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1. 如果一个“推文幼稚的像个幼儿园小朋友”一样最年长的人,都可以当选总统,那为什么反过来不试一下,看看年轻人能否当选并明智地执政?
2. 在面试期间看手机,嚼口香糖。
3. In this 1998 swashbuckler classic, Antonio Banderas plays the protege of a boring nobleman who moonlights as a masked outlaw, saving the Mexican commoners of California from corrupt leaders. While Zorro might sound like a regular old-timey superhero, the story upon which The Mask of Zorro is based pulls heavily from legends surrounding a real-life desperado named Joaquin Murietta.
4. 4、Tardiness
5. An 苹果 displays an image of Steve Jobs as it sits with a memorial to the Apple founder and former CEO outside an Apple Store, Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011 in New York. Jobs passed away Wednesday at the age of 56
6. 另一些人则采用一些颇具创意的告别方式。人力资源企业OfficeTeam邀请美国600位人力资源经理透露一下他们最近耳闻目睹的最古怪离职方式。现在就让大家一起来欣赏一下吧:


1. Maria Rios
2. Critics have been eager to point out that he is not so closely involved in new product development as his predecessor, and fails to elicit the same excitement when he takes to the stage to introduce them. But Mr Cook is aware of his shortcomings and has drawn on the worlds of fitness and fashion to assemble a new team of talents, including Angela Ahrendts, formerly of Burberry, and industrial designer Marc Newson.
3. 4. Statistician
4. Thirty-six Chinese brands have made it onto the list this year. Among them, eight are in the top 100, including the State Grid Corporation of China (36), the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) (40), Tencent (43), China Central Television (CCTV) (62), Haier (76), China Mobile (79), Huawei (81) and Lenovo (90).
5. Torn Ballet Shoes, and a Life Upended
6. "An institutions global outlook is one of the key markers of a prestigious university. The top institutions hire faculty from all over the world, attract students from a global market of top talent and collaborate with leading departments wherever they happen to be based." said Phil Baty, editor of Times Higher Education World University Rankings.


1. boring
2. ‘Hackers are using common terms from pop culture and sports to break into accounts online because they know many people are using those easy-to-remember words.’
3. 2. 谷歌 Docs
4. 川普几乎是教科书式的煽动家。
5. TextPride已经改名为Swyft Media,并推出了一个能将新品牌表情符号和贴纸推送到短信应用中的新平台。各大品牌需要为此付费,一如传统的广告推广活动。
6. Lufax is the largest, a subsidiary of China’s Ping An Insurance, which is Lufax’s largest shareholder.


1. adj. 有才能的,有天赋的
2. 别提什么至少提前两周通知企业,精心安排一次离职面谈,在卷铺盖走人前费尽心机跟人搞好关系了。有些人在离职时太过匆忙,根本顾不上这些套路。
3. While China remains the largest holder of American government securities, it cut down exposure to USD 1.25 trillion in October.
4. 人不得不告慰自己,原来如此。
5. The report ranks brands based on financial performance, its influence on customers, and its power to command a premium price or drive company sales.
6. 年度最佳歌曲:米兰达·兰伯特&布雷克·谢尔顿《Over You》


1. 她对“广告狂人狂热症”的定义是“想像《广告狂人》中的人物那样着装”,不过,我想把它的定义改为,大众时装企业认为所有的消费者都想穿成《广告狂人》中的人物那样。该剧的视觉冲击力非常强大,以病毒级传播,仿佛重组了设计师们的创意DNA。
2. 怎么玩吉他
3. It is the first time that news came up first since the technology company began publishing its yearly review a decade ago.Vera Chan, the companys senior editor and web trend analyst, said the BP oil spill was the most searched topic for term for a variety of reasons.



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    9. 《大空头》(The Big Short)。亚当·麦凯(Adam McKay)把影片处理为喜剧,但在他以笑声轰炸屏幕的同时,也表明他对这场2008年经济崩溃的呈现是一场让人心碎的美国悲剧。

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    For now, DAloisio isnt touching the money. Im too young to appreciate the value of it, he insists. I dont have a mortgage, Im 17. To me, a hundred pounds is a lot. Take that as a benchmark. Though hes not allowed to comment on Summlys sale price, when pressed he allows that he might one day like to deploy his newfound riches as an angel investor. No one around him seems to think theres a danger that the money will ruin him or that hell be tempted to spend the rest of his life dissipating on a beach. Hes pretty well grounded. You wouldnt believe how frugal he is, says Diane. Hes got a great engine, says Lou. He wont stop at this.

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