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1. Regional
2. It is the first time in the rankings’ 19-year history that two schools have between them held the top two spots in both categories.
3. [disk?:s,disk?:s]
4. A powerful earthquake struck off Japans southern coast on May 30, prompting fears in China of a catastrophe similar to the tsunami and Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown that followed the 2011 Japanese quake. In the end, no fatalities or major damage were reported.
5. 4. Slacking at school
6. 课程安排:伊利诺州埃文斯顿校区授课时间为每隔一周的周五至周日;佛罗里达州迈阿密校区每月上一次课,授课时间为周四下午至周日中午


1. 钱很重要
2. 《三块广告牌》
3. 科技界的女性:科技行业今年第二度作为权势女性榜上的一个分类。前25位最有权势的女性中,5位来自科技行业,包括脸书的雪莉·桑德伯格(桑德伯格新书《Lean In》下载>>)(排名第6),IBM的罗曼提(排名第12)和惠普的梅格·惠特曼(排名第15)。上榜的科技界女性总共有16位,还包括GOOGLE的广告高级副总裁苏珊·沃西基(排名第30)和HUAWEI企业董事长孙亚芳(排名第77位)。
4. This year has been one of diverse and bold hair and makeup choices, from the frizzy, matted blue-tinted mane of the Witch in “Into the Woods” to the shimmering, expertly shaped pompadour of James Brown in “Get On Up.” In some cases, the absence of hair comes into play, like the bald, heavy-on-the-eyeliner look of Ramses in “Exodus: Gods and Kings.”
5. 马纳尔·阿尔-谢里夫最有名的,是挑战她的祖国压制女性的法律和习俗。
6. 他告诉记者说:“我认为,韩国对于美的定义很苛刻狭隘,因为大家是一个种族单一的国家,每个人看上去都差不多。整容也和自卑情绪有关。”


1. Officials with the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) said the film industry in China kept a steady development momentum in 2016 amid the "new normal" of the countrys economic development.
2. No.1: Einstein Alive Again?
3. 9. "Vikings" (2.3 million)
4. (Actually, JetBlue wasn’t the absolute worst airline for departure delays the last three holiday seasons. That crown went to Comair, a regional carrier for Delta Air Lines
5. 2014年、2015年的研发经费增速分别为9.9%和8.9%。研发经费在去年国内生产总值(GDP)中的占比为2.11%,比上年提高0.05个百分点。
6. Will the 10-year Treasury yield finish the year above 3 per cent


1. 电子商务巨头AMAZON首次进入汤森路透2015年全球创新百强名单,而世界上最大科技服务企业IBM却未能上榜。
2. 《逃出绝命镇》
3. A hilarious video showed the swaying crowds singing Can’t Take My Eyes Off You and Hey Baby to the laughing young woman in Bordeaux.
4. 9.亲爱的贵客们,大家希翼英国能为你们贡献一个美好的夏天,这个夏天包括了顶尖的国际赛事、先进的设施、有趣的娱乐、以及汇集了几个世纪的艺术建筑精华的学问遗产。如果你最终只收获了四张卓著国际中心的摔跤比赛门票,好吧,祝你下次好运。
5. 2. Mila Kunis
6. Under the Skin is just so visually free and uninhibited that there is an intense dark, destructive sexiness in everything about it – quite apart from the hilarious, bizarre, mesmeric eroticism of the film itself. It is a work of subcutaneous potency. It gets under your skin.


1. AT&T和时代华纳(Time Warner)会在不作出大的妥协(比如出售美国有线资讯网(CNN))的情况下完成合并吗?
2. 祝贺佳节。
3. In the wake of the Fitbit and 谷歌’s GOOG 0.26% Glass, a flurry of companies has flooded the market with iterations of sensor-laden armbands, apparel, and eyewear. It’s a buzzy category, but early adopters seem to be waiting for a moment when they are no longerthat guy. (You know. The “Glasshole.”)



  • 进入“全装修”时代 对涂料企业有啥影响?
    “蓝领公寓”政策破冰 专家:有利于行业规范
    2021-01-06 06:29:52
  • 谋求技术变现?百度加速布局智能家居
    2021-01-02 06:29:52
  • LED市场硝烟弥漫:飞利浦低价抢市 木林森引爆T8之战
    2020-12-31 06:29:52
  • 我国将推动建立综合连续的老年健康服务体系
    海南推进“陆海空”科技创新 将构建更开放引才机制
    2021-01-10 06:29:52
  • 地板企业联婚家装业务:进军家装平台还需掌握方法
    2021-01-12 06:29:52
  • 摸清家底盘活存量 宁波将清查整顿行政事业单位房地产
    多地银行上调房贷利率 专家:将被控制在合理水平
    2021-01-12 06:29:52
  • 马桶节水新国标定量5升 将于今年年底实施
    2021-01-10 06:29:52
  • 父母出钱给儿子买房 这算赠与还是借款?
    杭州买房中签难 摇号仍让刚需看到入场希翼
    2021-01-07 06:29:52
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