致车内大部分功能不能使用等等。汽车网站Edmunds.com也找了Model S的麻烦。更多此类报告无疑会影响特斯拉到目前为止非常正面的声誉。
6. championship


1. 反对:纽约时和洛杉矶影评人协会都对该片无感。
2. Here are four memorable designs from the year, including commentary from some of the artists who helped shape the looks.
3. vt. 抵押
4. [traigl]
5. Songs (Ping An, Xu Yina and Apusasa)
6. In month-on-month terms, consumer prices fell 0.1 per cent after having risen 0.7 per cent a month earlier.


1. The highest ranked of these is Fudan University School of Management in Shanghai at 40, down eight places on its previous rank in 2014.
2. Wade was probably a little easier to stop back in high school before he had filled into his 64 frame that makes him so unstoppable today.
3. The global survey was conducted between 2010 and 2012 and follows the Earth Institutes first rankings released last year. While "the world has become a slightly happier and more generous place over the past five years," economic and political upheavals have resulted in greatly reduced levels of well being for some nations, the report said.



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