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1. Hilcorp Energy
2. 在主持过去年的奥斯卡颁奖典礼、之前的格莱美奖及艾美奖之后,她无疑是这个角色的最佳选择。
3. Captivating, funny and possessed of a surprise-filled zig-zag structure that makes it impossible to anticipate where its headed, this is a deeply humane film that, like the best Hollywood classics, feels both entirely of its moment and timeless.
4. 有一颗大小与地球相近的行星围绕着距离太阳最近的恒星——半人马座比邻星运转。这颗行星的“一年”仅有11天。但因为比邻星是一颗红矮星,它比太阳暗100倍左右,因此行星位于宜居区。另一则热门消息称,40光年外的一颗相似恒星的宜居区可能存在三颗行星。
5. 可口可乐正在改组其业务,出售其在美国以及全球的瓶装业务,转而专注于生产其很多饮料使用的浓缩汁,以及研发。这些资产出售将让该企业将更多资源投入创新和收购。
6. Europe fell into a debt crisis. Japan faced a natural disaster. Emerging markets, once the bright spots on the global landscape, lost their glow. Political crises from Italy to Egypt to Thailand raised the prospect of another round of global unrest.


1. The "Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology" published a study in early 2016 entitled, "The drawing effect: Evidence for reliable and robust memory benefits in free recall." While the title seems a bit long and complex, the study actually demonstrated a very simple idea. Drawing words in picture form helps people make better and stronger memories. The authors of the study created simple tasks where a participant would first draw a simple word, like a common piece of fruit. Later, the authors of the study would ask the participants to recall the words they drew. Other participants in the study were given different tasks like repeating the given word aloud a certain number of times or actually writing the word down. The researchers found that participants who drew doodles of the words they needed to recall fared much better than other participants.
2. n. 活动,运动,移动,[音]乐章
3. "Sure, there are only whites in the stadium. It comes down to money," said Ana Beatriz Ferreira, a 27-year-old parking attendant in Rio de Janeiro, who is black. "Nobody I know could find affordable tickets."
4. Be passionate about learning.
5. While oil prices may rebound in 2015, they almost certainly wont return to $100 a barrel any time soon, barring a geopolitical crisis in a major petroleum-producing region. So the gift will keep giving this year and further feed an accelerating U.S. recovery.
6. [epik]


1. “I think the best way to engage young people in the process is to win,” he says.
2. “他还是抽雪茄的,他抽很多、很多雪茄。”
3. Ironically the list comes out the same day that Trump is meeting with Bill Gates, who is the worlds richest man for the fourth straight year.
4. Kate Hudson spoke to British Elle magazine exclusively for this interview。   凯特·哈德森接受了英国ELLE杂志对她的独家专访。Does actress Kate Hudson know wha
5. By turns breathtaking, hilarious and disturbing, Jonathan Glazer’s extraordinary, erotic film achieves a rare blend of fantasy and realism
6. Considering Strykers founder invented the turning frame -- a device that allows patients to be repositioned in bed while keeping their bodies immobile -- it only makes sense that this medical equipment manufacturer lends employees and their families medical beds, free of charge.


1. Iron ore imports fell 12.3 per cent by volume in October from the previous month and 4.9 per cent from the same month a year earlier while coal imports were down 21.4 per cent from September and 30.7 per cent from a year earlier, according to Chinese customs data.
2. It surprised me, but its a good sign for Tencent getting abroad, because in particular WeChat is a combination of WhatsApp and Instagram, so its a unique value proposition that is probably pretty good for emerging market consumers, he said.
3. BROADCHURCH (BBC America, March 4) David Tennant returns in the second season of this evocative British mystery, playing Detective Alec Hardy again (after a season as Detective Emmett Carver in the American remake, “Gracepoint”). With the British premiere scheduled for Monday, the producers have begun to talk a little about the show’s top-secret Season 2 story line, and fans may not like what they hear: Chris Chibnall, the creator and writer, told a British magazine, “It’s not another crime case.” Olivia Colman returns as Detective Ellie Miller, while Charlotte Rampling and Marianne Jean-Baptiste join the cast.
4. This changed two years ago, though, when Tsinghua University broke into the top 20 for the first time, ranking 18th in 2016. Last year, Peking University joined it in the top 20.
5. ex出,ceed走-走出去到美国学习-超过一般人
6. severe的人总是sever


1. Ah yes, the other reason Sacramento shouldnt tank: Philadelphia has the option to swap picks with them this year. Its actually impossible for the Kings to get the No. 1 pick because of that, and it hurts their chances at a top-three pick overall.
2. The findings of the US and UK scientists are based on thousands of global temperature measurements taken daily on land and at sea.
3. adj. 优雅的,精美的,俊美的



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    11月全国建材家居卖场销售938.6亿 环比下降9.5%
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    家装设置陷阱维权难 家电预付卡成投诉“重灾区”
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