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1. The general weakness in the renminbi, which fell 1.3 per cent in January and had weakened by 2.2 per cent in the final quarter of 2015, is likely playing a part, by making overseas goods more expensive. However, exports have yet to receive a boost from the currency’s depreciation.
2. The 2018 Academic Ranking of World Universities released last Wednesday by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy reveals that 62 research universities in China have made their list of the worlds top 500 universities.
3. 祝好运、健康、佳肴伴你度过一个快乐新年。
4. brace原指双臂,用双臂支撑-使稳固用两个brace embrace(v 拥抱)
5. 用户说,语音信息的传输速度很快,可以在微信平台上对话。但和MicroSoft(微软 Corp.)的Skype等免费语音应用不同的是,在微信上还可以另选时间回复别人发来的语音信息。北京微信用户Robin Wang说,我可以决定什么时候回复,以及回不回复。
6. 玛丽亚里奥斯


1. 周五,现代和爱茉莉太平洋的股价出现下跌,在首尔下午晚些时候的交易中分别下跌4.4%和12.5%。
2. 10.American Hustle
3. Song “I Love You China”(Wang Feng)
4. 不过,中国的手机制造商却在2016年实现了崛起。HUAWEI出货量同比增长了30.2%,达到了1.393亿台,再次排在全球第三。
5. A hilarious video showed the swaying crowds singing Can’t Take My Eyes Off You and Hey Baby to the laughing young woman in Bordeaux.
6. 在观影从始至终,我都在问自己一个问题:这部影片到底在讲什么……这部影片的主题仿佛一锅杂烩,并不明晰。我希翼制片人也在问同样的问题。


1. 10. Economics is killing the economy, but like coke addicts we wont stop
2. 10月份,南非减持美国政府债券到103亿美金。
3. With Capital Economics estimating that global economic growth will edge up to 2.8 per cent this year, from 2.5 per cent in 2016, “the exports of the emerging world’s net commodity exporters should rise by about 20 per cent year-on-year in dollar terms,” he argues.
4. 但是,贝克?麦坚时律所并购业务主席迈克尔?德佛朗哥(Michael DeFranco)对中国企业在发达经济体投资表示赞赏。
5. 据市场研究企业IDC数据显示,个人电脑(PC)的需求正在下降,在2015年第四季度,全球PC出货量下跌了10.6%。
6. Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs introduces the iPad 2 on stage during an Apple event in San Francisco, California in this March 2, 2011,


1. The Explore experience in Brazil is available on both 苹果 and Android. Simply open 谷歌 Maps on your mobile phone and tap "explore food And drinks near you" at the bottom of the screen. Depending on where you are and time of day, 谷歌 Maps will share lists of food and drink locations around you, ranging from "best breakfasts" to "waterside dining", says Bryan Cheng, Product Manager, 谷歌 Maps.
2. 汉森表示,美国原油增产意味着现货油价对地缘政治事件的反应不如以往那样大了。他说,目前的原油供应足够多,油价受威胁的程度不如以往,2014年将是首个出现一段时间原油供应增量超过需求增量的年头。
3. Oh Carmelo, I wish you still had your high school mini-fro. It was absolutely epic.
4. “所以问题在于你如何将不可能化为可能?如何保证既忠于原始人物和设定,同时不冒犯21世纪的读者?
5. 津巴布韦新任领导人会举行公平的选举并胜选吗?
6. It is believed that the rise of South Koreas pop music industry is behind the boom, and many patients visit clinics with photos of celebrities, asking surgeons to emulate nose angle or eyes.


1. LBS’s programmes consistently rank highly for the extent to which alumni reach their targets. “I managed to achieve not only the goals I set for myself but to exceed them with the job I secured,” says one 2010 MBA graduate who responded to the FT survey.
2. authorization
3. 节目32 歌曲《给我你的爱》,张杰 林宥嘉



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  • 11月浙江居民消费价格同比涨2.2% 环比下降0.7%
    直击济南诚基万豪楼盘退房退款现场 业主对物业费收取存疑问
    2021-01-14 04:24:38
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    “食品批发价格显示,上月,猪肉、蔬菜和水果的价格上涨都有所放缓,”凯投宏观(Capital Economics)在CPI数据公布前表示。

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