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1. 韩美林在他的社交媒体上表示,他只设计了吉祥物的水墨画原始版本,对3D版并不知情。某网友对此回应了这位德高望重的艺术家:“大家当然相信这只丑猴和韩大师无关。”
2. She is now so successful that her mother has hired a security team who monitor the star 24/7.
3. [breik.θru:]
4. Japanese cities have seen a lowering of costs, despite being some of the most expensive cities over the past 20 years, Tokyo and Osaka have dropped to 11th and 14th place, respectively.
5. But her success doesnt come cheap and her mother has already spent £5,000 on elaborate dresses and entry fees.
6. Most remittances ($117 billion) came from the United States, followed by Europe ($115 billion) and the Gulf states ($100 billion).


1. The study participants asked to imagine acting out the trait, which is a method of self-imagining, were most successful in remembering the personality traits when questioned about them later. In fact, study participants who engaged in self-imagining were three times as likely to successfully remember a personality trait than participants who didnt use any type of memory device or method. The scientists in charge of the study believe that self-imagining could help individuals in rehabilitation programs, as well as anyone with a memory impairment. However, its likely that the technique could help just about everyone, even if he or she wasnt currently in a rehabilitation program or diagnosed with memory problems. For example, if you wanted to remember where a friend bought a pair of shoes, you might imagine yourself walking into that store to buy the shoes.
2. 珍妮·德文表示,“这并不是借口——这是大家经营环境的现实情况。”2012年以来,捷蓝航空企业实施了一系列技术手段,帮助该企业尽快恢复正常,摆脱恶劣天气的影响。她表示,正在使用其他手段来帮助航空企业保证航班准时起降。
3. [nju:trin]
4. We will continue to encourage people to start businesses and make innovations.
5. 达洛伊西奥说,我本来只是打算在苹果app store用一两英镑的价格出售这个App,然后用赚来的钱给自己换台新电脑。我之前从没联系过任何投资商。而如今一个香港的亿万富翁竟然给我发电邮了,这太诡异了。第一封邮件我没有回覆,于是他们又给我发了第二封。2011年8月份,他的父母带着不可置信的心情陪他一同与维港投资的代表进行了会面。会谈结束后,达洛伊西奥获得了30万美金的种子投资。
6. “Climate change is perhaps the major challenge of our generation,” said Michael H. Freilich, director of earth sciences at NASA, one of the agencies that track global temperatures.


1. 在第二轮(重新)谈判不久前结束后,大家真正进入了贸易谈判的技术官僚阶段。
2. 维多利亚的秘密内衣秀刚刚拉开华丽巨幕,今年的秀也是有史以来最奢华复杂的一次。
3. [.dem?kr?tik]
4. 但他认为自己任教的经历非常宝贵,可以让他很快适应新的职业阶段。
5. This post is in partnership with Time. The article below was originally published at Time.com
6. 报告还发现,在“智力资本和创新”及“技术成熟度”等指标方面排名较高的城市综合排名也很高,这很明确地表明,技术上先进的城市更有可能成为“机遇城市”。


1. “如果听到苹果CEO是同性恋,能帮助一些人努力直面自我,或者给一些感到孤独的人带来慰藉,或者激励人们坚持自己的平等权利,那么这值得我用个人隐私来交换,”他在为《彭博商业周刊》(Bloomberg Businessweek)的10月号撰文时写道。
2. Obama enters his second four-year term faced with a difficult task of tackling $1 trillion annual deficits, reducing a $16 trillion national debt, overhauling expensive social programs and dealing with a gridlocked U.S. Congress that looked likely to maintain the same partisan makeup。
3. This years Oscar-nominated musicians are going to take the stage at the Academy Awards ceremony.
4. Chinese exports rose at more than twice the rate expected in November, boosting the country’s trade surplus.
5. 在这部暂未定名的影片里面,两段交错的三角恋,偏执,背叛等元素与音乐场面相互映衬。参演此片的有克里斯蒂安·贝尔(ChristianBale)、凯特·布兰切特(Cate Blanchett)、迈克尔·法斯宾德(Michael Fassbender)、瑞恩·高斯林(RyanGosling)、鲁妮·玛拉(Rooney Mara)以及娜塔丽·波特曼(Natalie Portman.)。
6. This pseudo-comedic 1970s crime drama tells the story of two romantically involved con artists named Irving Rosenfeld and Sydney Prosser, who are caught by an FBI agent and forced to scam corrupt politicians. The two continue to manipulate the FBI agent, their political targets, and their own family members, ultimately cutting an immunity deal that allows them to escape the ordeal without any criminal charges.


1. 警方在屋内查出一柄40口径的Smith & Wesson半自动手枪,目前正在进行弹道测试,检查器是否牵涉其他犯罪活动。
2. 在GOOGLE和苹果之后的品牌包括AMAZON以及MicroSoft企业等。
3. BEIJING: A group of Hyundai Motor Co dealers in China is seeking 800 million-900 million yuan ($120 million-135 million) in compensation from the South Korean automaker, saying Hyundai has cut the flow of models it exports to them, resulting in dealership losses and closures.



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    In this emotional comedic drama, a selfish car dealer named Charlie Babbitt learns that he has a brother after his estranged father dies. He is upset to learn that said brother, Raymond, received his fathers $3 million estate despite living with severe autism that has left him in a mental institution. Charlie learns that Raymond is a savant with outstanding capabilities for mental math and takes advantage of this skill by using Raymond to count cards in Vegas.

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    而最终取得压倒性胜利的是福特企业(Ford)的CEO马克?菲尔茨(Mark Fields),去年年初他曾令人沮丧地宣布他的企业正“从一家汽车企业向一家汽车企业兼出行企业转型”。他紧接着声称:“遗产是蕴藏着前景的历史。”他超爱这句话,说了不止一次。这句话被他翻来覆去地说,让我觉得它不像格言反倒更像废话。因此本年度新晋“首席蒙人冠军”(Chief Obfuscation Champion)非菲尔茨先生莫属。

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    With the majority of professional advisors (myself included) preaching the benefits of global diversification to their clients, 2014 looks more like a draw than an outright victory in the harsh light of December’s low winter sun. Consider the fact that, through last week, the MSCI World Index gained just 2% on the year, with nearly 5% drops for both the MSCI Emerging Markets index and the EAFE index of developed markets outside of the United States. Ironically, the single best-performing foreign market in the world, the Shanghai Composite of mainland Chinese equities (up 45%) is the only one that U.S. investors could not actually put their money into.



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