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1. Condos and co-ops have been laying down the law, writing warning memos and fining wayward residents. For renters, breaking the rules could jeopardize a lease. Condos are tightening security, asking doormen to scrutinize visitors and requiring residents to sign authorization forms for guests. The practice has also raised insurance concerns.
2. Apple was the only top five PC maker to see shipments grow last year, up over 6%, while Acer saw the biggest fall, of more more than 18%.
3. 美国品牌如Chipotle、德克萨斯仪器企业和通用动力第一次出现在了该榜单上。
4. The 2016 ranking features a record 90 programmes, up from 70 in 2014.
5. 3.Sit in the Front Row
6. Vietnamese press claim chicken, sturgeon, fruit and vegetables from China have been undercutting local market prices. While illegal out-of-date produce is creating a black market in China.


1. 3. 凯特?阿普顿
2. The unexpected drop in 2013 came in spite of new policies--such as the citys 72- hour visa waiver for transit passengers--that were introduced in an attempt to nurture Chinas tourism industry.
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4. 如果有什么影片能够至少在两个小时里,为美国生活中深刻的种族、代际与阶层鸿沟架起桥梁,那可能就是这部古老的《洛基》(Rocky)系列的复活影片。西尔维斯特·史泰龙(Sylvester Stallone)拖着脚步,饰演这个聪明的老教练角色,给出了他演艺生涯中或许是最松弛、最温暖的表演。迈克尔·B·乔丹饰演洛基的被保护人阿多尼斯·约翰逊(Adonis Johnson),他也是洛基一度的竞争对手和早已丧失的朋友阿波罗·奎迪(Apollo Creed)的私生子,他成了大家这个时代重要的影星。至于库格勒,这是他执导的第二部唱片,证明他是一个真正的斗士。
5. "Hard to believe so many doctors lied in the papers. Can patients still trust them to help us treat diseases?" wrote one Sina Weibo user.
6. During the same period, Braziland Russia slashed their holdings to USD 261.7 billion and USD 108.9 billion,respectively.


1. 11月,中国的出口总值增速是预期的2倍多,这增加了中国的贸易顺差。
2. 单词episode 联想记忆:
3. 一位被录取的学生告诉《哈佛深红报》,这些表情包来自哈佛2021届学生的FaceBook私聊小组,他们在这个群组里分享一些尖酸刻薄的笑话,“被哈佛录取不代表大家就不能开玩笑”。
4. “有个女员工说自己去买靴子,但再也没露过面。”
5. 《北美自由贸易协定》(Nafta)的大戏
6. pro在前面+tect盖上+ion→保护


1. 安排在军队里工作。他说:“当我妻子一开始告诉我波比要走碧昂斯路线的时候,我觉得有点不太合适。可是后来我看到她在舞台上的样子,她确实很适合这种风格路线,大家都非常欣赏。”
2. The One-China policy constitutes the political foundation of China-US relations which has remained unshaken despite the changing circumstances, nor can this relationship be undermined. With that foundation in place, we believe that there are broad prospects for China-US cooperation.
3. Economists say that both the residential and commercial markets in Hong Kong will be hurt by the same factors: slower growth in China, the depreciation of the renminbi, a crackdown on corruption on the mainland, and predictions that the US’s low interest-rate environment is due to end. However, government cooling measures introduced in 2012 to reduce speculative investment in Hong Kong property are an additional damper on the residential sector.
4. 该数据还显示,在2015年,共计有12亿6000万人次的中国观众进入影片院,这一数字也比前一年提升了大约51%。
5. 8.Russia
6. 根据荷兰经济政策研究局(Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis)发布的《世界贸易监测》(World Trade Monitor)报告,以美金计算,去年跨越国际边境的商品总价值下降了13.8%,是自2009年以来的首次萎缩。这一暴跌很大程度上源于中国和其他新兴经济体的放缓。


1. Much joy to you in the up coming year. May the warmest wishes, happy thoughts and friendly greetings come at New Year and stay with you all the year through.
2. I was waiting for you to bring up the Nets’ situation, so fine, Ill do it here. Jeremy Lins been out for weeks with a hamstring injury. Theyre the only team tanking correctly and theyre not actually tanking!
3. Sinta Nuriyah carries forth her family’s campaign in Indonesia, holding interfaith events and establishing a network of progressive Islamic boarding schools for girls.



  • 安徽本月起加倍征收排污费 涂料企业很头疼
    统计局:11月份全国城镇调查失业率为4.8% 同比降0.1%
    2021-01-12 05:19:16
  • 房产调控政策应因城施策
    住建部废止16个文件 其中4个涉及出租车
    2020-12-31 05:19:16
  • 消费主导时代 门窗企业谁是市场的“宠儿”
    2020-12-30 05:19:16
  • “内斗”余波:雷士照明附属及前董事吴长江遭提诉讼
    58集团发布2018年毕业生报告 超五成毕业生选择新一线城市
    2020-12-28 05:19:16
  • 切莫让内地楼市步香港后尘
    2021-01-01 05:19:16
  • 北京市场主流卖场频繁调整 细化结构应对市场变化
    高仿进口家具野蛮生长 “防伪码”能否拦住伪进口货
    2021-01-01 05:19:16
  • 报告:未来3-5年银行业不良资产缓慢上升是大概率事件
    一线城市领衔 全国二手房价连涨三月
    2020-12-31 05:19:16
  • 环保部发布水泥行业污染物排放新标准
    2021-01-11 05:19:16
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    Last year, the Education Ministry issued a booklet warning Korean high school students of plastic surgery syndrome, citing Michael Jackson and a local woman whose addiction to plastic surgery left her with a grotesquely swollen face.

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    Yes. In 2018 President Trump will deliver on some of his protectionist campaign rhetoric by taking punitive actions against China. The most likely triggers for action will be official reports that the Trump administration has commissioned into China’s alleged theft of intellectual property, and its subsidised production of steel and aluminium. The president, spurred on by his trade team, is likely to order retaliatory measures, including tariffs. Whether that marks the first shot in a trade war will depend on how China reacts. A Chinese decision to impose retaliatory tariffs, or to take America to the World Trade Organization, will signal the opening of hostilities.

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    Iron Man was Downey’s only movie of 2013, while Johnson had one huge film, Fast & Furious 6; one big film, G.I. Joe: Retaliation; and two smaller films. Together they added up to $1.3 billion at the global box office.

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