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1. “有些人说自己去吃午饭了,然后一去不回。”
2. "They say: I wonder why she kept her head down in the meeting; I wonder why shes not eager to take over that project; I wonder why shes leaving early a couple days a week," Kay says. "Youre planting questions in their head."
3. One year after new measures were implemented, Shanghai saw a year-on-year increase of six times the number of permanent residence applications from foreigners and their families.
4. In terms of individual commodities, coffee prices, which are trading at about $1.62 a pound, are expected to decline significantly, with an especially bearish outlook on arabica coffee.
5. The total number of qualified applicants reached 31,220 in the first 24 hours, up from 25,000 over the same period last year, according to figures from offcn.com, an education organization that offers training for the civil servant exam.
6. This includes McKinsey, the consultancy that kick-started its secretive leadership election process in October with a gathering of more than 500 senior partners at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London. The next stage involves the firm’s 550 senior partners voting on a shortlist of candidates to replace Dominic Barton — the incumbent since 2009 — in January, followed by a run-off between the two most popular candidates in February.


1. 10) I often make a fuss about unimportant things 0 1 2 3 4
2. Every great detective needs his or her definitive story. For Sherlock Holmes it was The Hound of the Baskervilles. For Agatha Christie’s fussy Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot it’s Murder on the Orient Express – a tale in which a bloodthirsty villain kills a wealthy businessman during a train journey through the Balkans. Or are things really what they seem? Sidney Lumet made a beloved film out of the story in 1974, with a stunning cast that included Sean Connery, Ingrid Bergman and Albert Finney as Poirot. Now Kenneth Branagh is donning the Belgian’s moustache himself, as well as stepping behind the camera as director, in his glossy new big-screen version, starring Johnny Depp, Daisy Ridley, Michelle Pfeiffer, Penelope Cruz and Dame Judi Dench. Is there something new that can be mined from this story? Maybe. But even if not, Christie fans will surely want to climb aboard. Released November 3 in the UK, November 10 in the US, China and Turkey, and November 30 in Chinas Hong Kong and Singapore. (Credit: 20th Century Fox)
3. 黄记泳表示,去年赴韩旅游的中国游客超过800万人,同比增长36%。他还表示,甚至在韩国政府宣布部署萨德之后,该数字也曾继续上升。
4. 《火星救援》获评喜剧/音乐类最佳影片。
5. 你如何知道你需要喝水了?这有一系列的诱因:嘴唇发干、头晕、头痛、尿量低和口渴。然而,这种智能瓶能在你的身体意识到缺水前就提醒你。
6. "Well, I am going to have a Cabinet that looks like America," the former secretary of state replied. "And 50 percent of America is women, right?"


1. 他表示:“这当然与中国近年来大家所看到的发展是分不开的,其中包括中国经济从‘中国制造’到‘中国创造’的转型当中,对创新的高度强调就是其中的重要内容。”
2. avoid
3. All kinds of companies say they plan to add senior systems analysts, whose base pay is projected to rise 5% over this years levels, to as high as $85,500; financial analysts, whose salaries will start at $81,500 at large companies, 4.8% more than in 2010; and experienced administrative assistants, at starting salaries of up to $41,750, a 3.1% increase.
4. 3.4 以创新引领实体经济转型升级
5. 她说道:“我认为,由于这家企业没有打击盗版或其他恶意修改游戏行为的能力,所以他们把一个14岁的孩子当替罪羊来以儆效尤。”
6. The relatively stable global outlook must continue if 2014 is to be the kind of economic year Americans have been hoping for throughout the recovery.


1. This frame lets you hang your hammock anywhere. You can use it on the water. Snow. On the road.
2. adj. 剧烈的,严重的,严峻的,严厉的,严格的
3. 该报道表示:“乐天将伤害中国人民,后果可能是严重的。”该报道发表之后,中国政府对乐天在中国的商业集团开展了多起调查。
4. 不要在月薪上撒谎。即使你的上任老板没告诉大家(大多数情况都是这样),大家还是会弄清楚的。我还因此解雇掉两名员工。
5. 教育部之后表示,他们不会容忍这种欺骗行为,并已经要求公安部门进入进行调查。
6. 最佳迷你剧集/影片类导演:苏珊娜?比埃尔(Susanne Bier),《夜班经理》(The Night Manager)


1. 周二公布的数据显示,去年12月,中国规模以上工业企业利润同比下降8%,是2011年末以来的最大降幅。11月数据的同比下滑幅度为4.2%。
2. She said: "I am extremely surprised and overwhelmed. I just want to start by saying what an incredible year for women in film. These categories are so crowed and crammed with incredible integrity and skill and I feel prouder than ever to be included."
3. 死亡可能隐藏在评论人的十大清单这一仪式之后,也包括实体媒体的死亡:清单在手机上更容易读,就算娱乐媒体的泛滥,已经令深刻的阅读近乎不可能实现。截止到年底,纽约今年一共上映了900多部影片,很多影片都在影院内匆匆来去,由于缺乏观众而被遗忘。尽管如此,这一年里,我看了几百部影片,喜欢其中的一部分;不出所料,大制片企业和独立企业都有垃圾制作,但和往常一样,也不乏有价值的作品。下面是我在2015年最喜欢的影片,以及今年的十则杂记。



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