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1. severe
2. 据中国海关总署公布的统计数据显示,2016年中德外贸总额达到了9991亿元人民币(约合1453亿美金),同比2015年增长了2.6个百分点。
3. OUTDOOR SPACE: The house is on a fifth of an acre, landscaped by the New York firm Landgarden. The Japanese-style gardens in front make use of native plants. There’s also a back patio and yard, with a second Japanese garden.
4. “We are currently investigating how this could have happened, and deeply regret that this occurred,” PwC said. “We appreciate the grace with which the nominees, the Academy, ABC, and Jimmy Kimmel handled the situation.”
5. I loved his list (hat tip to him), but I thought I’d elaborate on what I believe makes for an effective boss or manager。
6. Profits at China’s biggest banks shrank in 2015, as the sector weathered a year of central bank rate cuts and saw an end to easy profits after the government lifted the cap on interest rates on deposits.


1. Congress will authorize billions more in stimulus that wont be called stimulus and wont actually create jobs. And Congress will convene a bi-partisan deficit cutting commission that wont do much either. Until investors stop buying US Treasurys, why should Congress change its ways?
2. Create a space that helps you make the most of your study time. Do you need absolute quiet or do you prefer to have loud music playing? Do you like working at the kitchen table in the midst of everything or do you a quiet room with the door shut? Know your own style and create the space you need.
3. HEC Paris is second despite outperforming LBS in all rankings but the MBA. It missed out on a full house because of its participation in the executive MBA ranking as one-third of Trium, the programme delivered jointly with London School of Economics and New York’s Stern School of Business. (Schools participating in the EMBA ranking with joint programmes receive a proportionate score.)
4. 7. WordPress CMS
5. vt. 凌辱,激怒
6. Apple Inc.s Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs is shown in this combination photo of file photographs dating (top row L to R) July 2000, November 2003, September 2005, (bottom L to R) September 2006, January 2007 and September 2008. Jobs will take a medical leave of absence until the end of June because his health problems are "more complex" than he had thought, shocking investors and sending the companys shares down as much as 10 percent on January 14, 2009.


1. To make a long story short, the Seppenwolde group went bankrupt shortly after Christmas of 1772. The disaster was a top story in Dutch newspapers. It ruined some of Amsterdam’s merchants and bankers. To prevent a general credit collapse, the city of Amsterdam stepped in temporarily as a lender of last resort. Sound familiar?
2. n. 喜剧,滑稽,幽默事件
3. "We have called the police and collected evidence to protect the companys reputation. Those who leaked the nude pictures will be punished according to law," the announcement read.
4. Consumer and producer prices are still either muted or in deflationary territory in China – but last month marked something of an uptick for each.
5. 时尚界通常视历史为潜在灵感的百宝囊,可供随时汲取、混合搭配。即便如此,目前这一阶段对历史的依赖也太过极端。
6. 1.《刺客聂隐娘》(The Assassin)与《疯狂的麦克斯4:狂暴之路》(Mad Max: Fury Road),并列。侯孝贤和乔治·米勒(George Miller)导演了今年最好的两部商业片,二者都应该到你能找到的最大的屏幕上去看。


1. The findings of the US and UK scientists are based on thousands of global temperature measurements taken daily on land and at sea.
2. WOLF HALL (PBS, April 5) In the season’s most promising piece of casting, Damian Lewis (“Homeland”) will play Henry VIII and the two-time Tony Award winner Mark Rylance will play Thomas Cromwell in this “Masterpiece” adaptation of the popular Hilary Mantel historical novels.
3. Faucher说“在2015年年底大家的失业率大致会处在5%到5.5%之间,而且会让大家更加实际的感受到这一点”。
4. 澳大利亚一名女子将其猫咪们遗弃在家里,最后这些猫咪们竟同类相食,目前该女子已被判虐待动物罪。
5. With a growing need for someone to block and tackle Apple’s raiders and (given its tax investigation in Europe) regulators, Mr Cook’s focus on people, strategy and execution — rather than products — finally started to look like an advantage.
6. 销量高峰每日售票量约1500万张,每秒售出近700张车票。


1. 当然大家不可能列举出所有女性,这个榜单的评选范围仅限于那些名气较大的女星。下面就让大家来见识一下这些热辣美女吧。
2. 9月份CPI录得1.6%的同比涨幅后,经济学家曾预测10月份的同比涨幅为1.5%。中国政府为今年全年设定的通胀目标为“3%左右”。
3. 有些人仍坚持一种可称为“资源稀缺”的理论。该理论的核心是,资源开发遵循线性模式,低成本的资源最先被开发,也就是说,未来大部分乃至全部开发活动的成本一定会更高。遗憾的是,行业发展历史并不支撑这一观点。过去几十年的经验表明,情况正相反。



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